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Updated January 31, 2014 - 11:25 PM EST
Americans See Iraq, Afghanistan Wars as Failures
1,840 Killed in Iraq in January
  Iraq Military Retakes Areas West of Baghdad
  US Troops in Iraq Were Fed Ice From Unsanitized Morgue Trailers
  Carnage in Anbar and Baghdad: 93 Killed, 101 Wounded
Insults Traded as Syria Talks End Without Deal
  US Intelligence Estimate: 7,000 Foreign Fighters in Syria
  US Slams Syria Over Chemical Weapons Delays
Hagel Slams Karzai 'Foot-Dragging' on Troop Deal
  Major Risks: Audits Find Afghan Govt Can't Be Trusted With Aid
US Spied on Negotiators at 2009 Climate Summit
  Vice-Admiral Michael Rogers to Take Command of Embattled NSA
  The NSA's 'Top-Secret' Edward Snowden Talking Points
  Clapper Suggests Journalists Are Edward Snowden's 'Accomplices'
  Merkel Warns US Over Surveillance in First Speech of Third Term
Scarlett Johansson Quits Oxfam Over SodaStream
  Israeli MP: Kerry Peace Efforts Driven by Anti-Semitism
US Drone Strike in Somalia Missed al-Shabaab Leader
Egypt Charges 20 Al Jazeera Journalists With Terrorism
US Readying Sanctions Against Ukraine Over Protests
US: Russia May Have Violated 1987 Nuclear Treaty
Where Did You Hide the Enhanced Radiation Device?  by Philip Giraldi
Who Needs the Gestapo When You Have 'Angry Birds'?  by Robert Scheer
NYT Attempts to Diminish Afghan Kids Killed by US  by Peter Hart
Obama, the Reluctant Realist  by Justin Raimondo
A Nameless Hurt  by Anthony DeBlasi
The NSA's Shadow Database  by Patrick C. Toomey

More Viewpoints

A Manufactured Crisis
by Peter Jenkins
Confessions of an Ex-TSA Agent
German FM Vows More Aggressive Foreign Policy
Police Raid 'Jewish Taliban' in Ontario
Officials: 92 Air Force Officers Involved in Test Cheating Scandal
US Will Seek Death Penalty Against Boston Bombing Suspect
NSA Actions and Reactions
US Intelligence Director Calls on Snowden to Return NSA Documents
Angry Birds Website Hacked After NSA-GCHQ Leaks
White House Tries to Ease Tensions With Germany
Two Norwegian Politicians Say NSA Whistleblower's Actions Have Led to a 'More Stable and Peaceful World Order'
For the NSA, Espionage Was a Means to Strengthen the US Position in Climate Negotiations
The War at Home
Military Pension Cuts Turn Down a Rough Road
Terror Suspect Files Motion to Suppress Evidence Prosecutors Admit Was Collected Through Warrantless Eavesdropping
After Billions in US Investment, Afghan Roads Are Falling Apart
Hagel Voices Frustration With Afghan Foot-Dragging
Afghan Official Optimistic Karzai Will Sign US Pact
The Mammoth Military Task of Leaving Afghanistan
US-Funded Hospital in Afghanistan Lacks Clean Water, Basic Equipment
Ex-Canadian General Jailed in Afghanistan, to Be Released
3 Danish Soldiers Injured in Afghanistan When Bomb in Another Vehicle Explodes
Pakistani Premier Forms Group to Start Talks With Taliban
Pakistani Taliban Takes Offer of Talks Seriously, Still Debating Response
Influential Cleric Supporting Afghan Taliban Shot Dead in Pakistan
Vigilantes Use Blasphemy Law to Target Religious Minorities
Pakistan Army to 'Bring Peace' to Balochistan
Pakistan Complains to US About Primacy Given to India
North Korea
Panama Orders Release of Crew of North Korean Ship
North Korea Escapee Fights for Fellow Inmate
Rice Farmers Add to Thai Govt Woes
White House Urges China to Act on Journalists' Visas
Egypt Arrests 11 Islamists for Facebook Activity
Popular Wave Could Lift Egypt Army Chief to Office
Egypt Tries to Reassure Journalists From Abroad
Fighting in Southern Libya Exposes Civilian Population
Libya Sets February 20 for Constitution Assembly Vote
Libya Minister Survives Assassination Attempt
African Union Summit Ponders Violent Conflicts
South Sudan Frees Seven Detainees Accused of Coup Plot
French Struggle to Stop Central African Republic Mobs
Tunisia Central Bank 'Optimistic' After IMF Agrees Loan
UN: Human Catastrophe in DR Congo's Katanga Being Ignored
Niger Frees 2 Journalists and an Activist
Rwanda Calls Congo 'Crybaby' at UN Congo Says Rwanda 'Arrogant'
Nicaragua's Sandinistas Consolidate Power Further
Mexican Troops Detain Son of Alleged Cartel Leader
In Diplomatic Shift, Europe Seeks Improved Ties With Cuba
Israeli Army Preventing Palestinian From Sowing Land Near Settlement
Gaza Strip Faces Water Shortage
Israeli Military Says Settler Ratio Increasing
Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian in West Bank
Netanyahu Scrambles to Do Damage-Control Over Son's Gentile Girlfriend
Israel Minister Slams Abbas as 'No.1' Anti-Semite
Fatah Official: Palestinians Interested in Iranian Role in Conflict With Israel
As Gaza Tunnels Closed, Hamas Lost Cash, Israeli Official Says
Intel Chief: Hundreds of Cyber Attacks Hit Israel Last Year
Netanyahu Issues Ultimatum to Bennett; Economy Minister Fudges Apology
Oslo Blacklists Israeli Firm for Settlement Ties
Israeli Official Seeks to Allay EU Boycott Fears
Foreign Agendas Keep Syrian Peace Talks Going
Radical Preacher Rebukes Extremists in Syria
Food Supplies Enter Palestinian Camp in Syria
Elders Say Iran Should Be Part of Syria Solution
Some Movement Seen in Syria Peace Talks, but Both Sides Still Far Apart
Syrian Government Demolished Thousands of Homes, Report Says
20,000 People in Syria's Yarmuk Camp Face Starvation
UK Agrees to Take Up to 500 of the Most Traumatized Syrian Refugees
A Dutch Jihadist in Syria Speaks, and Blogs
Lebanon President Slams Israeli Threats Against Civilians
Beirut Suburb on High Alert After Wave of Bombings
13 People Indicted in Lebanon on Terror Charges
Sen. Rand Paul Announces Opposition to New Iran Sanctions
Report: Iran Nuclear Hurdles Political, Not Technical
Swiss Suspend Sanctions on Iran After Nuke Deal
Rouhani Reaches Out at Davos
Rouhani Replaces One of His VPs
Why Iran Is Courting BP and Exxonmobil
Carnage in Anbar and Baghdad: 93 Killed, 101 Wounded
Suicide Bombers Storm Iraq Ministry Building, 24 Killed
Iraqi Troops 'End Baghdad Hostage Crisis'
Iraq's Fugitive Vice President Warns Violence Could Spread
Iraq Releases Rare 'ISIL Chief' Photo
Iraqi Jews Seek to Prevent Return of Religious Artifacts to Iraq
Turkey's Erdogan in Iran in Effort to Mend Ties Over Syria
Fight for Istanbul Likely to Shape Turkish Political Landscape
Middle East
Army-Separatist Clash Kills Four in South Yemen
Bahrain Shuts Shiite Clerics' Council
Russia Defers Aid to Ukraine, and Unrest Persists
Ukraine Lawmakers Offer Protesters Amnesty With Conditions
Ukraine Protesters Defy Terms of New Amnesty Law
Talks Stall as President of Ukraine Takes a Sick Leave
5 Wounded in Scuffles Between Protesters
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