"You are kidding yourself if you think the same thing will not happen again."
~ Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on WWII internment camps

Yes, he said it: a sitting Supreme Court judge predicts tyranny in America.

Why? Scalia cited a Latin phrase meaning "in times of war, the laws fall silent." Speaking of the internment of Japanese-Americans, Scalia said: "That's what was going on – the panic about the war and the invasion of the Pacific and whatnot. That's what happens. It was wrong, but I would not be surprised to see it happen again, in time of war. It's no justification but it is the reality."

That reality is here and now: the all-seeing NSA, threats to imprison journalists, and the prime evil behind it all – the ever present threat of war.

"War is the health of the State," said the namesake of our sponsoring organization, Randolph Bourne – and he was right. Help us save the Republic by making your tax-deductible contribution today.

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Updated February 10, 2014 - 10:46 PM EST
NSA's Secret Role in US Assassination Program
  Officials: Obama Mulls Assassinating Another US Citizen
Senators Seek Vote on Open-Ended Afghan War
  Afghan Troops Killing a Lot More Civilians Lately
  British RAF Has Fired Missiles in Afghanistan Using US Drones

US Inexplicably Says Iran Backing Syria Rebels

  Iran to Park Warships Along US Maritime Borders
  Iran, IAEA Announce Deal on More Nuclear Cooperation
US Spins Syria as 'Matter of Homeland Security'
  Video Shows Syrian Rebels Still Holding Nuns Captured in December
  Islamist Rebels Seize Syrian Alawite Village
  Aid Enters Homs, 611 Civilians Escape With Convoy
  Syria Conflict: An Ordinary Family, a Terrible War
Clashes and Attacks Across Iraq Leave 44 Dead, 31 Wounded
Former CIA Director Accuses US of Anti-Semitism on Pollard
Diagnosing Sochi Media Coverage: Virulent Russophobia  by Justin Raimondo
How a CIA Whistleblower Survives Behind Bars  by Kelley B. Vlahos
Is Edward Snowden a Lawbreaker?  by Sheldon Richman
The Folly of Arming Israel  by Chase Madar & Tom Engelhardt
No Iran Deal? No Problem  by Yousaf Butt
The Truth About the Criminal Bloodbath in Iraq  by John Pilger

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The Trillion Dollar Road to Armageddon
by Ira Helfand & Robert Dodge
Bill Keller Leaving New York Times
Rep. King: New Snowden Revelations Show NSA's Internal Security Was Weak
Yemen Shiite Rebels, Tribes Agree on a Truce
Shi'ite Militias in Iraq Begin to Remobilize
US Embassy Warns of Possible Guyana Threat
Documents Reveal Chaotic Military Sex-Abuse Record
Ministers Reject Regev Proposal to Annex West Bank Settlements
Top MKs Say Livni Hint Israel Could Be 'in for a Surprise' Over Palestinian Recognition of Jewish State
Rights Group: Israeli Army Using Phony Excuse to Keep Checkpoint Closed
Leader of Left Accuses Kerry of Major Mistakes in Peace Process
Leftist Activist Attacked by Settlers in West Bank
Israeli Soldiers Pose for Photos While Abusing Palestinian Child
Habayit Hayehudi Officials Strike Back at Lieberman: He Can't Decide Whether He's Right or Left
Activists: Syrian Aircraft Bomb Aleppo, Kills 11
Syrian Peace Impossible Without Kurds, Leader Says
Syrian Artist Shows Trauma of War in Charcoal Sketches
Middle East
Clashes and Attacks Across Iraq Leave 44 Dead, 31 Wounded
Iran Drawing Up New Contracts to Attract Oil Majors
Internet Coming to Korean Border Industrial Zone
Napolitano: Sochi Security 'Quite Appropriate,' 'Very Good'
Russian Authorities Say Bitcoin Illegal
Ukraine Protesters, Russia Increase Pressure on Yanukovich
Ukraine Places Anti-Terrorist Forces on Alert
Bosnian Protesters Accuse Police of Brutality
Bagram Prison Control Transferred to Afghan Interior Ministry
US Aid Plan Seeks to Shield From End to War Economy
Explosion Kill 7 Afghan Army Soldiers in Farah
Who's Who in Pivotal Presidential Election
US Drones Over Waziristan as Committee Meets Taliban Shura
Eight Killed in Attack on Pakistani Pro-Government Militia Leaders
Karachi Gunmen Kill Eight at Faith Healer's Home
Pakistani Official Says Afghan-Taliban Peace Deal Possible
Drop in NATO Cargo Affecting Pakistan Transportation Business
Egypt Breaks Up Muslim Brotherhood 'Military Wing'
Islamist Leader: Egypt Became 'Republic of Fear'
Egypt's Aboul-Fotouh Will Not Run for President, Party to Boycott
North Africa
Libya's Former Prosecutor General Shot Dead
Tunisia Arrests Assassination Suspect
Central African Republic
Witnesses: 9 More Killed in Central African Republic
Rwandan Troops Kill One, Halt Lynching in Central African Rep.
Looting a Way of Life for Central African Republic's Lost Generation
Gen. Grigsby: 'Al-Shabaab Is a Complex Problem and US Drone Strikes Vital'
Mali Says Mujwa Islamist Group Responsible for Killing 31 Tuaregs
Thousands Rally in Niger in Support of President
War-Scarred Ivory Coast Reopens for Business
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