The latest casualties in the government’s war on journalism:

James Risen – a New York Times journalist who exposed the Bush administration’s covert actions abroad and is being threatened with jail by the Obama gang for not revealing sources.

Glenn Greenwald – the independent journalist who gave us the Edward Snowden story and who now cannot return to America without fear of arrest.

Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, holed up in a friendly embassy: Fox News reporter James Rosen, who had his emails read and was tracked by authorities, along with an entire team of AP reporters. These are the victims of our government’s assault on the First Amendment.

Years ago we warned that it would come to this: that’s why we’ve been fighting to preserve independent journalism since 1998 – but we can’t do it without your help. Please make your tax-deductible contribution to today – because liberty matters.
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Updated February 14, 2014 - 11:29 PM EST
Al-Qaeda Overruns Another Iraqi Town
  Iraq Recruitment of Sunni Tribal Fighters to Fight Qaeda Sews Distrust
  Militants Now Control Third Iraq Town; 40 Killed, 59 Wounded
US Angry as Afghans Free 'Dangerous' Detainees
  Afghan President Karzai Tells US to 'Stop Harassing' Afghanistan
  Afghan Peace Council Spokesman: US Main Cause of War in Region
  Facing Questions, USAID Cancels Afghan Propaganda Contract
Congress Wants 'Black Budgets' on Spy Agencies
  GAO Audit: Spy Agencies Provide Faulty Contractor Data to Congress
29 Escaped in al-Qaeda Attack on Yemen Prison
Thousands of Israeli Teens Protest Against Peace
Pakistan Drone Activist Freed, Was Tortured and Interrogated
Obama’s Arms Sales Policy: Promotion or Restraint?
UN Monitors Warn of 'Systematic' Somali Arms Diversion
Utah – Achilles' Heel of the Surveillance State  by Justin Raimondo
The Dangerous Seduction of Drones  by Medea Benjamin
Iran's Deal Is Within Reach – but Only if There Is Political Will  by Hamid Babaei
America and France Rekindle Their Foreign Affair  by JP Sottile
How to Dismantle the US Empire  by Laurence M. Vance
Snowden Makes a Point  Washington Times

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How the CIA Flattened Literature
American-Jewish Leaders Send Netanyahu Letter Supporting Peace
Ron Paul Launches Petition for Snowden Clemency
UN Says Over 70 Civilians Executed in DR Congo
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Offers to Testify in New York Federal Trial
NSA Actions and Reactions
NSA to Congress: Snowden Copied Co-Worker Password
Memo: NSA Employee Implicated in Snowden Probe Resigned
Utah Mulls Measures to Help, Limit NSA Data Center
Maryland Lawmakers File Bill to Cut Power, Water to NSA HQ
Google Endorses NSA Surveillance-Reform Bill
White House Announces Voluntary Cybersecurity Framework
The War at Home
Sen. Levin's Bid to Boost Drone Oversight Falters in Congress
Curbs Shut US Drone Makers Out of Export Markets
CIA Techniques Developed by Ex-Nazis, Author Claims
US Military
Hagel to Preview Pentagon's Budget for 2015 on February 24
IED Shockwaves Inject Hidden Damage in Troops, Study Claims
For New Air Force Secretary, a Baptism by Fire
US Army Identifies Hundreds for Involuntary Separation
Airmen to Face Force-Shaping Review Boards Starting in May
Study: Most Military Spouses Say They Are Underemployed
Afghanistan Will Sign US Security Pact, Says Germany
UN Official: Afghanistan Experiencing Unprecedented Increase in Opium Production
Afghan War Movie Probes German Historical Angst, Self-Image
13 Killed in Karachi Bus Blast; TTP Claims Attack
Relatives of Missing Baloch March Through Lahore
Military Blocking Pakistan-India Trade Deal, Says Shahbaz Sharif
Nawaz Vows All-Out Support to Afghan-Led Peace Process
Detente in Korea? North and South Hold High-Level Talks After Request From Pyongyang
Kerry in Seoul for Talks on North Korea Nuclear Ambitions
Police Move Onto Protest Site in Bangkok, No Violence: Witness
Thai Police Clear Areas of Protesters as Their Numbers Ebb
Thailand Sends Rohingya Muslims Back to Myanmar
Sri Lanka
Opposition Demands Sri Lankan War Crimes Probe
China Backs Sri Lanka Over US Rights Complaint
Hostilities Seen Unlikely Between China, Taiwan; Agreement, Too
Venezuela Seeks Protest Leader's Arrest After Unrest Kills Three
Officials in Venezuela Order Arrest of Opposition Leader Leopoldo López
Cuba Hopes EU Talks Will Lead to US Gesture: Commissioner
Mexico City Mulls Legalizing Sale of Marijuana
European Parliament Chief Slams Critics in Knesset as 'Extremists'
Israeli Soldiers Shoot and Kill Gazan, Wound Another
Israel Admits Gaza Patients After Dispute Over 'Palestine' Logo
IDF Soldiers Shoot and Reportedly Kill Palestinian Attempting to Damage Gaza Fence
Rightwing Ministers, MPs Protest: There Will Be Only One State
Israel Summons Hungarian Envoy to Express Concern Over Rising Anti-Semitism
Just How Much Do Palestinians Rely on Israel for Water?
UN Envoy: Syria Talks Failing, US, Russia Need to Renew Support
Lebanese Sunnis Fighting 'Holy War' in Syria
Russia Says Syria Aid Draft Groundwork for Military Action
US Chemical Weapons Ship Arrives in Syria
Anil Khalil Raoufi Killed in Syria 'Was Jihadist'
Some Almost Good News From Yarmouk: UNRWA Says Deal in Works to Allow Aid Access
Militants Now Control Third Iraq Town; 40 Killed, 59 Wounded
Bomb Blasts Kill 5 People in Baghdad
Historic Baghdad Market Burns After Bomb Blast
UN Says Concerned Over Situation in Fallujah
Iranian Official: Hezbollah's Arsenal Has Deemed Israel's Iron Dome a Joke
Prepare for Cyber War, Iran's Supreme Leader Tells Students
Execution of Arab Iranian Poet Hashem Shaabani Condemned by Rights Groups
Middle East
Demonstrators Clash With Police in Bahrain
Yemen Hands Over 29 'Qaeda' Militants: Saudi
Lebanon: Hezbollah Won't Hold Annual Rally This Month
Gunmen Kill Three Egypt Policemen, Seize Their Weapons
Egypt to Try 242 Supporters of Ousted President
Putin Backs Sisi Bid for Egypt Presidency
Amid US-Egypt Chill, Sisi Seeks Military Assistance From Russia
At Least 7 Killed by Bomb Blast Next to Somali Capital Airport
Former South Sudan Detainees Will Not Be Party to Peace Talks
Nigeria Boko Haram Crisis: Borno Governor Calls for More Troops
France Wants Faster UN Deployment in Central African Republic
Three Journalists and a Union Leader Detained in Niger
Italy's ENI Hit by Disruptions in Libya, Nigeria
Britain Gives Harsher Warning to Scot Secessionists
Italy's Prime Minister Resigns Amid Party Revolt
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