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Updated January 30, 2014 - 10:42 PM EST
Iraq Military Retakes Areas West of Baghdad
  45 Killed, 71 Wounded, Mostly in Baghdad Bombings
Seized Syrian Oil Reserves Bankroll Qaeda's War
   Talks in Jeopardy Over US Arms for Syria Rebels
   Turkey Attacks al-Qaeda Convoy in Northern Syria
Poll: 60% of Americans Back Iran Nuclear Deal
  Sen. Rand Paul Announces Opposition to New Iran Sanctions
  MeK Opposes Nuclear Deal, Lobbies for Sanctions
Leaked Doc Shows 330 Drone Strikes in Pakistan
  US Lifts Veil on Gitmo Detainee Review Process
Scarlett Johansson Quits Oxfam Over SodaStream
  Israeli Air Force to Attack Civilians in Next Lebanon War
  Details Emerge: Kerry Plan Backs East Jerusalem as Palestine Capital
Officials: NSA Leaks Undermined Public Trust
  Edward Snowden Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Egypt Trial Held With Morsi in Sound-Proof Cage
SOTU: Obama's Muddled Foreign Poiicy Message
NSA Surveillance Divides the Republican Party  by Conor Friedersdorf
When Foreign Leaders Feelings Matter More Than the Constitution  by Ivan Eland
Time to End the 'Surveillance State'  by Rep. Rush Holt
It's Always World War II  by Justin Raimondo
The CIA's Torture Excuses Don't Hold Water  by Rosa Brooks
What About Palestinian Security?  by Matthew Duss

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The Empire's New Asian Clothes
by John Feffer & Tom Engelhardt
Pete Seeger, Songwriter, Champion of Folk Music, Antiwar Activist Dies at 94
What Pete Seeger Could Teach Left and Right Today
Songs of Peace and Protest: 6 Essential Cuts From Pete Seeger
Sign of a Chill: EU Doesn't Set Table for Putin
Customs Drone Fleet Grounded After Crash
Dozens More Implicated in Nuke Cheat Probe
NSA Actions and Reactions
Huge Swath of British GCHQ Mass Surveillance Is Illegal, Says Top Lawyer
The NSA Has a New, First Time Ever, Privacy Officer
British Spy Chief Buffeted by Snowden Leaks Will Step Down at Year End
Angry Birds Firm Calls for Industry to Respond to NSA Spying Revelations
NSA Decision Has Lots of Winners – for Now
NSA Defenders Offer Weak Rebuttal of the RNC's Condemnation of NSA Programs
New York Times Suffers Redaction Failure, Exposes Name of NSA Agent and Targeted Network
AT&T CEO: Met European Officials, NSA Affair Affecting Business
EU Justice Chief Attacks European 'Hypocrisy' on Spying
Did Big Internet Companies Handicap Start-Ups in FISA Rule Changes?
Dianne Feinstein Sees No Evidence Edward Snowden Spying for Russia
Petraeus: Snowden Did Most Damage of Any 'Turncoat'
The War at Home
Homeland Security Blacked Out Recommendation on Border Patrol Restraint
Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton Is a 'Big Proponent of the Surveillance State'
Here's the Amazing Transcript of Pete Seeger Pissing Off the House Un-American Activities Committee
Idea Turned Russian Warheads Into American Electricity
US Military
Lawmakers to Hagel: Don't Cut Any Carriers
Pentagon Calls for Relaxed Pension Cut
Army Looks to Build Air-Droppable Armored Vehicle
Pakistani Taliban, With New Leader, Is Back on the Offensive
Six Troops Injured in North Waziristan Road Mishap
Bhutto Son Urges Pakistan Military Action on Taliban
Pakistan Sees Chance for Afghan Peace Talks to Resume After April Election
Malala Yousafzai Memoir Launch Scrapped in Pakistan
Cross-Border Shelling From Pakistan Kills 4 Children in Kunar
Jui-S Opposes Operation Against Taliban
Philippines Military Offensive Kills 37 Rebels
Another Afghanistan Spending Boondoggle: Illiterate Afghan Soldiers and Cops
Thai Government Says No Delay in Sunday Election
India Close to Buying Japan-Made Military Aircraft
Disputed Islands: Japan Gives Teachers New Instructions
New Soil Tests Ordered for Okinawa School in Wake of Dioxin Fears
Pentagon Official: China Challenging US Military Technological Edge
Sri Lanka Says War Crimes Probe Would Bring 'Chaos'
UN Official: Some South Sudanese Too Afraid to Go Home
Russian Consul General, Wife Stabbed in Sudan: Police
Nigerian Bishop Tells of Church 'Slaughter' in Adamawa
Somalis Show Support for Kenyan Military, Protest Al-Shabaab
Mladic Refuses to Testify for Karadzic at ICTY Trial
Nicaragua Approves Unlimited Presidential Terms
Venezuelan Journalists Protest Over Paper Shortage
Syria Activists Call for 600-Day Siege of Homs to Be Lifted
Al-Qaeda-Linked Rebels Bomb Syrian Defense Minister's Town
Syria Opposition Demand Govt Proposal for Transition
Syria Army Edges Forward in Aleppo
Morocco, Algeria Trade Accusations Over Syrians
Israel Returns Syrian Girl Who Sought Asylum
Britain to Take in Hundreds of Women and Children From Syria
Senator Says Iran Sanctions Bill Won't Get a Vote 'Any Time Soon'
Iran Vows to Maintain 'Peaceful' Nuclear Program
UN Nuclear Inspectors in Iran to Visit Uranium Mine
Iranian Lawmakers to Visit Britain as Diplomatic Ties Improve
Iran Says Israel Using Nuclear Issue to Hide Crimes' Against Palestinians
Palestinian Official Makes Rare Visit to Iran
Palestinians: Yes to Jews, No to Settlers in Our State
Netanyahu: Israel Isn't Confined to American Positions
Housing Minister Defies Government by Organizing Mass Protest Against Peace Process
Suspected al-Qaeda Members Indicted for Plotted Bombings in Jerusalem, US Embassy
Super Bowl Ad Puts Scarlett Johansson on Forefront of Israeli Product Ban Controversy
Israel Jails Anti-Zionist for Offering to Spy for Iran
Defense Ministry Prepares to Seize Military Documents Ariel Sharon Kept Illegally
Israel Keeps Arab Teachers Out of Jewish Religious Schools
Dutch Envoy: Peace Could Put Israel on UN Security Council
45 Killed, 71 Wounded, Mostly in Baghdad Bombings
7 Iraqi Security Personnel Killed as Unrest Surges
Three Sons, Two Bombs, One Family's Hell
Kurdish Oil Ups Iraq Energy Dispute
Iraq Says Syria War Spillover Hinders Oilfields, Pipelines
North Yemen Clashes Kill 13
Military Is Asked to Return Guantanamo Inmate to Yemen
US: Detained Yemeni May Rejoin al-Qaeda if Freed
Kuwait Says Ready to Help Lebanon
Influential Cleric Urges Saudis to Stop Backing Egypt's Dominant Military
Egypt Ex-President Morsi Defiant at Jailbreak Trial
Gunmen Kill 1 Policeman, Wound 2 at Cairo Church
North Africa
Libyan Port Rebels See Deal Possible Within Weeks
Lawyer Demands 'Truth' on Salafist Deaths at US Embassy in Tunis
Central African Republic
UN Approves Use of Force by EU Troops in Central African Republic
Rebels Escorted From Base in Central African Republic
Police: 6 Injured in Rwanda Grenade Attack
Rwandan Soldier Sent Back Home Illegally Goes on Trial
Ukraine Govt Resigns, Parliament Scraps Anti-Protest Laws
Putin Tells Brussels to Stay Out of Ukraine's Political Crisis
Ukraine's Parliament Passes Protest Amnesty Law
Biden Calls Ukraine Leader, Urges End to Standoff
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