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Updated February 4, 2014 - 11:18 PM EST
Al-Qaeda Severs Ties With 'al-Qaeda in Iraq'
  Iraqi Army Kills 57 Militants in Shelling Around Fallujah and Ramadi
  Offensive in Anbar, But Al-Qaeda Car Bombs Targets Near Baghdad
  106 Killed, 94 Wounded in Anbar Operations and Baghdad Bombings
White House Stands Behind 'Failing' Syria Policy
  Clashes Between Rebels and Army Edge Near to Iconic Crusader Castle
EU Envoy Warns Israel of Isolation if Talks Fail
  Poll Shows Diminishing Support for Two-State Solution
Recruiting Fraud Cost Army Hundreds of Millions
  Can Pentagon Cut Costs in Spite of Congress?
  Pentagon Corruption Extends to Covering Up War Crimes
  Obama Won't Divulge Gitmo Costs, Asks Court to Dismiss FOIA Suit
Khan Rejects Pak Taliban Offer to Be Negotiator
  First Month Without a US Drone Strike in Pakistan for Over Two Years
EU Pushes to Extend Iran Talks That Haven't Started Yet
Will Mobocracy Triumph in Ukraine?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
The Mindlessness of Iran Hawks  by John Glaser
US Drones in the Sky Traumatize and Ruin Lives  by H.H. Bhojani
Ordinary Citizens Need Not Apply  by Philip Giraldi
AIPAC's Annus Horribilis?  by Jim Lobe
Making Iowa Into a War Zone  by Brian Terrell

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Iran Giving Food Away to Millions for Relief
China to Ramp Up Military Spending
Israel Offers $20 Million to Turkish Flotilla Victims
France Holds Up Mirror in Rwanda Genocide Trial
Tours Changing American Views of Cuba, US Policy
Obama Defends Benghazi Response
Spying on Everyone
Judges Poised to Hand US Spies the Keys to the Internet
Big Internet Firms Release Data on NSA Spy Requests
In Just 6 Months, the NSA Spied on More Than 59,000 Accounts
Canada's Spy Chiefs to Face Public Grilling by Senate Committee
Cryptography Breakthrough Could Make Software Unhackable
Hackers File Complaint Against German Government Over NSA Scandal
Pakistani Taliban So Far Sets No Conditions on Talks
Imran Khan Declines Pakistan Taliban Peace Talks Role
Sunni-Shi'ite Violence in Pakistan Soars
Police Serve Arrest Warrants to Musharraf at Hospital
Karzai Arranged Secret Contacts With the Taliban
Afghanistan Election Guide: Everything You Need To Know
US Troop Morale Higher in Afghanistan
Protesters Vow to Annul Thai Vote, Step Up Rallies
Dispute Over Italian Marines Prompts Bickering in Indian Court, but No Resolution
Sri Lanka Govt Rejects US Criticism Over Rights Record and Democracy
Egypt Fires a Warning Shot at the Foreign Press
Private Egypt TV Airs Video of Journalists' Arrest
Al Jazeera Denounces Egyptian TV Airing of Arrest Video
Libya PM Threatens Eastern Protesters With Troops
Gadhafi's Secrets Finally Revealed
South Sudan
UNICEF Blasts South Sudan Over School Backpacks Stolen by Soldiers
The Longer Peace Takes, the Worse It Gets for South Sudanese
Mali Rebels Tell UN They Want to Resume Talks
Mali-Focused Jihadist Media Body Forms
North Africa
Security Forces Battle Gunmen in Tunis Suburb
Algeria Party Head Slams Powerful Spy Chief
Priest: 75 Dead in Central African Republic Town
Burundi Rebels Say Five Soldiers Killed in Attack
Top Ruling Party Figure in Nigeria Joins Main Opposition
Kenya Charges 129 as Shebab Members After Mosque Raid
Iran Will Never Be Military Aggressor, Minister Says
Iran Foreign Minister: Nuclear Deal Possible in Six Months
How Hawks Are Manipulating Polling on Iran
UN Nuclear Agency May Press Iran on Polonium in Probe
Iranian FM: Recognition of Israel Possible if Deal Reached With Palestinians
Heaviest Snowstorm in 50 Years Blankets Northern Iran
Iran Unveils New Home-Made Communication Satellites
Iran Opposition Leader Mehdi Karroubi Remains Under House Arrest
Syrian Airstrikes Kill at Least 26 in Aleppo
Senators: Kerry Admits Policy Failing in Syria
Pro-al-Qaeda Saudi Cleric Calls on ISIS Members to Defect
Russia Says Syria Committed to Abandoning Chemical Arms
Syria Opposition Coalition Member's Son Dies in Regime Jail
UN Delivers Aid in Yarmouk for 4th Day; UNRWA Asks for More Speed
Abbas Pressures Israel With NATO Security Proposal
Lapid: I Oppose State Funding for Settlers' Political Arm
'Haredi WikiLeaks': IDF, Haredim Holding Secret Talks Over Conscription Bill
Rockets Fired From Ex-President Stronghold
Second Westerner Kidnapped, Blasts Hit Yemeni Capital
Jordan Sends Riot Troops to Bahrain to Help in Suppressing Protests
Bahrain Jails 13 Shi'ites for Torching Police Car
Middle East
Iraq: 106 Killed, 94 Wounded in Ongoing Anbar Operations and Baghdad Bombings
Lebanon Suicide Bomber Strikes Southern Beirut
Arms Exports: Berlin Backs Large Defense Deal With Saudi Arabia
Abu Qatada, Inmates Protest at Jordan Jail Conditions
Turkish Government Fights Graft Scandal With Probe of 'Parallel State'
Ukraine President, Back at Work, Warns Radicals
Russia Warns Ukraine Opposition as Protests Continue
US and Europe Work on Aid Package for Ukraine
Ukraine Ultra-Right Faction Spoiling for a Fight
El Salvador
Ex-Marxist Rebel Eyes Centrists in El Salvador Presidential Runoff
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