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Updated January 15, 2014 - 11:05 PM EST
US Airstrike Kills Afghan Woman, 7 Children
Pentagon 'Big Winner' in $1 Trillion Omnibus Bill
Senate Stalls, Hawks Push House Sanctions Vote
  Iran Reports Secret 'Side Deal' Reached on Nuclear Negotiations
  Biden Assures Israel About Core Sanctions on Iran: US Official
  Steny Hoyer: Obama Aide 'Irresponsible' on Iran
Al-Qaeda Retakes Major Syrian City From Rivals
  Dozens Die of Starvation in Besieged Damascus Refugee Camp
NSA: Illegal to Check if We Spied on Congress
  NSA Devises Radio Pathway Into Computers
  US Courts Object to FISA Court Reform Plan
  Obama's NSA 'Reforms' Unlikely to Amount to Much
Wednesday Bomb Attacks Kill 75 in Iraq
  Tuesday Iraq Carnage: 65 Killed, 80 Wounded
  Obama Backs Sen. Paul's Move to End Iraq War
Egypt's Referendum: Vote Yes or Get Beaten
Major US Backlash After Israeli DM Criticizes Kerry
The Iran Vote: This Really Matters – Let Your Senators Know  by James Fallows
The Slippery Slope Back Into Iraq  by Ivan Eland
NSA Confident Reforms Will Be Minor  PrivacySOS
It's All About Politics  by Justin Raimondo
How the NSA Makes the Nation Insecure  by Matthew Harwood
Israel Will Never Allow Viable Palestinian State  by Scott McConnell

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Snowden to Join Board of Press Freedom Foundation
Germany Seeks Info on Citizen Killed in 2012 Drone Strike
Malaysian Wins Removal From US 'No Fly' List
Missouri Bill Would Nullify NDAA Indefinite Detention
Indiana Legislation Takes Aim at NSA Spying
Swedish Ex-Prosecutor Says Dismiss Assange Case
Flaws in the Kirk-Menendez Iran Sanctions (Wag the Dog) Bill
Iran's Rouhani Casts Nuclear Deal as Win for Nation
House GOP May Act on Senate Iran Sanctions Bill
Iran, IAEA Talks Postponed Ahead of Nuclear Deal Preparations
Reid Wants to 'Wait and See' on Iran Sanctions
Iran Loses $150 Billion a Year Due to Brain Drain: Science Minister
Kerry Urges Syrian Rebels to Go to Peace Meeting
Amid Gunfire, Relief Convoy Turns Back From Syria's Besieged Yarmouk Camp
Turkish Police Raid Charity Aiding Syria
Donor Fatigue Numbers Among the Enemies of the Syrian People
Charities Pledge $400 Million to Syria Aid: Kuwait Agency
Syrian-Palestinian Refugee in Egypt: 'if I Go Back to Syria I Will Die'
Damascus: War Devastates Suburbs but Skirts City's Center
Why Is a Woman Dressing Up as a Bomb on the Streets of Beirut?
Justice or Peace? Hariri Trial Could Spark Further Unrest
New US Evangelical Movement Seeks Split From Pro-Israel Line
Twitter Suspends Account of Hamas' Military Wing
Training Fighters of Future Across Gaza
Palestinians Apologize for Illegal Arms at Prague Embassy
Israeli Cops Pull Over Palestinian PM's Car
Official Israeli Curriculum Likens Ariel Sharon to Moses
Middle East
Ongoing Iraq Carnage: 65 Killed, 80 Wounded
Erdogan May Prevail at High Cost in Turkey's Political Civil War
Memo: Kissinger Gave the 'Green Light' for Argentina's Dirty War
Colombian Official Confirms Ouster of Bogota's Leftist Mayor
Report That DEA Protects Sinaloa Cartel Contrasts Sharply With Official Claims
Spying on Everyone
US Will Not Enter Bilateral No-Spy Agreement With Germany
NSA Review Panel Casts Doubt on Bulk Data Collection Claims
NSA Can't Tell Bernie Sanders if It's Spying on Him, Because That Would Violate His Privacy
Holder: Obama Plans 'Smart' NSA Surveillance Changes
Man Convicted in Terror Case Seeks Evidence From Warrantless Spying
The War at Home
Lockheed F-35 Comes Out Ahead in Spending Bill's Defense Accord
$571 Billion Defense Bill Reverses Pension Cuts for Disabled Veterans
New York Times Reporter, Fighting Obama's Attack on the Press, Turns to Supreme Court
Thai Tensions Rise After Gun Attack on Protesters
Thailand Protesters March as 'Shutdown' Continues
Three Rebels Killed in Kashmir
India Golden Temple: Ex-General Brar Dismisses UK 'Link'
Khyber Agency to Extend Polio Drive Despite Threats
Egypt Says 11 Dead in Clashes on 1st Day of Voting
Egypt Proposed Constitution Expands Rights, but Shifts Power to President
Militiamen Briefly Storm Libyan Parliament to Demand Vote
Meet the 32-Year-Old Militiaman Holding Libya's Oil Hostage
Central African Republic
Central Africa Begins Search for New Leader After Bloodbath
Central African Republic Violence Ebbs, but UN Warns of Flare-Up
South Sudan Nile Ferry Sinks With More Than 200 Dead
Pandemonium After Explosion in North Nigeria City
Tunisia's Arab Spring: Three Years On
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