When the FBI released a memo claiming that the webmaster and editorial director of Antiwar.com may be “agents of a foreign power” and that it was necessary to launch a “preliminary investigtion,” we were shocked and angry. Today, after the revelations of Edward Snowden, the shock has worn off – but the anger remains.

That’s why we enlisted the American Civil Liberties Union in a bid to discover the extent of their spying on us. A year into the lawsuit, the FBI has released hundreds of pages of their file on us – almost entirely redacted.

Clearly, they have something to hide.

Leave it to the State to know who their true enemies are – and go after them with means both “legal” and illegal. We don’t know what measures they’ve taken – and continue to take – against Antiwar.com. We’ll leave that to your imagination.

The US government would like nothing better than to shut us down – which should tell you why Antiwar.com deserves your support. Since 1998, we’ve been in the front lines of the fight against the War Party, and the FBI’s interest in us is proof positive of our effectiveness.

Help us beat back this government attack on the constitutional rights of Americans. Tell the FBI to get lost – and make your tax-deductible donation today!

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Updated February 18, 2014 - 11:28 PM EST
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