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Updated February 9, 2014 - 11:25 PM EST
UN: Civilian Casualties on the Rise in Afghanistan
  US Senators Demand Say in Afghanistan Deal
Surge in Israeli Demolition of Palestinian Homes
  Kerry: Netanyahu Does Not Want NATO in West Bank
Iran Sending Warships Close to US Waters
  Khamenei Says US 'Wouldn't Hesitate' to Topple Iran Regime if It Could
DoJ: Feinstein Panel Controls Torture Report Release
  Memo Explains Why the US Can Kill It's Own Citizens Without Trial
  Top Obama Supporters Scold President Over Gitmo Foot-Dragging
In Yemen, Anger Over US Drone Targets After Civilian Deaths
The Day We Fight Back Against Mass Surveillance Is Coming  by Dan Gillmor
Fox News Case: Espionage Act Prosecutions Unfair to Sources  by Trevor Timm
Will the Times Cover Anti-Nuke Nun's Imprisonment?  by Murray Polner
The al-Qaeda Menace: A Tale of Two Headlines  by JP Sottile
Veracity in Government  by Philip Giraldi
EU Modeling the Worst of US Diplomacy on Ukraine  by James Carden

More Viewpoints

The Injured Mind: Vet One of Thousands Lobotomized by Govt After WWII
Silicon Valley Power-Grid Attack 'Terrorism'
WWI Sowed Seeds of German Hyperinflation
BBC Finally Admits Bias Over Pro-Israel Commentator
Kosovo Students Clash With Police in Pristina
Three Convicted of Lesser Charges Tied to 2012 Chicago NATO Plot
NSA Actions and Reactions
States Resisting the NSA Dragnet
Media Sometimes Try, Fail to Keep NSA's Secrets
Tech's Biggest Players Hire First NSA Lobbyist
First Look Media to Launch Next Week With Snowden-Themed Digital Magazine
Swatch Chief Executive Ticked Off About NSA Spying Scandal
US Military
Arizona Base Good for Drone, Laser Training, Army Commander Says
Pentagon Drops Plan to Retire USS George Washington
Child Casualties Soar in Afghan War
Afghan Soldiers Desperate for Pact With US, Criticize President Karzai for Delay
New US Commander in Afghanistan Focused on Election Security
Afghanistan Continues to Be Hub of Poppy Cultivation
Musharraf Admits to Have Accepted 'Some' US Conditions After 9/11
Pakistan Peace Talks Stalled Over Shariah Demand
15 Injured in Kashmore Bus Attack Shootout
Pakistan Frontier Corps Man Killed in Militant Attack
US Adds Malik Ishaq's Name to Most Wanted Global Terrorist List
Negotiators to Meet TTP Leadership in North Waziristan
Six Including Two Foreigners Arrested During Rangers Operation
Motorcycle Riding Banned in Peshawar
Activists Converge on Eastern Chinese City
China Exhibit, Part of an Anti-Japan Campaign, Reflects an Escalating Feud
Explosion at Bangkok Anti-Government Protest; 2 Injured
North Korea Ship Free to Leave Panama; Fine Paid
Italian Sailors Could Face 10 Years Over Indian Deaths
Among Exile Elite, a Shift Over Cuba-US Policy
Crist: End Cuba Embargo
Cuba Frees Jailed Canadian Businessman
9 Killed in Massacre in Northern Guatemala
Mexico Vigilante Groups: We're in Major Gang-Held City
Americans Still Dying
But, fortunately, no US soldiers have died in war zones in the last two weeks
Red Crescent Delivers Aid to Homs Despite Coming Under Attack
Syria Says Four Red Crescent Aid Workers Wounded in Homs
Renewed Syria Fighting Breaks Ceasefire in Homs
Syria Evacuees Under Threat
Iran, UN Agency Resume Nuclear Talks in Tehran: IRNA
Iran Leader: Don't Pin Hope on Sanctions Relief
Hope for Iran's Blacklisted Students Rests With Rouhani
Fresh Clashes, Bombings Kill 36, Wound 69 Across Iraq
Iraq Governor Gives Anbar Militants One-Week Ultimatum
Kirkuk Initiates Joint Security to Prevent Militant Infiltration
5 Beheaded Bodies Discovered Northern Tikrit
Imprisoned Iraqi Defends Insurgent Activities
Ex CIA Head: Anti-Semitism Likely in Pollard Case
Olmert: Netanyahu's Terms 'A Vast Distance' Away From Peace Basis
Rocket Fired From Gaza Hits Northern Negev; No Injuries
Middle East
Bahrain Opposition Draws Up Roadmap for National Dialogue
Turkish Police Fire Tear Gas to Break Up Internet Protest
Deadline Passes for South African al-Qaeda Hostage in Yemen
Egypt Army Kills 16 Suspected Militants in Sinai
New Egyptian Militant Group Claims Responsibility for Giza Bombing
2 Dead as Tensions Rise in Algerian Desert City
Libyan Ex-Prosecutor General Assassinated
Future of Central African Republic Muslims Imperiled
Ukraine Not Investigating Bugged Phone Call Between US Diplomats
Opponents of Kiev Protests Gather at Barricade
Putin Meets Ukraine's Yanukovych on Sochi Sidelines
US-Russia Rift Widens at Sochi
Sochi Hijack Attempt Over Ukrainian Prisoners
US Man Faces Charges After Making Hoax Claim of Sochi Attack
UK Stealth Drone Surpasses Test Flight Expectations
Archivists Rediscover Long-Forgotten Photos From Spanish-American War
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