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Updated January 12, 2014 - 11:09 PM EST
Obama: Iran Nuclear Deal Starts January 20
  Iran Sanctions Bill Nears Filibuster-Proof Majority
  Iranian Official Dismisses Iran-Russia Oil-For-Goods Deal
  Iran Defends Development of Advanced Centrifuges
Syria Battle of 'Good al-Qaeda' Vs. 'Bad al-Qaeda'
  Rebels Clash in North Syria, Bodies Pile Up in Hospital: Monitors
  Syrian Troops Kill 40 Rebels in Aleppo
Iraq Faces Huge Challenge in Fallujah Assault
  Iraq Clashes, Attacks Leave 48 Dead, 37 Wounded
12th Anniversary of Guantánamo Prison Disgrace
  Tracking the Guantánamo Diaspora
  Close Guantánamo, Says First US Commander on 12th Anniversary
  12 Years of Hunger Strikes at Guantánamo
I Helped Destroy Falluja in 2004. I Won't Be Complicit Again  by Ross Caputi
Does Tea Party Hero Mike Lee Really Want a War With Iran?  by Robert Naiman
Counterterrorism and the Totalitarian Temptation  by Conor Friedersdorf
The Army's Asia Pivot  by Andrew J. Bacevich
The Pipe Dream of NSA Reformers  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Edward Snowdens of the Past Reveal Themselves in a Still-Snooped World  by J.D. Tuccille

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In Memory of Aaron Swartz, a Day of Action Against NSA
British Politicians and Generals Targeted in Iraq Abuse Case
In Testing Phase, New Carrier Plagued by Problems
Next Data Privacy Battle May Be Waged Inside Your Car
Nuke Bomber Crashed 50 Years Ago in Western Md.
Egypt Army Chief Al-Sisi 'May Run for President'
Ultraconservative Salafis Gamble on Charter
South Libya Tribal Clashes Kill 19: Local Official
Terror Designation for Ansar Al Shariah Won't Quiet Benghazi Debate
South Sudan
Envoys in South Sudan for Ceasefire Talks With Rebel Leader
UN Calls on Government to Free Prisoners
3 UN Peacekeepers Wounded in North Mali Attack
Ex-Central African Republic Leader Seeks Exile in Benin
Toiling to Bring Rwanda Genocide Suspects to Justice
FBI: No Evidence Any of the 4 Gunmen in Kenya Mall Terrorist Attack Escaped; Believed Dead
PTI Office-Bearer Among Five Gunned Down in Kasur
Gas Pipeline Blown Up in Dera Murad Jamali
Politicians, Muslim Scholars Join Vaccination Effort as Violence Hinders Pakistan Polio Drive
70 Workers in Khyber Refuse to Administer Polio Vaccine
Thailand Braces for Looming Bangkok 'Shut Down'

Seven Hurt as Gunmen Fire on Bangkok Protest

Afghan Officials Say Own Troops to Secure Election
India Says No US Standoff as Diplomat Returns Home
Sri Lankan Government Lodges Strong Official Protest at US Allegations
Weekend Reviews
They've Always Been Watching You
Manufacturing Terrorists
The Secret History of the Vietnam War
Hollywood Figures Spied for CIA, Book Asserts
US, Palestinians: Tenders for 1,400 Over Pre-1967s Lines Harmful to Peace
Ariel Sharon, Whose Political Career Was Unhindered by Civilian Massacres, Dies at 85
Sharon Was Loathed by Palestinians as Bitter Foe
No Tears for Sharon at Site of Sabra and Shatila Massacre
Jewish-American Public Leader Raps AIPAC on Lobbying for More Iran Sanctions
No NY State Aid for College Groups That Boycott Israel
Syria Jihadists Kill 5 Rebels in Bombing
Syrians Flee to Iraq on Barges
Iraq Clashes, Attacks Leave 48 Dead, 37 Wounded
Iraqis Return to Fallujah as UN Backs Fight With Extremists
Dossier on 'Abuse' by UK Forces in Iraq Goes to ICC
Tens of Thousands at Anti-Erdogan Protest Amid Vast Graft Probe
In Scandal, Turkey's Leaders May Be Losing Their Tight Grip on News Media
Jailed Kurd Leader Warns Peace Process Cannot Remain in 'Limbo'
Punches Thrown as Turkish MPs Debate Judicial Reform
Armed Tribesmen Attack Oil Field in SE Yemen, 3 Soldiers Killed
Yemeni Activists Protest Guantanamo Detentions
Russia Says Militants Seized With Bomb in South
Huge March in Spain After Ban on ETA Prisoner Rally
2 Dead After Explosion in Car in Vienna
Kiev Activists Target Rally Revival After First Clashes of 2014
Marines Train to Fight in the Cold in Finland
Teen Reported to Police After Finding Security Hole in Website
Americans Still Dying
Florida Soldier Killed on 5th Deployment Leaves Behind a Young Daughter
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Lessons of 'Bridge-gate'

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Palestine's Quislings

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Stop Allowing the Army To Copy the Marines’ Missions

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War in Afghanistan: The Jig Is Up

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Moments of Revelation

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Rand’s Stand

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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