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Updated March 14, 2014 - 11:05 PM EDT
US, Russia Talks on Ukraine End in 'Failure'
  Kerry: Russia Has Until Monday to Abandon Crimea
  Fearing Escalation, US Balks at Ukraine Military-Aid Request
  Russia's Ukraine-Adjacent War Games Add to Tensions
  Ukraine PM: Crimea Secession a Threat to Nuclear Non-Proliferation
  No Matter Vote's Outcome, Crimea Will Change
  Woodrow Wilson's Ukrainian Failure Foreshadows West's Dilemmas
House Deal to End Bulk Phone Spying 'Very Close'
  Foreign Officials in the Dark About Cooperation With NSA
Lawmakers Demand War Budget From Pentagon
  Rand Paul's Stand on Foreign Policy
  Documents: Nuclear Weapons Inspections Worse Than Admitted
Israel Denies Reports of Gaza Ceasefire
  Kerry: Mistake to Demand 'Jewish State' Recognition in Talks
Gitmo Hunger Strike Now 'Long-Term Non-Religious Fasting'
Obama Refuses to Give Top-Secret Docs to Senate Panel
Syrian Islamists: 94 Civilian Hostages Available for 'Swap'
Bombings, Clashes in Iraq Leave 62 Killed, 18 Wounded
Obama's Been Covering Up Bush Torture for Years  by Marcy Wheeler
American Proxy Wars in Africa  by Nick Turse & Tom Engelhardt
A Gitmo Prisoner Alleges He Has Been Tortured Under Obama  by Conor Friedersdorf
Let Crimea Go!  by Justin Raimondo
Ukraine's Neo-Fascist Threat From Within  by Robert English
WikiLeaks, Ukraine, and NATO  by Conn Hallinan

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Bin Laden Relative Admitted al-Qaeda Link: FBI Agent
North Korea Disowns Libya Oil Tanker
Libya Oil Tanker Now Off Egypt Coast Says Minister
AIPAC, Netanyahu Just Not Getting Usual Traction on Iran
Lifetime Battle: Kids' Struggles Don't End When the War Is Over
Spying on Everyone
In 2 Key Cases, Activists Now Ask Judge to Order NSA Metadata Preservation
Chances for Prosecution Unclear in CIA-Senate Spat
Metaphone: The Sensitivity of Telephone Metadata
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Calls Obama to Protest NSA Spy Programs
Senate Confirms New CIA Lawyer
NSA Says 'Indiscriminate' Facebook Hacking Allegations 'Are Simply False'
YouTube to Be Monitored by British Security
Canadian Govt Imposes Life-Long Gag Order on Bureaucrats, Lawyers
Mediator Brahimi Says Syria Election Now Won't Aid Peace Talks
Syria Okays Law Allowing Presidential Challengers
Syrian Death Toll Exceeds 146,000 as Fourth Year Begins: Group
Russian Firm: Complete Syrian Peace Not Needed for Energy Deals
Gaza Fighting Unlikely to Derail Peace Talks, Officials Say
Feud Erupts Between Palestinian Leader, Arch Foe
Israelis: Peace With Arab World More Important Than Recognition as Jewish State
Hamas in Worst Cash Crisis Since Seizing Gaza
EU Envoy to Israel: You Shouldn't Have Released Prisoners
Watch: Settler Caught in Barbed Wire While Trying to Remove Palestinian Flag
BDS Movement to Release Boycott Israel App
At NY Gala, Israeli Army's Media Machine Is at Its Most Oiled
Seven Executed Among Bombings, Clashes in Iraq; 62 Others Killed, 18 Wounded
The 'Hero of Halabja' Wages War Against Landmines
Turkey Mass Protests: Two Dead After Teenager's Funeral
Turkish Leader Deplores Unrest, Calling Demonstrators 'Fakers'
Middle East
Syria-Fuelled Fighting in Lebanon's Second City Kills Two
Iran Hangs 16 in Reprisal for Pakistan Border Killings
Yemen Army, Separatists Swap Prisoners Amid Truce
Venezuela Says Death Toll From Protests Rises to 28
Venezuelan President Calls for Stepped Up Security
Former Guerrilla Wins El Salvador Vote; Rival Protests
US General Says 80 Percent of Colombian Drugs Gets to US
Guatemala Tries Ex-Guerrilla Accused of Massacre
Survivors: Pope Francis Saved Many in Dirty Wars
Crimea Referendum: Two Weeks That Are Redrawing the Map
Kiev Snipers Shooting From Bldg Controlled by Maidan Forces – Ex-Ukraine Security Chief
Ukrainian Demonstrators Clash in Eastern City, One Dead
Still Chance to Resolve Crisis Peacefully: Ukraine PM
Jittery Customers Run on Banks in Crimea
Ukraine Creates National Guard Ahead of Crimea Vote
In Ukraine, Being an Oligarch Is a Bipartisan Sport
French Journalist Freed After Brief Arrest in Ukraine's Crimea
Ukraine and the World
Russia Now Backs Idea of OSCE Mission for Ukraine: Swiss Chair
European Parliament Calls for EU Sanctions on Russia
Russia Bans 4 Websites Critical of Government
No Ukraine Aid Yet From US Amid Republican Split
Germany Urges Russia to Help Solve Ukraine Crisis
Ukrainian Oligarch Firtash, Wanted by US, Arrested in Vienna
Serbs Storm North Kosovo Police Station, Free Prisoner
Milosevic-Era Minister Shakes Off Dark Past on Path to Power in Serbia
Rebels, Islamists Form Dangerous Alliance in Pakistan's Unruly SW
Taliban Committee Arrives in North Waziristan
Police Under Attack in Pakistan's Largest City
US Commander: More Focus on Haqqani Militants
Pakistani Taliban Commander Narrowly Escapes Suicide Attack
'Toxic Stew' of Militants Lurk in Afghanistan as NATO Heads Home
Canada Pulls Out of Kabul as NATO Winds Down Operations
India Diplomat Row Charges Dropped in US
Top Kashmir Separatist Flies to Delhi for Treatment
Egypt Blames Muslim Brotherhood for Attack on Army Bus in Cairo
Egyptian Ex-General Calls Promise of Free Elections a 'Farce'
Egyptian Candidate Questions Sisi's Commitment to Democracy
Herders Kill 100+ in Nigerian Conflict Over Land
West African Court Restrains Nigerian Executions
Nigeria Orders Probe Into 'Missing $20bn' of Oil Money
Rebel Chief Says Forces Take Town in Sudan's Darfur
Sudan Rebel Leaders, 15 Others, Condemned to Death: Lawyer
Burundi Rebels Boast of Killing 12 Soldiers
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Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

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Selling a Mossad Book

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Ukraine, Bosnia on Pyres of Empire

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Rand’s Stand

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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