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Updated March 12, 2014 - 11:24 PM EDT
NSA Prepares Malware for 'Millions' of Computers
How a Court Secretly Extended US Spies' Reach
  Feinstein Accuses CIA of 'Intimidating' Senate Staff Over Torture Report
  Snowden Accuses Feinstein of Hypocrisy Over CIA Disclosures
  CIA Steals Limelight From NSA – and Finds Itself in Full-Blown Crisis
Kerry: No Putin Talks Unless Russia Gives In
  Obama Team: We Can Badly Damage Russian Economy
  Crimea Declares Independence, But Referendum Will Change That
West Plans Major Rebel Offensive in S. Syria
  Al-Qaeda Faction Executes 22 in Syria, Including Rival Rebels
Netanyahu 'Regrets' Israeli Killing of Jordan Judge
  Netanyahu: Chance of Peace Fading, Palestinians to Blame
Libya Ousts PM After Rebel Oil Tanker Escapes
  Anti-Aircraft Missiles Still Pouring Out of Libya
US Kills Four in Northeast Yemen Drone Strike
Saudis to Qatar: Close al-Jazeera or Face Blockade
What Color is Ukraine's 'Color Revolution'?  by Justin Raimondo
Putin's Ultimate Solution for Ukraine May Be Best  by Ivan Eland
Using Arbitrary Classification to Criminalize Whistleblowing  by Marcy Wheeler
The Difference Between Spies and Whistleblowers  by Mike German
The Flaw in 'Cornering' Russia  by Melvin A. Goodman
How the NSA Made Your Legal Defense Illegal  by Ben O'Neill

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Did the CIA Chief Just Dare Obama to Fire Him?
Debt Exceeds $100 Trillion as Governments Binge
Guantánamo Hunger-Strikers Endure 'Water Cure' Torture, Federal Court Hears
Saudis Jail Anti-Regime Tweeter for 10 Years
Gunmen Kill 5 in Central Turkey Attack
Spying on Congress
Feinstein: CIA May Have Violated Constitution With Monitoring of Senate Staffers
Snowden on CIA: 'Suddenly It's a Scandal' When Congress Is Listened in On
Lawyer Who Approved Torture Tape Destruction Tries to Intimidate Senate Investigators
How CIA Snooped on Senate Intel Committee's Files
Transcript: Sen. Dianne Feinstein Says CIA Searched Intelligence Committee Computers
Reid Disappointed CIA 'Apparently Unrepentant' for What He Understands They Did
CIA-Senate Dispute 101: 9 Questions About Who's Spying on Whom - What's the Background?
Spying on Everyone
Judge's Order Preserves NSA Surveillance Records
South Carolina 4th Amendment Protection Act Has Strong Bipartisan Support
NSA Nominee Defends Bulk Data Collection
How ACLU Attorney Ben Wizner Became Snowden's Lawyer
NSA Nominee Promotes Cyberwar Units
Pakistan Army Assures Govt of 'Full Support' on Taliban Talks
Pakistani Taliban Faction: Ceasefire Will Not Be Violated
Suspected Militants Attack Pakistan Polio Protection Team
India Maoists Kills 16 Policemen in Chhattisgarh
Swedish Journalist Shot to Death in Afghan Capital
Philippines Lodges Protest Over China Ship Blockade
Front Companies, Embassies Mask North Korean Weapons Trade: UN
7 Suspected Militants Killed in Security Raid in Egypt's Sinai
Egypt Police Kill Cairo Bombing Suspect
Egypt's Sisi Arrives in Abu Dhabi to Participate in Joint Military Exercises
Political Killings Still Plaguing Post-Gadhafi Libya
As Libyan Oil Exports Plummet, European Producers Deserve Attention
Libyan Defense Minister Gives Oath to Become Acting PM
Fewer Than 1,000 Muslims Left in Central African Republic Capital
Offensive in Somalia Sees Militants Flee 5 Towns
Student Dies as Worsening Darfur Violence Extends to Khartoum
South Sudan Charges Four High-Profile Prisoners With Treason
Child Refugees From Boko Haram Violence Hit by Malnutrition
Desperate Dictator: China Refuses Robert Mugabe's Request for Zimbabwe Bailout
Cruise Operator Suspends Tunisia Stops After Israelis Barred
British Convict Says He Met bin Laden '20 to 50 Times'
Spain Marks 10th Anniversary of Madrid Train Bombings
Conservatives March to Demand Recount in El Salvador
Mexican Vigilante Movement Split by Disputes
Russia: Crimea Independence Is 'Absolutely Lawful'
Putin's Man in Crimea Is Ukraine's Worst Nightmare
National Council of Ukraine to Shut Off Five Russian TV Channels by Tuesday Evening
Crimea to Change Name: PM Konstantinov
Anti-Russian Activist Is Shot as He Tries to Cross Into Crimea
Bound by Treaty: Russia, Ukraine and Crimea
Ukraine/Russia and the World
White House: Russia Should Note US Military Exercises
US Ukraine Aid Bill Hits Snag
US Says Russia Hasn't Created Environment for Ukraine Diplomacy
Time Running Out for EU Bid to Engage Russia, Germany Warns
UN Human Rights Envoy Cancels Visit to Crimea
Al-Qaeda-Inspired Women's Battalion in Syria Draws Outcry
Shortages and Deprivation Blight Syria After 3 Years of War
UN Denies That Syria Image Was Faked
Hezbollah Lost Nearly 500 Fighters in Syria War, Sources Say
Rocket Fire From Syria Wounds Three in Lebanon
Syrian Refugee Crisis Brings Israelis and Arabs Together in Miami Beach
Palestinians Warn Israeli Aggression Could 'Torpedo' Talks
Poll Finds General Distrust Among Israelis in US-Mediated Talks
Israeli-Palestinian Talks Shaping Up Over Next Prisoner Release
Hamas Releases Photos of Israeli Drone in Gaza
New Election Law Could Kill Israel's Arab Parties
Palestinians Blast British PM Cameron's 'Symbolic' Bethlehem Visit
Iran Scoffs at Israel Weapons Claim
Rouhani Has Not Increased Freedoms in Iran, UN Chief Says
India to Slash Iran Oil Imports to Meet Nuclear Deal Parameters
Iraq Clashes and Bombers Kill 39, Wound 41
PUK Official Warns Peshmarga Will Not Take Orders From Anyone Else
Kurdistan Authorities, NGOs Struggle to Cope With Influx of Anbar Refugees
Middle East
Bomb Wounds Two Policemen in Bahraini Shi'ite Village
Lebanon: Tripoli Mufti Missing as Tensions With Salafists on the Rise
Fears Spread That Venezuela Is Approaching Bloody Face-Off
Students, University Attacked in Central Venezuela
Official: Biden Mentions Mediation for Venezuela
Prominent Venezuelan Student Leader Daniel Tinoco Shot Dead
Soldiers Clear Barricades in Western Venezuela
Chilean Is First Foreign Fatality in Venezuela Unrest
Venezuela's 'Angry Gochos': Why Protests Continue in Western Venezuela
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Justin Raimondo
What Color is Ukraine's 'Color Revolution'?

Ivan Eland
Putin's Ultimate Solution for Ukraine May Be the Best

Kelley B. Vlahos
Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

Philip Giraldi
Selling a Mossad Book

Nebojsa Malic
Ukraine, Bosnia on Pyres of Empire

David R. Henderson
Rand’s Stand

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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