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Updated January 27, 2014 - 11:26 PM EST
US Drone Strike Kills Five in Somalia
Syria Deal to Allow Women, Children Out of Homs
  Syrians Return as Ceasefire Makes Streets Safe in Damascus Suburb
  Al-Qaeda Groups Expand Into Lebanon
Bush-era Republicans Blast RNC Vote on NSA
  Snowden Says NSA Is Involved in Industrial Sabotage
54 Dead on Egypt Revolution Anniversary
  Egypt Junta Calls Early Presidential Election as Violence Spreads
UN Nuclear Agency Endorses Iran Deal Monitoring
  US 'Dismantling' Rhetoric Ignores Iran's Proposals
Iraq Pounds Fallujah With Air Strikes, Artillery
  Shelling and Bombings in Iraq: 45 Killed and 82 Wounded
The Franchising of al-Qaeda
Netanyahu Backtracks on West Bank Settlement Comments
Obama Ready to 'Bypass' Congress on 2014 Agenda
Military Brass, Behaving Badly: Spate of Misconduct
Whistleblowers Are Barred From Defending Themselves in Court  by David Sirota
Sleepwalk to Suicide  by Paul Gottfried
Contrary to Obama's Promises, the US Military Still Permits Torture  by Jeffrey Kaye
The Progressive Crack-up  by Justin Raimondo
The Secret War in Libya  by Eric Draitser
Erasing Obama's Record on the Afghan War  by Peter Hart

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German DM Signals Greater Role in Africa
Ecuador Firm on Reducing US Presence, Spies
NATO 3 Trial's Most Alarming Revelations Aren't About the Defendants
New Hampshire Bill Would Nullify Warrantless Drone Spying, Ensure Privacy
Excerpts From Military Misconduct Investigations
NSA Actions and Reactions
Obama Signs Off on Nomination of Rogers as NSA Director
Snowden Says 'Significant Threats' to His Life
Snowden Adviser: Guarantee of Amnesty Necessary for Talks With US
Group Promotes Defense of Whistle-Blowers
Aid Convoy 'Ready to Enter' Syria's Homs

William Hague Confirms UK Plans to Accept 'Vulnerable' Syrian Refugees

Shelling and Bombings in Iraq: 45 Killed and 82 Wounded
Kurdish Parties Target Yezidi Vote in Iraq Elections
Netanyahu Says West Has 'No Chance' of Striking Final Nuclear Deal With Iran
Fatah Official Calls for 'Coordinated' Armed Resistance
Bennett on Netanyahu's Plan for Settlers: 'Never'
Israel to Let More Building Materials Into Gaza
Lapid, Livni Clash Over Benefits for Settlements
Arab-Americans Criticize Bill to Do Away With Visas for Israelis
MPs Slam Netanyahu for Letting Son Date Gentile
Obama Administration Designates Top Islamic Jihad Official as Terrorist
Political Allies Bennett, Lapid Appear Headed for Rift
Middle East
Qaeda Suspects Kill Police Officer in Yemen
Bahraini Wounded During Arrest Dies
Lebanon PM-Designate Gives Hezbollah Bloc Deadline to Join Cabinet
President Yanukovich Offers Top Posts to Opposition Leaders Including Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Vitali Klitschko
Ukraine Protests 'Spread' Into Russia-Influenced East
EU, Russia to Swap Recriminations Over Ukraine
Killed Protester Mourned in Kiev Amid Crisis
Far-Right Group Take Fight to Kiev Police
Ukraine's Ex-Defense Minister Sues Berkut Riot Police
Roadside Bomb Kills 6 Afghan Civilians
Half of Afghan Children Suffer Irreversible Harm From Malnutrition
Afghanistan Exit Is Seen as Peril to Drone Mission
Hand Grenade Kills 6 Children in Pakistan
Pakistan Ruling Party to 'Consider' Taliban Offer for Talks
Police Reveal Details of Xinjiang Terrorist Attack That Kiilled 12
China Accuses Uighur Intellectual of Separatism for His Advocacy Work
Thai Protest Leader Shot Dead as Polling Stations Are Blockaded
North Korea 'Executes Slain General's Family'
Japan's Abe Says China's Prosperity Rests on Trust, Not Tensions
Four Egyptian Soldiers Killed in Sinai in Suspected Militant Attack
Jihadist Group Claims Downing of Egypt Army Helicopter
American Translator Freed by Egyptian Police in Cairo
Egyptian Liberal Finds Enemies on All Sides
UNESCO to Help Museum Recover From Blast
All Five Egyptian Diplomats Seized in Libya Released
Egypt Diplomats Quit Libya After Kidnappings
Central African Republic
Eight Dead in Central African Republic Capital, Rebel Leaders Flee City
US Threatens Sanctions 'To Curb' Central African Republic Conflict
Congo: More Than 20 Killed in Arms Depot Blasts
French Army Kills 11 Militants in Mali Anti-Terror Operation
South Sudan Ceasefire 'Shaky': Norwegian FM
Tunisia Approves New Constitution, Appoints Government
Support for Scottish Independence Increasing
Thousands Stage 'Day of Anger' Protest Against French President
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