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Updated January 14, 2014 - 11:26 PM EST
$1.1 Trillion Bill Overturns Pentagon Cuts
  Analysts: Pentagon Needs to Get Strategic on Budget, Likely Won't
Obama Threatens 'Action' Against Iran If Talks Fail
  Hawks Court Senate Dems for Iran Sanctions Bill
  White House: Iran Implementation Deal Will Be Kept Secret
Aleppo Kurds Fear Qaeda Will Take Their Towns
  Radical Islamist Insurgents in Syria Recapture Ground Lost to Rivals
  Kerry, Lavrov Push 'Partial Ceasefire' in Syria, But Can Idea Work?
  Captagon: The Amphetamine Fueling Syria's Civil War
Iraq to Revive Sunni Militia to Fight al-Qaeda
  Baghdad Bombed Again, Clashes for Anbar; 46 Killed, 99 Wounded
Israeli Arab Leaders Reject 'Land Swap' Plan
  Ariel Sharon and the Legacy of US-Backed War Crimes
  Israeli Govt Chairman: Palestinian Christians Not Really Arabs
US Troops Don’t Need to Stay in Afghanistan
DEA Struck a Deal With Mexico's Most Notorious Drug Cartel
A Blank Check for War on Iran  by Patrick J. Buchanan
12 Years in Afghanistan, We Leave Poverty, Fraud – and the Taliban  by Patrick Cockburn
A Free Society Cannot Escape All Terrorism  by Conor Friedersdorf
We Told You So  by Philip Giraldi
NSA's Preference for Metadata  by Kirk Wiebe
Who's Afraid of the Military-Industrial Complex?  by William Hartung

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Press, Human Rights Groups Sell Us an Army Field Manual That Includes Torture
UK Transport Minister: Spies Can Speed All They Want
Feds Accuse Man of Trying to Ship Military Docs to Iran
Snowden Worked at US Embassy in Delhi: Report
Ayotte: Deal Cuts Military Survivor Benefits
Spying on Everyone
I Spent Two Hours Talking With NSA's Big Wigs. Here's What's Got Them Mad
The NSA's Lawyer Keeps Spinning and Spinning
Tech Firms: We Don't Want to Keep Internet Metadata for the Government
Supreme Court Lets Stand Ruling Bolstering Gadget Privacy at US Border
Man Convicted in Terror Case Seeks Evidence From Warrantless Spying
World Powers, Iran to Resume Nuclear Talks in February
Obama Urges Congress to Avoid New Sanctions on Iran
US Has Concerns About Iran-Russia Oil-For-Goods Swap
Hardliners in Iran Offer Mild Praise for Interim Nuclear Agreement
Iran Mulls Replacement for Russian S-300 Missile System
Dubai Ruler Calls for Iran Sanctions to Be Lifted
Lebanon: Iranian FM Meets With Nasrallah
Baghdad Bombed Again, Clashes for Anbar; 46 Killed, 99 Wounded
Fallujah on Minds of Deploying Marines
Kidnapped Official Released in Fallujah
'Systematic Torture': Dossier Accusing UK Politicians of Iraq War Crimes Goes to ICC
Turkey Says Kurdish Oil Will Flow, but Vows to Abide by Iraqi Constitution
Erdogan Pushing Internet Censorship Forward
Obama Says Has Faith in Afghan Strategy
Final Rotation of Marines Deploys to Afghanistan
Here's What It Means to Be Afghanistan's 'Most Honest Man': Low Pay and No Promotion
Recalling Past Threats, Afghans in Tranquil Valley Work to Keep It That Way
Suicide Vest Nine-Year-Old Tells Her Story
Pakistan Denies Indian Claim of Ceasefire Violation
Thai Protesters Blockade Roads in Bangkok for 'Shutdown'
China Conducts First Test of New Ultra-High Speed Missile Vehicle
Paris: France's Unpopular President Hits New Bump
Russia Expels US Journalist David Satter Without Explanation
Mexico to Deploy Federal Forces in Michoacan Conflict Zone
Enemies of Mexican Drug Gangs Pose a Security Challenge
Militants Threaten Fragile Step to Syrian Peace
Kerry Claims Partial Ceasefire Could Be in the Works for Syria
'You Need to Go to Geneva': Opposition Source Reveals Threat Made by Britain and US Over Syria Peace Talks
William Hague Dismisses Call by Tory Former Minister to Arm Syrian Rebels
Syrian Peace Talks Yield Potato Diplomacy
'Profound Civilian Suffering' in Syria's Besieged Yarmouk Camp
US and Russia Say Syria Aid Access and Local Ceasefire Possible
EU Must Open Doors to Avoid Syrian Refugee Catastrophe, Says UN
Palestinian Child Hurt in Israeli Strike on Gaza
Closure of Tunnels Deprives Gaza of $230 Million Per Month, Says Government
Abbas Hardens His Stance on Palestinian 'Right of Return'
Poor Showing Among Heads of State for the Lonely Funeral of Ariel Sharon
VP Biden Salutes Ariel Sharon at His Funeral
Palestinians Barred From Appealing Property Confiscation in Israeli Military Court
Israel Boosts Security for Sharon Funeral Near Gaza Border
Michael Oren: If Peace Talks Fail, Israel Should Withdraw From West Bank
Israel Pays Soldiers Who Were Anthrax Vaccine Guinea Pigs
Middle East
German Diplomats Survive Shooting Attack in Saudi Arabia
North Yemen Fighting Has Killed at Least 210 in Two Months, Salafis Say
Activists Arrested for 'No' Referendum Campaign
Egypt Holds Key Vote in Climate of Fear
Senate Egypt Bill Could Ease US Aid After Coup
Central African Republic
Central African Republic Interim Leader Says Chaos 'Over'
Tent City in Central African Republic Swells as Violence Grips Capital
Central African Republic Cannibal: Why I Ate Muslim Man's Leg
South Sudan: UN Mission Cites 'Clear Indications' Death Count Much Higher Than Early Estimates
UN Says Congo's Defeated M23 Rebels Active Again
Captors Release Son of Libyan Defense Minister
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