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Updated January 21, 2014 - 11:16 PM EST
US Complains, So UN Uninvites Iran to Syria Talks
  US: Syria Talks Must Focus on Regime Change
  Syria Defector Claims 'Clear Evidence' of 11,000 Detainees Killed
  North Syria Stronghold a Preview for al-Qaeda Run State
Iraq: Al-Qaeda Has Firepower to Occupy Baghdad
  Failed Talks With Militants Prompt Thousands to Flee in Iraq
  'Sunni Awakening' Part 2: We’re Still Fighting the Iraq War
  Anbar Clashes, Baghdad Bombings: 73 Killed, 111 Wounded
Most Americans Now Oppose the NSA Program
  Obama's NSA Speech Has Little Impact on Skeptical Public
  Sen. Feinstein: NSA Metadata 'Here to Stay'
  Barring Reform, Congress May Just Let NSA Spying Laws Expire
24 Shi'ite Pilgrims Killed in Pakistan Bus Bombing
  14 Killed in Suicide Attack Near Pakistan Military HQ
  Pakistani Troops Pound Waziristan Village, Killing 40
The Federal Budget, Per Person
Deal in Place, Iran Halts 20% Uranium Enrichment
When a US Drone Hit a Yemeni Wedding Convoy
Israel Supports Egypt's Sinai Crackdown to 'Pressure' Hamas
What Did Our Wars Win?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Obama's Lies, NSA Spies, and the Sons of Liberty  by John W. Whitehead
Daniel Patrick Moynihan on the Price of Secrets  by Jack Shafer
Fifty States of Fear  by Peter Ludlow
Why We Fight  by Philip Giraldi
Rand Paul on Foreign Policy: A Start, but What's Next?  by Leon Hadar

More Viewpoints

Trust in Govts Slides to Record Low Amid US Spying
Okinawa: Plans to Move US Base Suffer Setback
Court Blocks First UK Legal Challenge to CIA Drones
Why Is Illinois, Not the US Govt, Putting 'NATO 3? on Trial for Terror Conspiracy?
Six Dead in Clashes in Lebanon's Tripoli
New NATO Headquarters in Financial Trouble
Spying on Everyone
Every Scary, Weird Thing We Know the NSA Can Do
No One Is Sure How Public Advocate at Spy Court Would Work
Probing America: Top German Prosecutor Considers NSA Investigation
Utah Plans to Shut Off NSA's Water Supply
Judge Rejects Looking Into if Surveillance Program Led to Terrorism Charge
Nine Taliban Killed During Attack on ISAF Base
Attack on Afghan Military Base Leaves at Least One Member of US-Led Coalition Forces Dead
Punctured Tires in Kabul Are the Work of Police, Not Punks
Resurgent Afghanistan Drug Trade Threatening US Goals, Pentagon Warns
American Held by North Korea Begs US to Negotiate His Release
Thai Authorities Consider State of Emergency as Protests Continue
Pakistan Disappointed With US for Linking Aid to Dr Afridi
Indonesian Police Arrest 2 on Terrorist Charges
Japan Protest Over Korean Assassin Ahn Jung-Geun Memorial in China
India Test Fires New Agni-IV Ballistic Missile
Two Soldiers Die, Third Injured in Two Benghazi, Libya, Attacks
Misrata Soldiers Join Troops Heading to Sebha
South Sudan
South Sudan Soldiers Try to Force Entry Into UN Base Sheltering Civilians
Rape and Murder in South Sudan's Bor
South Sudan Troops Recapture Key Oil Town Malakal
Central African Republic
Central African Republic MPs Elect New Leader as EU Prepares to Send Troops
Germany to Stay Out of Central African Republic
North Africa
Egypt Says Twitter Post by Liberal Was Crime
One Dead as Sectarian Unrest Grips South Algeria Town
Gunmen Torch Homes, Kill 19 in Northeast Nigeria
Mali: 5 Peacekeepers Injured by Land Mine
ICC Threatens to Return Asylum-Seeking Witnesses to Congo
Fourth Death After South Africa Police Crackdown on Protest
Colombia Shows Bodies of 14 Rebels Slain in Raid
2 Children, 3 Adults Found Shot Dead in Mexico
Shining Path Leader on Trial in 1992 Peru Bombing
Chile Bans Palestino Football Club 'Anti-Israel' Shirt
US Hails Decision to Disinvite Iran From Syria Meet
Saudi: Iran Not Eligible to Attend Syria Peace Talks
Syria Peace Talks Will Be a Sham Without Iran: Russia
Ahead of Talks, Assad Says He Won't Step Down Without a Vote
US Says Hopeful Sides Can Now Focus on Ending Syria Conflict
Syria Peace Talks Must Focus on Fighting Terrorism: Assad
Kurds at London Protest Demand Own Seat at Geneva Talks
Red Cross Ready to Step Up Syria Aid, Help Prisoner Swaps
14 Companies Bid to Destroy Syria Chemicals
Saudi Arabia Walks a Fine Line in Backing Syria Rebellion
IAEA Confirms Iran Is Complying With First Phase of Nuclear Deal With World Powers
US Begins Iran Sanctions Relief, Sees Tough Talks Ahead
EU Lifts Iran Sanctions After Assurances on Nuclear Program
Only One in Five Israelis Trusts Obama on Iran
Blasts Heard in Eilat, Israeli Forces Searching for Rockets
Kerry to Meet Israeli, Palestinian Negotiators
Canadian Leader Heckled in Israeli Parliament
Canada Pledges Financial Aid to West Bank
Canada's FM on Eve of Harper Visit: Israeli Settlements Are Illegal, Obstacle to Peace
Bennett: Palestinian State Will Destroy Israel's Economy
Warnings of Economic Boycott Rile Israeli Minister
For Arabs in Israel, Curriculum Choice Is Politically Charged
Israeli Security Cabinet Decides to Halt Gas Mask Program
Middle East
Anbar Clashes, Baghdad Bombings: 73 Killed, 111 Wounded
North Yemen Battles 'Kill 22 in 48 Hours'
Arab Bloggers Aim to Boost Cyberactivism
Police and Protesters in Ukraine Escalate Use of Force
Ukrainian Leader Urges Dialogue After Street Battles
Ukraine Opposition Calls for Talks, Bruised Kiev Picks Up Pieces
Russian Security Forces Searching Sochi for Suspected Terrorist
US Military Says Readying Plans for Olympic Security Assistance
Militant Islamist Video Threatens Winter Olympics
Serbia's Long Path to EU Accession
Man Arrested at UK Airport Over Terror Offenses
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