The latest casualties in the government’s war on journalism:

James Risen – a New York Times journalist who exposed the Bush administration’s covert actions abroad and is being threatened with jail by the Obama gang for not revealing sources.

Glenn Greenwald – the independent journalist who gave us the Edward Snowden story and who now cannot return to America without fear of arrest.

Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, holed up in a friendly embassy: Fox News reporter James Rosen, who had his emails read and was tracked by authorities, along with an entire team of AP reporters. These are the victims of our government’s assault on the First Amendment.

Years ago we warned that it would come to this: that’s why we’ve been fighting to preserve independent journalism since 1998 – but we can’t do it without your help. Please make your tax-deductible contribution to today – because liberty matters.
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Updated February 15, 2014 - 11:24 PM EST
Spying by NSA Ally Entangled US Law Firm
Pentagon: We May Kill Freed Afghan Detainees
  Pentagon: Threat of Afghan Troops Killing US Forces as Big as Ever
Saudis Give Syrian Rebels Anti-Aircraft Missiles
  Thousands Flee Syrian Rebel Town in Anticipation of 'Major Assault'
  Syria Talks Crumble as US, Russia Offer More of the Same
  Islamist Rebel Car Bomb Kills 43 in South Syria
Palestinians: Kerry Framework Not Acceptable
  Palestinian Authority Holding Dozens Who Went to Syria to Join Qaeda
70 Killed, 29 Wounded in Security Ops Across Iraq
Key al-Qaeda Members Escaped in Yemen Prison Break
Totally Unqualified Obama Envoy Nominees Prompt Uproar
Christian Threats Force Muslim Convoy to Turn Back in CAR
The United States Just Finished 46th in a Press-Freedom Contest  by Conor Friedersdorf
Don't Panic if the Iran Nuclear Negotiations Fail  by Jacques Hymans
NSA Spying Undermines Separation of Powers  by Glenn Harlan Reynolds
The Lethal Legacy of US Foreign Intervention  by Sheldon Richman
A Better Israeli-Iranian Relationship  by Paul R. Pillar
Military Ethics Reform Should Start at the Top  by William Hartung

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Glenn Greenwald Slams Guardian Book on Snowden
New Mexico Bill Supports God-Given Greater Israel
China Will Act on North Korea, Says John Kerry
Gitmo Prosecutors Accuse Detainee of Conspiracy
Business Boycott: Israelis Feeling the Pinch
State Department Plans Arctic Ambassador
The War at Home
Debate: Was Snowden Justified? Former NSA Counsel Stewart Baker Vs. Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg
NSA Director: Obama to Get Call Data Ideas Next Week
Protesters Greet University of Calif. President Janet Napolitano on Visit to Berkeley Campus
Drone Training School Officials Emphasize Similarities to Manned Aircraft
Taliban Claims It Shot Down US Helicopter in Kandahar
Afghan FM: Foreign Spy Agencies Disrupting Afghan Peace Talks
Pentagon Says Afghan Insider Attack That Killed 2 US Soldiers Was Followed by Taliban Assault
Gen. Amos: Delays in Afghanistan Agreement Could Force Marines to Abandon Equipment
Pakistan Drone Activist Kareem Khan Freed, Was Tortured and Interrogated
Pakistan Negotiators Urge Taliban to Shun Terror Attacks
Imran Khan: 'We Need to Talk to the Taliban. War Is No Solution'
North Korea
UN: Cuba Arms Shipment to North Korea Violated Arms Embargo
UN Panel Finds 'Crimes Against Humanity' in North Korea
Okinawa Mayor Plans to Block Marine Base, Says Re-Election Gives Him Mandate
China Kills Xinjiang 'Attackers' in Wushi
Russia Rejects Proposed War Crimes Probe for Sri Lanka
Ukraine Protesters Freed Under Amnesty but Streets Still Tense
Russia Criticizes EU Attempts to Expand 'Sphere of Influence' in Ukraine
Bulgarian Police Detain 120 After Mosque Attack
Students Lead Wide-Ranging Protests in Kosovo
Greek Court Jails 4 Turkish Suspected Terrorists
Cuba Suspends Consular Services in US
Daughters: Mexican Reporter Threatened for Stories
Police in Guatemala Kills Himself, 2 Colleagues
Weekend Reviews
It's One, Two, Three, What Are We Fighting For...?
Preventing a Nuclear Iran
The Pro-Israel Lobby: An Obstacle to Peace Since 1948?
Both Sides Say Geneva Peace Talks Deadlocked
Kerry Says Obama Seeks Syria Options, None Presented Yet
Russia Says Syria Talks Must Not Focus Solely on Transition
Homs Ceasefire in Syria Not 'Progress', Says UN Official
Russia, NATO Plan Joint Operation on Syria's Chemical Weapons
Russia Tells Syrian Opposition to Join Fight Against 'Terrorism'
UK 'Suicide Bomber' Abdul Waheed Majid Video Posted Online
Finnish, US Companies to Destroy Syria Chemicals
17 Gazans Wounded in Border Clashes With Israeli Army: Medics
Left Wing MPs: E1 West Bank Settler Rally Meant to Sabotage Peace Process
Tensions on Gaza Border: 2 Rockets Land in Open Areas in Israel
Israel Reveals Laser Shield Technology With 'Star Wars' Like Powers
Efforts to Form Lebanon Cabinet Blocked
Lebanon's Hariri Vows to Confront Sunni Radicals
Middle East
70 Killed, 29 Wounded in Security Operations Across Iraq
Bahrain: Blasts Hit Police 3 Years After Uprising
Jordan Islamists Protest Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks
Saudi Prince Explains Why He Was in Contact With Israelis
Central African Republic
1,000 Muslims Reported Trapped in Central African Republic Town
France, EU to Reinforce Troops in Central African Republic
A General's Video Sparks Coup Confusion in Libya
Libyan PM Dismisses Army Officer's Plot to 'Rescue' Country
Niger Extradites Former Gadhafi Intelligence Official to Libya
2 Killed During Pro-Morsi Marches Across Egypt
Mali Ex-Defense Minister Charged in Soldier Deaths
UN Blames DR Congo Groups for 'Masisi Massacre'
Venezuela Protests Persist, Dozens Jailed
Venezuela Opposition Fears Crackdown After Protest
US to Venezuela: Resolve Shortages Hitting Dailies
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