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Updated January 17, 2014 - 11:17 PM EST
Obama Unveils Vague NSA 'Reforms'
  NSA Collects Millions of Text Messages Daily in 'Untargeted' Sweep
Obama Lets Congress, Not Public, in On Iran Terms
  Hillary Clinton Discussed US Approval of an Israeli Strike on Iran
UN: Syria al-Qaeda Executions May Be War Crimes
  Syria's Nusra Front Claims Credit for Lebanon Bombing
  Kerry: Geneva 2 Talks Will Establish Syria Transitional Govt
Maliki Wants Arms, US Troops for Training
  63 Killed, 41 Wounded in Fresh Iraq Bloodshed
Spending Bill Keeps Full $3.1 Billion in Israeli Aid
  Netanyahu Demands More Palestinian Land in Peace Talks
  Israeli Bill Would Ban 'Non-Educational' Holocaust References
  The Truth About Israel's Secret Nuclear Arsenal
McCain-Kaine Bill Would Revise US War Powers
Gates: Cuts Threaten Britain's Military Partnership With US
Secret Wars and Black Ops Blowback  by Nick Turse
The Most Important Thing Robert Gates Said  by Jack Hunter
The War to Reinstall the Afghan Warlords  by Jonathan Steele
They Don't Mean Well  by Sheldon Richman
Applied Rovian Denialism  by Nebojsa Malic
Secrecy: Oxygen of the Deep State  PrivacySOS

More Viewpoints

We Need Real Protection From the NSA
by Ed Loomis, Kirk Wiebe, Thomas Drake, William Binney, Diane Roark
Pentagon: Hands Tied on Hunting Benghazi Attackers
From Fallujah to Maghreb, a New, Diffuse al-Qaeda
Chechnya Leader Says Main Terror Leader Is Dead, Again
Jeremy Scahill: Two Degrees of Separation From the Dirty Wars Dragnet
McCain Responds Angrily to Report on Drones
NSA Actions and Reactions
NSA Spying Fallout Hits French Satellite Deal
Most Americans Want Reform of NSA Data Collection, Says Poll
Washington State Bill Proposes Criminalizing Help to NSA, Turning Off Resources to Yakima Facility
US Intel Veterans Honor Pvt. Manning
Chelsea Manning Awarded 2014 Sam Adams Prize for Integrity in Intelligence
The War at Home
House Armed Services Chairman Acknowledges Tea Party Tactics Influenced Retirement Decision
Spending Plan Ignores Overhaul for the International Monetary Fund
Littoral Combat Ship's Reliability in Doubt, Weapons Tester Finds
Cheating Scandal Only Latest Embarrassment for US Nuclear Force
1 Killed, 2 Hurt on Army Copter in 'Hard Landing' at US Airfield
Afghanistan Taliban 'Confident of Victory' Over NATO
Female Prisoners on Hunger Strike, Demand Bagram Treatment
Eight Killed, Dozens Injured in Peshawar Blast
Govt to Set Up Military Base in Swat
Court Orders Formation of Medical Board in Musharraf Treason Case
Let's Cease the Insults, North Korea Says to South
Panama: North Korea Ship Owners Will Pay Fine
China Police Detain Uighur Scholar Ilham Tohti
Egypt Referendum 'Landslide' Win With Small Turnout
Egypt Charges Three Al-Jazeera English Journalists
Rwandan Peacekeepers Arrive in Central African Republic
Boko Haram Battle Spills Into Cameroon
Nigeria: Jonathan Sacks Military Chiefs, Appoints Replacements
Ukraine Parliament Passes Sweeping Anti-Protest Law
Cameron Denies That Army Is No Longer Full US Partner
Former Russian Official Given Probation for Journalist's Killing
Syrian Rebels Say Cease-Fire Deals Prove Deceptive
Syria Allows Aid Into 2 Contested Areas
Kerry Urges Opposition to Attend Syrian Conference
Italian Mayor Dismayed as Port Chosen for Syrian Chemical Weapons Transfer
US Warns Firms Against Breaking Iran Sanctions
AIPAC Keeps Low Profile on Iran Bill
Obama Urges Jewish Leaders Not to Back Iran Sanctions
Previous Iran Sanctions Cosponsor Won't Back New Sanctions Now
Netanyahu Was in Jordan for Closed-Door Talks on Israeli-Palestinian Peace
Fatah Urges Hamas to Respond to Reconciliation Proposal
5 Palestinians Hurt in Israeli Raid on Gaza
Analysis: Countdown to Next Gaza Invasion Has Begun
Israel to Destroy Another Haifa Neighborhood, Evict Palestinian Residents
Children Burned With Cigarettes by Israeli Soldiers in Illegal Settlement
More Explosives at Czech Palestine Mission
Netanyahu Slams EU Settlement Critics as Hypocrites
Israeli Envoy Condemns UN for 'Palestinian Propaganda'
As Bennett Plants Tree in Hebron, Lapid Calls for 'Separation From Palestinians'
63 Killed, 41 Wounded in Fresh Iraq Bloodshed
Iraq Forces Attack Militants as 14 Bodies Found
Iraqis Go About Their Lives Under Cloud of Fear
Deputy PM in US: Iraqi Peace Impossible Without Settling Sunni Gripes
Anbar Opens 'al-Qaeda Hotline'
Iraqi Forces Disarm School Bomb
Maimed Iraqi Cop Seeks US Asylum: 'There's No Future for Me'
As Trial in 2005 Hariri Assassination Opens, Lebanese Have More Current Worries
Concern After Argentina's President Long Silence
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