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Updated February 26, 2014 - 11:28 PM EST
Obama Pins Fate of Pact on Iranian 'Curveball'
  Senate GOP Aims to Force Vote on Iran Sanctions
Syria Troops Ambush al-Qaeda Rebels, 175 Die
  Nusra Gives Rival al-Qaeda in Syria Ultimatum
  Despite UN Resolution, Aid Still Stalled
  Lebanese Sunnis Resent Army Amid Growing Sectarian Tension
Iraq Officials Give Conflicting Reports on Iran Arms
  Tuesday Iraq Bloodshed: 55 Killed, 107 Wounded
Ukraine Leader Warns Pro-Secession Crimeans
  New Ukraine Govt Delayed Amid Coalition Infighting
Troop Cut Plan Sets Up Battle in Congress
  Secretary Hagel's Cuts Don't Translate Into Less Spending
Obama Threatens Karzai With Pullout If No Deal
Boko Haram Kills 59 at Nigerian Boarding School
Only Ukraine's People – Not Russia or the West – Can Take It Forward  by Natalia Antonova
IAEA Conduct Complicates Iran Nuclear Deal  by Yousaf Butt
North Korea Abuses Human Rights – Tell Us Something We Don't Already Know  by Ivan Eland
A World of Trouble  by Justin Raimondo
What Clapper Doesn't Understand About Edward Snowden  by Conor Friedersdorf
Defense Budget Proposal Postpones Key Choices  Lawrence Korb, Kate Blakeley, Max Hoffman

More Viewpoints

Israeli Official Tells Time Magazine Israel Is Behind Lebanese Airstrikes
China Mulls Holidays Marking Japanese Defeat and Nanjing Massacre
NSA Watchdog: Snowden Should Have Come to Me
Ralph Nader: Obama the 'Executioner'
Killing of al-Qaeda Figure Deepens Syria Rebels' Divisions
UK Police Arrest Ex-Guantanamo Detainee Over Syria
Study Finds Bias in Internet Postings About Syria's Civil War
A Summary of Rebel Groups Fighting in Syria
UN: Palestinians in Syrian Camp Are 'Traumatized'
Cousin of 9/11 Terrorist Is Killed in the Homs Governate
Prince Nayef Appointment to Syria Portfolio Highlights Saudi Arabia's Terrorism Concerns
Israeli MPs to Shapiro: US Taking Side of Palestinians in Talks
Israeli Police Fire Tear Gas at Palestinians at Al Aqsa Mosque
20 Years On, Hebron Massacre Haunts Survivors
Israel, Germany Disagree Over Iran Nuclear Talks
Official: Iran Has Studied Israeli Strike Tactics
Tuesday Iraq Bloodshed: 55 Killed, 107 Wounded
Islamic Militants Trying To Move Anbar Conflict to Other Provinces
Security Guard Kill Himself at Iranian Embassy in Baghdad
Middle East
Bahrain Warns Citizens Against Joining Jihad Missions
Saudi Ballistic Missiles Secretly Upgraded
Egypt Courts Sentence 220 Morsi Supporters to Prison for Protests
Egypt Minister Mahlab Asked to Form New Government
Egypt's New Army-Backed PM Vows to 'Crush Terrorism'
Central African Republic
France Draws Up CAR Sanctions List, Includes Ex-Leader Bozize
Central African Republic Orphans Walk to Refuge Alone
Thousands Fleeing Boko Haram Find Little Comfort in Niger
Libyan Oil Production Down, May Not Rebound Anytime Soon
The War at Home
Hagel's Pentagon Cuts Target Top Brass
Few Army Women Want Combat Jobs
Chicago Mayor Emanuel Sends the Marines Into Ames Middle School
US Diplomats to Obama: Envoy Nominees Should Know Something About Their Destination
Top Lawmaker Vows to Protect Russians in Ukraine
Ex-Boxing Champ Vitali Klitschko to Run for Ukraine Presidency
Tentatively, European Union Weighs Its Options on Support for a New Ukraine
Additional Marines Sent to Guard US Embassy in Ukraine
Spain PM Says Catalan Independence Referendum 'Illegal'
Alleged IRA Hyde Park Bomber Goes Free After 'No Trial' Guarantee
Pakistan Air Strikes Against Suspected Militants in Tribal Areas, 30 Killed
Pakistan Opposition Figure Urges Military Takeover
Pakistan Plans Military Operation in North Waziristan, Targeting Extremist Groups
Suicide Bomb Kills Nine in Uruzgan Province
Afghan Army Officers Dismissed Over Kunar Attack
US Says Military Engagement Key for Myanmar Reform
Documents 'Show Myanmar Rohingya Discrimination Is Policy'
Seoul Says North Korea Violates Sea Border With South Amid Drills
Divided Thailand Faces Warnings of Civil War
China Arrests Uighur Scholar on Secession Charge
Kashmir Protest Over Killings of 'Militants'
Sri Lanka Rejects Push for Independent War Inquiry
US Expels Venezuelan Diplomats in Tit-For-Tat Move Over Unrest
Venezuela Opposition Cancels Maduro Talks as Unrest Grows
Ex-President Carter Planning Trip to Venezuela
Could Violence in Venezuela Impact US Energy Prices?
Venezuela Missing Ukraine's Ace-In-The-Hole Allies
Crude Weapons Help Fuel Unrest in Bastion of Venezuelan Opposition
Florida Businessman Detained in Venezuela
Venezuelan Opposition Leader Tweets at the President
Ex-World Champion Boxer Antonio Cermeno Killed in Botched Kidnapping in Venezuela
El Chapo's Arrest Unlikely to Break Mexican Cartel
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Justin Raimondo
A World of Trouble

Ivan Eland
North Korea Abuses Human Rights – Tell Us Something We Don't Already Know

Philip Giraldi
That Old Clinton Foreign Policy Magic

Nebojsa Malic
Ukraine, Bosnia on Pyres of Empire

Kelley B. Vlahos
Afghanistan: It's the Election, Stupid!

David R. Henderson
Rand’s Stand

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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