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Updated February 20, 2014 - 10:43 PM EST
Iran Keeping Its Promises, US Admits
The Day We Pretended to Care About Ukraine
  Ukraine Truce Ends: 70 People Dead, 67 Police Captured
  Obama Condemns Ukraine Violence, Threatens 'Consequences'
Rebels Force Women in East Syria to Wear Veils
  UN Food Aid to Syria Refugee Camp Resumes After Rebels Withdraw
  UN Vote on Syria Aid Could Happen This Week
  On Syria, Obama Dons His Interventionist Cap – Again
  Enemies Cross the Front Lines in Damascus. but Will the Truce Hold?
Report: US to Demand Partial Settlement Freeze
  PLO: US Framework Deal 'Too Vague'
UK Court: Miranda Detention OK Under Terror Law
  Snowden Attorney Held at UK Airport, Placed on 'Inhibited Persons List'
  US Homeland Security Cancels National License-Plate Tracking Plan
  DHS: Recent Intelligence Points to Shoe-Bomb Threat
87 Killed, 121 Wounded in Ongoing Iraq Violence
States Make Moves to Put Limits on Drone Use
Taliban Leaders Deny Involvement in Recent Afghan Meets
Keynesian Myths, Monetary Central Planning, and the Triumph of the Warfare State  by David Stockman
US-Iran Deal: Compromise Is Key  by Trita Parsi
Libyan Bedlam: The CIA and the Unfinished Coup  by Ramzy Baroud
Afghanistan: It's the Election, Stupid!  by Kelley B. Vlahos
Non-Zionists With a Tailwind  by Scott McConnell
Why Barrett Brown Should Not Be in Jail  by Kevin Gallagher

More Viewpoints

US Soldier Charged in Rape of Girl, 10, While Friend Watched on Skype
Lawyers May Question Khalid Sheik Mohammed
France, Germany to Send Parts of Joint Brigade to Mali
2 US Security Officers Found Dead in Seychelles
Snowden Says Manning Performed 'Extraordinary Act of Public Service'
UN's Falk Accuses Israel of 'Ethnic Cleansing'
Kerry Defends Peace Efforts: I'm Committed, Not Obsessive
Congressional Leadership Pressed to Invite Netanyahu to Another Joint Session
Top Jewish Agency Official: Stifling Criticism of Israel Could Backfire
US: Saeb Erekat's Comments Against Israel Harmful to Negotiations
Israel-Jordan Sign $500 Million Natural Gas Deal
Poll: Israel Still Most Favorably Viewed Mideast Country Among Americans
Israel Sends African Migrants to Uganda, in Move That Sparks Concern for Their Safety
Syria Rebel Commanders Reject Leadership Shakeup
Syrian Rebels Rebuff Leader's Sacking by High Command Abroad
Beirut Suicide Car Bombs Target Iranian Cultural Center
Al-Qaeda-Linked Group Claims Beirut Bombings
87 Killed, 121 Wounded in Ongoing Iraq Bloodshed
Maliki Initiates Discussions With Washington to Train Anti-Terrorism Troops
Parliament to Discuss British Policy Toward Kurdistan Region
Iraq Says Kurds Agree to Export Oil Via Central Marketing Body
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Jails Seven Men for Up to 20 Years for Demonstrating
BAE and Saudi Arabia Finalize Pricing Terms for Eurofighter Typhoon Deal
Middle East
Yemen: Militants Kill Ultraconservative Islamist
Saving Dying Lake Is Priority for Iranian Leader
Turkey's President Abdullah Gul Loses 80,000 Twitter Followers Over New Internet Law
EU and US Consider Sanctions Against Ukraine
Ukraine President Agrees Truce With Opponents as US Imposes Visa Bans
Violence in Ukraine Creates Deepening Clash Between East and West
Ukraine Puts 'Extremists' on Notice After Deadly Clashes
Merkel: Putin Wants End to Ukraine Unrest
Ukraine Leader Names New Army Chief After Clashes
Fresh Venezuela Protests Over Jailed Opposition Leader
Fifth Reported Death in Venezuelan Protests
The War at Home
NSA Official Charged With First-Degree Murder in Beating Death of 3-Year-Old Son
Brother-In-Law of 9/11 Hijacker Expected to Plead Guilty at Guantanamo
Whistleblower Fired From Job at Most Polluted US Nuclear Arms Production Site in Washington State
Soldier Suspended in Funeral Guard Photo Flap; Investigation Launched
Lawsuit Brings to Light Secrecy Statements Required by KBR
Boeing, Second Largest Federal Contractor, Pays No Federal Income Tax in 2013
Commander Relieved After Sub Ball Fundraising Includes Adult Businesses
Presidential Candidate Dr. Abdullah Survives Taliban Attack
Video Footage Shows the Moment a US Air Strike Accidentally Targeted US Soldiers
US Soldier Pleads Guilty to Taking Bribes From Afghan Company
Taliban Set Preconditions for Ceasefire; Deadlock Persists
Pakistan Army Says 100 Soldiers Died in 5 Months of Fighting
US Seeks Pakistan's Help in Tracing Captive Soldier
Before Korean Family Reunions, Fears of False Hope
Australian Missionary Held in N. Korea Over Religious Pamphlets
Nationalistic Remarks From Japan Lead to Warnings of Chill With US
Thai Court Bans Use of Force Against Peaceful Protests
Militias' Ultimatum Heightens Libya Tensions
Libyan PM Announces 'Compromise' After Militia Ultimatum
Disillusionment in Libya Over Vote on Charter Assembly
Libya to Compensate Women Raped During 2011 Uprising
North Africa
Tunisian Pardoned Over Mohammed Caricatures
London Demo for Al-Jazeera Journalists in Egypt
Central African Republic
Peacekeepers Clash With Anti-Balaka Fighters
New Fighting in Central African Republic Blocks UN Visit
Islamists Kill 47 in Attack in Northeast Nigeria: Police
UN to Send More Peacekeepers to Congo Mining Province
Rebels Strike Sudan's Kadugli After Peace Talks
Ethiopia Clears Swathes of Land, Displacing Thousands: HRW
Mexican Prosecutor Resigns After Reporter's Death
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Afghanistan: It's the Election, Stupid!

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Lords of Chaos

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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