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Updated February 28, 2014 - 11:28 PM EST
Kerry Rails Against American ‘New Isolationism’
  Kerry Right the First Time: America Not ‘Retreating’ Into ‘Isolationism’
  Americans Remain Divided on Military Spending
Secessionist Militia Seizes Two Crimean Airports
  Ukraine Interim Govt Tries to Spin Crimea Chaos as Russian Invasion
  As Secessionism Grows, Neither NATO Nor Russia Likely to Intervene
  The Not-So-Revolutionary New Ukraine Government
Palestinians Rebuff US Push for Talks Extension
  Poll: Three Quarters of Israeli Jews Would Accept Peace Deal
  Israeli Polls Show Support for Netanyahu Forming New Party
US/UK Spies Grab Webcam Images of Yahoo Users
  GCHQ Revealed: Inside Her Majesty's Listening Service
IAEA Held Back Report Making New Allegations Against Iran
  Iran FM: Willing to Address Concerns, But Nuclear Program Remains
Bombers Return to Baghdad; 87 Killed Across Iraq
The Worst Snowden Revelation of Them All  by Justin Raimondo
The Five Commandments of Barack Obama  by Karen J. Greenberg
Washington's Man Yatsenyuk Setting Ukraine Up for Ruin  by Kenneth Rapoza
The Wailing Cassandras Return  by Kelley B. Vlahos
Ukraine: Out of the Frying Pan  by John Feffer
Isolationism, 'Retreat,' and Reason  by Dan Murphy

More Viewpoints

Intervene? Or End Syrian War?
by Patrick J. Buchanan
FBI Mole Who Met bin Laden Killed by al-Qaeda in Bosnia
Senator Seeks to Ban Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies
Senate Fails to Pass Veteran Benefits Bill
Pentagon Defends Deadly Afghan Mission
US Downplays Launch of N. Korean Short-Range Missiles
Boeing Makes 'Self-Destruct' Top Secret Smartphone
Syrian Christians Sign Treaty of Submission to Islamists
Syria Says Two Attempted Attacks on Chemical Weapons Convoys: UN
Syrian Group Demands Investigation Into Killings
Syrian Government 'Rounding Up' Relatives of Geneva Talks Opposition Delegation, US Says
Kurdish Militia Announces Suspension of Military Operations in Syria's Kurdish Areas
US Singles Out Syria in Rights Report
Jordan Terror Suspect Criticizes Jihadist Tax on Syria Christians
'Disguised as Arabs,' Israeli Police Kill Suspect in West Bank Raid
PLO Official: Abbas' Successor Could Return to Armed Resistance
Israeli Patrols Vanish Along Lebanon Border Area
Palestinian Women Seek Tougher Laws to Combat Honor Killings
Pro-Hezbollah Journalist Taunts Israel With Secret Message in Hebrew
Bombers Return to Baghdad; 87 Killed, 122 Wounded, Across Iraq
Baghdad Suspends Some Flights to Kurdistan, as Oil Feud Simmers
Iraq Commemorates 1920 Revolt Against Britain in New Museum
Erdogan Recordings Appear Real, Analyst Says, as Turkey Scandal Grows
Erdogan Dares US-Based Cleric: 'Do Your Politics in Turkey'
Egypt's President Reshuffles Top Military Council
International Demos Over Jailed Reporters in Egypt
Soldiers Flee, 33 Die in Attacks in North Nigeria
Nigeria's Boko Haram Blamed for Adamawa Killings
As Boko Haram Slaughters Students, Where Is Nigeria's Army?
World Bank Postpones $90m Uganda Loan Over Anti-Gay Law
Georgia Offers 150 Troops to EU's Central Africa Mission
Libyan Oil Output Falls to 230,000 Bpd Amid New Shutdown
The War at Home
Documents Say Navy Knew Fukushima Dangerously Contaminated the USS Reagan
Bags Banned at Boston Marathon as Part of Security Plan
Spying on Everyone
Yahoo Furious at Alleged Spying Hacks
Security Experts Call on Tech Companies to Defend Against Surveillance
GCHQ's Cover for Optic Nerve Provided by Legislation Introduced in 2000
Outgoing NSA Chief Keith Alexander Signals Openness to Surveillance Reform
NATO to Plan for All Options in Afghanistan, Including Pullout
Afghan Candidates Discuss Ways to Secure Pashtun Support
Pakistani Party Ends Blockade of NATO Route
Gunmen Kill Pakistani Shi'ite Scholar in Karachi
Pakistan Interior Minister: Govt to Use 'Other Options' if Taliban Talks Fail
Baluch Protesters Walk Across Pakistan to Spotlight Army Abuse
Danger Ahead for Planned Philippine Muslim Peace Deal
Detained South Korean Missionary in North Korea Apology
Outgoing US Envoy Gary Locke in China Rights Call
Kerry: Russia Pledges to Respect Ukraine's Borders
Biden Calls Ukraine PM Yatseniuk, Pledges US Support
Putin: Russia to Consider Aid to Ukraine
Ukraine Warns Russia After Gunmen Seize Crimea Parliament
Fugitive Ukrainian President Reportedly Near Moscow
Naming of Officials in Ukraine Reflects Homage to Power of the Street
Ukraine Protest 'Commander' Wants Parliament to Lead
German FM Promotes 'Active' Foreign Policy in US
Drunken EU VP Declares 'Heil Hitler' at Frankfurt Airport
Fearing Deportation, Afghan Asylum Seekers Find Refuge in Brussels Church
Venezuela Unrest Shakes Up Opposition
Venezuela Opposition Struggles to Expand Appeal
Venezuelan Protests Persist at Start of Holiday
Hundreds March for Sinaloa Cartel Boss in Mexico
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Justin Raimondo
The Worst Snowden Revelation of Them All

Kelley B. Vlahos
The Wailing Cassandras Return

Ivan Eland
North Korea Abuses Human Rights – Tell Us Something We Don't Already Know

Philip Giraldi
That Old Clinton Foreign Policy Magic

Nebojsa Malic
Ukraine, Bosnia on Pyres of Empire

David R. Henderson
Rand’s Stand

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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