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Updated February 5, 2014 - 11:06 PM EST
Scalia: Internment Camps Could Happen Again
  Gitmo Detainee: If Afghan War Is Over, Why Can't I Leave?
Rep. Rogers: 'Thief' Greenwald Selling Stolen Data
  NSA Targeted Former German Chancellor for Opposing Iraq War
American Jihadists in Syria a Threat to Attack US
  Russia: Syria Chemical Shipments Will Be Completed by Month's End
  Al-Qaeda Split: Iraqi Militant Leader Refused to Fall Into Line
  Al-Qaeda Kurds Fight in Syria With Hope to Expand Into Iraqi Kurdistan
Rice: Israeli Criticism of Kerry 'Unacceptable'
  Potent Pro-Israel Group Finds Its Momentum Blunted
GOP Congressman Hits Media for Fawning Over War Hawks
  Study: Less War Improves Mental Health of Soldiers
  Army: 'We Don't Need More Tanks.' Contractors: 'We'll Be Judge of That'
Kosovo After 'Liberation': Drugs, Gangs, and Ignorance
US Claims to Curb Drone Strikes at Pakistan's Behest
All the Wrong Policies: Containing China  by John Glaser
How Dianne Feinstein Exaggerates Global Terrorism  by Conor Friedersdorf
All the Insecurity Money Can Buy  by William J. Astore
Free Barrett Brown  by Justin Raimondo
A War Is Not Over Till It's Over  by Ivan Eland
How Much Is a Drone Base Worth?  by Paul R. Pillar

More Viewpoints

Mike Rogers: Drone Limits Put Americans at Risk
Bill Targeting Academic Groups That Boycott Israel Halted in NY Assembly
South Korea: Kim Il-Sung 'Worship' Declared Illegal
Saudi Arabia's Religious Police 'Contains Extremists'
NATO Chief Rasmussen Sees Power Slipping Away
Assange Affidavit: 'Rape Victim' Texts Denied Attack
US Spy Chief Says Assad Has Strengthened His Hold on Power
Syrian Airstrikes Kill at Least 18 in Aleppo
Syria Opposition Chief to Press Russia on Assad
The Syrian Opposition Is Disappearing From Facebook
Meet Chechclearr, the Web-Savvy Foreign Islamic Militant in Syria
Lebanon Army Mulls Shooting Down Maarab Drone
Beirut Buses Emptier, More Cautious After Bomb
Lebanon President: My Farewell Speech Is Being Prepared
White House Iran Policy Gaining Ground With Dems
Iran's Foreign Minister Lays Out Condition for Recognizing Israel
Iran Urges Foreign Firms to Return to Oil Sector
Baghdad and Mosul Bombed: 27 Killed, 70 Wounded
Al-Sweady Inquiry: Ex-Officer Denies Stalling Probe
Barzani Canceled US Trip to Protest Visa Process for Kurds
Baghdad Legally Challenges Oil Exports From Iraqi Kurdistan to Turkey
Shin Bet Chief: Failed Peace Talks Won't Bring More Terror
Bennett Threatens to Bolt Coalition if Kerry Deal 'Inconsistent' With His Values
Jordanian FM: Palestinians Don't Need to Recognize Jewish State
Israeli Officers Enter Aqsa Compound, Raid Mosque
Senior Israeli Officials: Deal With Turkey Possible Within Days
Hamas Renews Opposition to Peace Talks With Israel
Israeli Officer Killed by Friendly Fire Near Gaza Security Fence
Israeli Lawmaker Proposes Nixing the Presidency
Growing Herbs a Remedy for Some Gaza Economic Woes
High Court Halts Yeshiva Funding for Draft-Evaders
Middle East
Bus Blast Kills 2 Soldiers in Yemeni Capital
Bahrain Toughens Jail Time for 'Offending' King
Erdogan Seeks Support From Turks Abroad
Germany's Merkel: Move Forward Turkish-EU Talks
Egyptian Junta Increasingly Sees Journalism as a Form of Terrorism, Arrests Journalists
Video of Journalists' Arrest in Egypt Seen as Threat to Media
Dutch Reporter Flees Egypt to Escape Prosecution
Libya Says Destroys Last Chemical Weapons With Western Help
Libya Army Says It Has No Orders to Move Against Seized Oil Ports
Tunisian Police Kill 7 Militants, Including Senior Commander
Artists Launch 'Draw-In' Campaign Over Jailed Tunisia Cartoonist
Rockets Fired at Northern Mali French Army Base
UN Congo Peacekeepers Question Rwandan Rebel Disarmament Claim
UN: Thousands of Ivorian Refugees Face Food Crisis in Liberia
UN Appeals for $1.27 Billion for 'Shattered' South Sudan
Spying on Everyone
In Just 6 Months, the NSA Spied on More Than 59,000 Accounts
House Panel to NSA: Change Your Ways – or Else
Glenn Greenwald Denies Selling NSA Documents
Intelligence Officials: Snowden May Be Under Russia's Influence
Senate Cybersecurity Report Finds Agencies Often Fail to Take Basic Preventive Measures
First in the Nation: Arizona Senate Committee Passes 4th Amendment Protection Act
Vermont Becomes 12th State With Legislation Targeting NSA Spying
Web Companies Give First Look at Secret Govt Data Requests
Microsoft: NSA Reforms Don't Go Far Enough
Zuckerberg: Government 'Made a Lot of Mistakes' on NSA Transparency
The War at Home
TSA Officer at Houston Airport Arrested, Accused of Making Terrorist Threat
Alberto Gonzales Calls for Limits on Drone Strikes
'NATO 3' Trial: Only Person to Talk About 'Terrorizing' Chicago Was an Undercover Cop
Where NSA Kept Watch in Cold War, Artists Now Find Refuge
US Military
A Pocket Guide to the Military's Many Scandals
F-35: Taxpayers Footing Bill for Plagued Joint Strike Fighter
Army Recruitment Fraud Bilked Taxpayers of Tens of Millions of Dollars
FBI: Marine Intel Officer Nabbed in $235k Sting
For Air Force Officers, Long Wait for Nuclear Attack Can Be a Bore
When Elite US Troops Strapped Nuclear Weapons to Their Backs
Afghan Deal Won't Be Renegotiated: White House
Obama Gets Advice From Military Leaders on Afghanistan
Two Suicide Bombers Arrested in Kunar Province
Afghan Candidates Present Platforms on First Campaign Day
Suicide Bomb at Hotel in Peshawar, Pakistan Kills Nine
Pakistan-Taliban Peace Talks Falter
Pakistani Side Fails to Show Up at Taliban Peace Talks
Clerics Support Anti-Polio Drive in Pakistan
Blow for Dialogue Process as Imran, Fazl Bow Out
Pakistani Taliban Spokesman: Three Member Committee Is Final
Sri Lanka
New Inquiry on Sri Lanka Points to Possible War Crimes
Sri Lanka Refuses Visa to Top US Official
US Cautions Against Move to Stage Military Coup in Thailand
Philippine Leader Sounds Alarm on China
Chinese Implicated in Corn Espionage Efforts
Japan Unease Over US Alliance Adds Fuel to Abe's Security Shift
Olympics Controversies Mount, From Terrorist Fears to Stray Dogs
Outspoken US Envoy to Leave Russia After Only Two Years
UK Intependence Party Is 'a Threat to Peace' in Europe, Warns German Foreign Minister
UK Ministry of Defense Admits That It Depended on Twitter for Information on Location of Soviet Warship Off Scotland
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A War Is Not Over Till It's Over

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Applied Rovian Denialism

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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