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Updated February 25, 2014 - 11:19 PM EST
Obama Threatens Karzai With Pullout If No Deal
Was Apple Security 'Flaw' Actually NSA Backdoor?
  Brazil, Europe Plan Undersea Cable to Skirt US Spying
  How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Spread Disinfo and Slander
  Inside the Mind of James Clapper
White House Ducks Question on Ukraine Govt
  Ukraine Protesters Find the 'New Ukraine' Depressingly Familiar
  EU, Russia Spar Over Ukraine Govt Recognition
US Still Sees 'Military Option' Against Syria
  Israel to Expand Military Intelligence, Citing al-Qaeda in Syria
  Israeli Warplanes Attack Eastern Lebanon Near Syria Border
Iraq Signs $195 Million Arms Deal With Iran
  Iraq Assaults Leave 67 Dead, 36 Wounded
Christian Militia Kills 70 Muslims in CAR Town
  Mission Creep: France to Extend Central African Republic War
Egypt Sets 'Mass Tribunal' for 504 Detained Foes
  Egypt’s Military Resigns, Calls ‘Election’ for US-Backed Dictatorship
Defense Budget Cuts – Not So Much
Venezuela Opposition Cancels Maduro Talks as Unrest Grows
Calls for US Military Intervention in Syria Re-surfacing  by Coleen Rowley
Eric Cantor's Foreign Policy Would Consign Us to Perpetual War  by Conor Friedersdorf
Is the US Backing Neo-Nazis in Ukraine?  by Max Blumenthal
That Old Clinton Foreign Policy Magic  by Philip Giraldi
The Good War, Now Not So Good  by Paul Waldman
Miranda Judgment Has Chilling Implications  by Helena Kennedy

More Viewpoints

The TSA Is Looking for Bitcoin
More Charges of Forced Drugging at Guantanamo
Iran Sanctions Hit the Aloha State (via Bank of Hawaii)
Sources: Obama to Slow Special Ops Funding
Seven Egyptian Christians Found Shot Execution-Style on Libyan Beach
What to Listen for in Key Defense Hearings This Week
Air Raids in Central Syria Kill 26: Activists
Another 60 Homs Evacuees Freed in Syria: Governor
UN Rights Envoy Points to Apartheid in Palestinian Areas
Top German Diplomat Criticizes Israeli Policy
Merkel Brings Cabinet to Israel in Attempt to Boost Relations
Iraq Assaults Leave 67 Dead, 36 Wounded
As Baghdad Continues 'Economic Siege,' Kurds Appeal for Help
FM: China Ready to Strengthen All-Round Cooperation With Iraq
Hundreds of Protesters Oppose Escalated Tension in Southern Turkey
Turkey PM 'Targeted in Mass Phone-Tapping'
Turkish PM's Office Says Erdogan Recordings Are Faked
UN Proposal Would Sanction Peace Spoilers in Yemen
Ukraine's Fugitive President Wanted for Mass Murder
Russia Suspends Loans to Ukraine During Governmental Chaos
Russia Slams Ukraine Upheaval as Illegal 'Armed Uprising'
Jewish Agency Offering Emergency Help to Ukraine Jews
Kremlin Says Ukrainian Instability Threatens Russian Interests
Russia Recalls Ukraine Ambassador
Yanukovych Crosses Ukraine, Looking for Refuge
How Crimea Differs From the Rest of Ukraine
Moscow Court Jails Seven Anti-Putin Bolotnaya Activists
Bosnia Unrest Is 'Local Fire' That Can Be Put Out: PM
Latest Attack at Border Poised to Strain Liberia-Ivory Coast Ties
Somali Army Invading Mogadishu Homes After Attack
Mali: 5 Bodies Discovered Near Military Barracks
Nigeria Boko Haram Crisis: Anger Over Second Izghe Raid
South Sudan Civilians Reduced to Scavenging on Swamp Islands
Bombs Target Church, Restaurant in Zanzibar
US Military
DoD Aims to Scrap A-10 to Keep F-35 Alive in New Budget
A Google Glass for the Battlefield
The War at Home
Pentagon Budget Slashes Benefits
Virginia Counter-Terror Training by Anti-Muslim Activist Sparks Outcry
Kevin Gosztola: Visiting CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou in Federal Prison
Arizona 4th Amendment Protection Act Passes Committee, Full Senate Vote Next
NATO to Hold Crunch Afghanistan Talks as Obama Weighs Military 'Zero Option'
Deadly Attack on Soldiers Planned in Pakistan, Afghan Official Alleges
Aid Group: Afghan Medical Needs Unmet
Officials: Gunmen Kill Leader in Pakistani Taliban
Pakistan Bomb Kills Two Outside Iran's Peshawar Consulate
France Backs Peace Talks With Taliban
CIA Chief Discusses Security Issues With Pakistani ISI Chief
Indian Army Says 7 Rebels Killed in Kashmir
Italian Marines Row: India Drops Anti-Piracy Charge
Philippine Rebel Leader Arrested
Philippines Says China 'Fired Water Cannon' on Filipino Fishermen
Bangkok Bomb Toll Rises to Three After Six-Year-Old Girl Dies From Injuries
Army Rules Out Intervention as Blast Toll Rises
South Korea Begins Military Drills With US Despite North Korean Opposition
In Venezuela Protests, Both Sides Draw Battle Lines, Call for Peace
Venezuela Protests Flare Anew, Death Toll Rises to 12
Opposition Blocks Roads in Venezuelan Capital
Venezuelan Opposition Leader Sits Out Dialogue
Maduro, Governors to Meet Amid Venezuela Turmoil
Human Rights Group Accuses Venezuela of Torturing 18 Protesters
Mexico Capo's Arrest Unlikely to Slow Top Cartel
Wiretaps, Aides Led to Mexican Drug Lord's Arrest
Mexico Vigilantes Mark 1st Anniversary of Uprising
Jamaica Panel to Examine Bloody 2010 Security Raid
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That Old Clinton Foreign Policy Magic

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Religious Freedom – Lead by Example

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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