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Updated March 15, 2014 - 11:20 PM EDT
US, Russia Talks on Ukraine End in 'Failure'
  Kiev Claims It Repelled Russian Troops in South Ukraine
  US and the EU 'Will Not Recognize Crimea Vote', Kerry Says
  Ukraine PM Touts 'Unprecedented' US Support
  EU-Russia Sanction War Looms Over Crimea
  Russia Says Intercepted US Drone Over Crimea: Arms Group
  East Ukraine Clashes Add to Tensions With Russia
Obama Orders Secret Military Cyber-Mission
  US to Relinquish Remaining Control Over the Internet
  Missouri House Bans Cellphone Tracking Without a Warrant, 134-13
Al-Qaeda Faction Attacks Israel at Lebanon Border
  Al-Qaeda Faction Leaves Northwest Syrian Provinces
  Fresh From Syria, Saudi Militants Head to Yemen to Fight for al-Qaeda
19 Killed as Pakistani Taliban Splinter Group Threatens Talks
  Pakistan PM Aide: No Deal for US to Halt Drone Strikes
Brzezinski Mapped Out the Battle for Ukraine in 1997  by Chris Ernesto
Promised Land: Serbia and Ukraine, Crimea and Kosovo  by Nebojsa Malic
Bibi's Epic Fail  by Mitchell Plitnick
Israel Is No Ally  by Philip Giraldi
Look to Solidarity, Not Sudetenland  by James Carden
The West Should Stay Out of Ukraine Crisis  by Sen. Richard H. Black

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Saudi Arabia vs. Qatar
Philippines Offers US Forces Access to Military Bases
Kremlin Website Hit by 'Powerful' Cyber Attack
Zuckerberg Says US Govt Threat to Internet
Ukraine Dispute Hasn't Stalled Iran Nuclear Talks, US Official Says
The War at Home
FBI Blocked in Corruption Probe Involving Sens. Reid, Lee
Pentagon Boosting Its Push for Underwater Drones
Senate Sets Up Departure of Top CIA Lawyer by Lifting Block on Successor
Gone Phishing: Army Uses Thrift Savings Plan in Fake E-Mail to Test Cybersecurity Awareness
Syrian Presidential Election Law Excludes Most Opposition Leaders
Syria Agrees Greater Access for Aid Supplies: UNICEF
Syrian Refugees Start New Life in Northern Germany
Turkey Vows to Protect Ottoman Tomb in N. Syria From Rebels
UN: 9 Million Syrians Displaced as Conflict Ticks Into Fourth Year
Israel Shells Lebanon After Border Blast
Death Toll Rises to 5 From Clashes in Lebanon's Tripoli
Diplomats: US Against 'Power Vacuum,' No Presidential Favorites in Lebanon
Truce Between Gaza Militants and Israel Holds Despite Rocket Fire
As Hope Withers, Palestinian President Heads to Washington
US Prefers to Press Israel Than Palestinians, Official Says
Thousands Protest Israel in Jordan Over Shooting of Judge
Jordan: Not in Our Interest to Cut Ties With Israel
38 Killed, 68 Wounded in Iraq Attacks
Iran Exiles Demand End to Iraq 'Blockade'
Kurdistan Order Turns Halabja Into Province, Baghdad Says No
OPEC Production Surges as Iraq Pumps Most Crude in 35 Years
Middle East
Erdogan Links Dead Istanbul Teen to 'Terrorists'
'Bahrain Buys Favorable CNN Content'
Kabul Irked at 'Haphazard' Release of Afghan Taliban Prisoners in Pakistan
Taliban Congratulates Fighters on 'Defeat' of Canadians in Afghanistan
Golden Hammer: Mess-Less Base Leaves a Mess in Afghanistan
US Considers Demolishing Its Vehicles in Afghanistan
Pakistani Taliban Committee Terms Attacks a Conspiracy to Derail Talks
Pakistan Militant Group Takes Responsibility for Two Bombings
Pakistan Rape Victim Dies After Setting Self Ablaze in Protest
US Prosecutors Again Indict Indian Diplomat Khobragade
Three Convicted Over India Nun Rape During Religious Rioting
Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Court Orders War-Missing Kin Held
Tamil Activist Detained in Sri Lanka
From His Pakistan Hideout, Uighur Leader Vows Revenge on China
Well-Known Chinese Dissident Dies After Being Denied Treatment
In Cambodia, Voicing the Struggle
Suspected Uighurs Rescued From Thai Trafficking Camp
US Military Dumped Waste in Protected Coral Lagoon on UK Diego Garcia Base for 30 Years
Crimean Premier Says Region Has the Right to Decide Its Political Status
In Crimea Breakaway Vote, Pro-Russians Tout IMF Data, Better Wages
New Donetsk Governor Says Russians Behind East Ukraine Clashes
Rabbi Hurt in Kiev Attack Wife Calls Anti-Semitic
Ukraine President, in Uniform, Says Determined to Boost Military
In Crimea, Russian Return Evokes Soviet Ghosts for Tatar Minority
Ukraine, Russia, and the US
Mentioning Hitler Makes Americans More Willing to Intervene in Ukraine
US Balks at Ukraine Military-Aid Request
Kerry Says Russia Must Clarify Troop Deployments Near Ukraine
US to Seek Extradition of Ukrainian Industrialist
US Army to Proceed With Planned Ukraine Exercise
US Aircraft Carrier Group in Mediterranean 'A Few More Days'
US Warns Americans in Ukraine-Russia Region of Escalating Violence
US Bashes Russia Over Drastic Media Curbs
Ukraine and Russia
Russia Issues Warning After Fatal Clashes in Ukraine City of Donetsk
Russia Reserves Right to Protect Compatriots in Ukraine
Russia Says Has No Plans to Invade Eastern Ukraine
Putin Tells UN Chief That Crimean Vote Entirely Legal
Ukraine and the World
NATO Says Crimea Referendum Would Break International Law
EU Working From List of 120-130 Names for Russia Sanctions
Ukraine Premier Makes Plea at the UN
Visa Ban on Russian Energy CEOs Could Backfire
Russian Diplomat Stabbed Near Embassy in Canada
China Warns of Dangerous Russia Sanctions 'Spiral'
UK Holds Cyberwar Game in Churchill's WW2 Bunker
Morocco Adopts Law to End Military Trial of Civilians
Morocco, Spain Break Up Militant Cell Sending Fighters Abroad
Eight Armed Islamists Killed in Algeria
France Urges Algeria to Respect Basic Freedoms Ahead of Vote
Ousting of Libyan PM Ali Zeidan Brings Threat of Civil War
Official in Cairo Says 46 Egyptians Held in Libya
Islamist Insurgents Attack North Nigerian Barracks
Islamist Militants Carry Out Deadly Raid on Nigerian Prison
Mali Islamist Leader Red Beard 'Killed in French Strike'
France Says EU Shirking Duty to Central African Republic
Venezuela Pres: 'Miami Lobby' Leads US Policy
John Kerry Says Venezuela 'Terror Campaign' Must End
Venezuela's Foreign Minister Calls Kerry 'Murderer'
Mexico to Draw Line on Vigilantes
El Salvador Presidential Elections: Former Guerrilla Leader Sánchez Cerén Declared Winner
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Max Americana
Grounded: the Case for Abolishing the United States Air Force
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