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Updated January 18, 2014 - 11:00 PM EST
Obama Unveils Vague NSA 'Reforms'
  Obama's NSA Speech: Affirmation That Mass Surveillance Has a Future
  US Will Not 'Unilaterally Disarm' Its Spy Network, Obama Says
  Things Barack Obama Doesn't Consider 'Abuse'
  Four Questionable Claims Obama Has Made on NSA Surveillance
  Obama: We Won't Spy on Foreign Leaders, Unless We Do
14 Civilians Killed by US-Afghan Joint Forces
  US Drone Strike on Gathering in Nuristan Leaves 9 Dead
  21 Killed, Mostly Foreigners, in Attack on Kabul Restaurant
Syrian Opposition to Attend Peace Conference
  Kerry Slams Syria's Ceasefire Offer
  Key Syrian Rebel Leader Considers Himself al-Qaeda Member
  Report: Russia Steps Up Military Aid to Syria
Senate Iran Sanctions Vote May Be Delayed to July
  Iran's Rouhani Needs a Nuclear Resolution
  How the US Used a 'Terrorism' Ploy to Attack Islamic Charity to Iran
Spending Bill Stuffed With Pentagon Pork
US to Send Artillery, Thousands of Assault Rifles to Iraq
US Hegemony Goal in Asia-Pacific Risks Catastrophic War
Making Things Worse in the Middle East  by Fareed Zakaria
For America, Denial Is a River in Iraq  by JP Sottile
The NSA Speech: Obama Accepts the Logic of Staying Terrorized  by Conor Friedersdorf
Obama's NSA 'Reforms' Are Just PR  by Glenn Greenwald
Don't Derail Iran Nuclear Deal  by Gary Sick
60 Words and a War Without End  by Gregory D. Johnsen

More Viewpoints

US Court: Blogger Gets Same Speech Protections as Traditional Press
Supreme Court to Weigh Cell Phone Searches by Police
Pentagon to Open Guantanamo Panel
Clashes Between Troops and Tribe in Yemen Kill 5
NSA Actions and Reactions
8 Questions About Obama's NSA Spying Overhaul
US Telecoms Giants Express Unease About Proposed NSA Metadata Reforms
MIT Graphs Show the Enormously Intrusive Nature of Metadata
Transcript of Obama's Speech on NSA 'Reform'
Presidential Policy Directive Regarding Signals Intelligence Activities
Speech Critics Back Snowden on Twitter
European Commentators See Little to Praise in Obama's NSA Changes
Indonesian President Says He Felt Betrayed by Australian PM Over Spying
NSA Leaks Prompted Major Canadian Eavesdropping Review
Julian Assange: Obama 'Embarrassing'
Rep. Justin Amash Response to Obama NSA Speech
Freedom of the Press Foundation's Response to Obama's NSA Speech
Rand Paul Mocks Obama's NSA Comments: 'if You Like Your Privacy, You Can Keep It'
The War at Home
Dianne Feinstein Spots Drone Inches From Her Face
Honolulu Water Declared Safe to Drink Despite Leak of Navy Jet Fuel Close to Wells
Boston Marathon Bombing: Trial Date Set for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Friends
James Dutschke Pleads Guilty to Sending Ricin Letters
US Military Is Testing Gun That Could Turn Anyone Into an Ace Sniper
Germany 'Will Not Abandon' Afghanistan
3 UN Staff Killed in Kabul Attack: Ban
IMF Representative Killed in Kabul, Fund Says
British National Dies in Kabul Blast
Gates: Abandoning Afghanistan Would Be 'Terrible'
Deadly Blast Derails Train in Pakistan
Court Rejects Plea to Order Musharraf's Symbolic Arrest
WHO: Pakistan City Is World's Largest Polio Pool
Explosion Hits Bangkok Protesters, Wounding Dozens
Rohingya Muslims Feared Killed in New Myanmar Rakhine Violence
Japan WW2 Soldier Who Refused to Surrender Until 1974 Dies
Mass Grave Fuels Fear of Thousands Buried in Sri Lanka War Zone
Ukraine Leader, Defying West, Signs Laws Against Protests
Mexico Govt Warns Vigilantes Could Copy Cartel
EU Official Says Bloc Eyes Changes to Cuba Policy
Syria Proposes Aleppo Cease-Fire, Prisoner Swap
Syria Chemical Weapons: Security Slows Transport
French 15-Year-Olds Travel to Syria for Jihad: Father
Iran Hawks Flounder Against Reid-Obama Coalition
UN Nuclear Agency: Iran Monitoring to Cost $6 Million
Sanctions Eased, Iran Gets Feelers From Old Trading Partners
Iran Says UN Experts to Inspect Uranium Mine This Month
US Official: Iran Has $100 Bln Abroad, Can Draw $4.2 Bln
Palestinians Aim to Win Back Right to Appeal Property Confiscations in Military Court
Abbas: Israel Using Peace Talks to 'Cover' West Bank Construction
Lieberman Fights Back: Summons EU Ambassadors for Rebuke
Gaza: Two Wounded in Border Clashes With IDF
Ten Killed in Iraq Prayer Day Attacks, Clashes
US Ready to Train Iraqi Troops in Third Country
Iraqi FM Warns Against 'Poisonous' Extremism in Syria
Top Iraq Lawmaker to Visit Washington Next Week
Gates: Congress Should 'Probably' Have Declared War on Iraq
Three Killed in Clashes Between Militants the Army in Yemen
Yemen Sets Up Child Counselling Center Because of Drone Strikes
Bahrain Arrests 183 Protesters, Including 31 Children in a Month
Islamic Aid Workers Released From Custody
Turkey Approves Controversial Health Legislation
Clashes During Referendum Protests in Egypt Kill 2
Egyptian Police Release AP Cameraman on Bail
South Sudan
Uganda Troops Helping Fight South Sudan Rebels
Top UN Official Describes Horror in South Sudan
Central African Republic
Last-Ditch Effort to Restore Order in Central African Republic
Central African Republic Registers New Leader Hopefuls
Witnesses: 6 Killed in Gunbattle in North Nigeria
Mali's Tuareg Rebels Abandon Algeria-Hosted Talks
IED Causes Blast at Nairobi Airport, Official Say
2 Students Wounded When Senegal Army Fires in Air
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