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Updated March 16, 2014 - 11:26 PM EDT
Crimean Voters Back Joining Russian Federation
Ukraine Spins Border Dispute as Military Victory
  Ukraine Right Sector Leader Rails Against 'Jewish Oligarchs'
  For Crimea, Secession Is Only as Good as Recognition
  50,000 Rally in Moscow Against Crimea Intervention
  Business Leaders Worry Sanctions Could Disrupt World Economy
Karzai Says War Was 'Imposed' on Afghanistan
  Untimely Death Blows Afghan Election Wide Open
Fighting Rages Inside Key Syria Rebel Bastion
  Kurds Fight to Keep Out Encroaching Jihadists
10 Dead in Syria-Fuelled Fighting in Lebanon's Tripoli
  Lebanon: Policy Statement Allows Citizens to Resist Israel
Bombing Spree in Baghdad; 46 Killed, 68 Hurt Across Iraq
Brzezinski Mapped Out the Battle for Ukraine in 1997  by Chris Ernesto
Promised Land: Serbia and Ukraine, Crimea and Kosovo  by Nebojsa Malic
Bibi's Epic Fail  by Mitchell Plitnick
Israel Is No Ally  by Philip Giraldi
Look to Solidarity, Not Sudetenland  by James Carden
The West Should Stay Out of Ukraine Crisis  by Sen. Richard H. Black

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Saudi Arabia Demands Qatar 'Shut Down Al-Jazeera'
Saudi Arabia vs. Qatar
Cuban Americans Hold Rare Meeting to Discuss Normalizing Cuba Relations
Bin Laden Kin Knew of 'Something Big' Pre-9/11
UK Warship Fires Torpedo Into Nuclear Sub Wharf
US: Assad Re-Election Campaign 'Disgusting'
Generation Risks Being 'Lost Forever' in Syria: Agencies
France Says It Won't Forget Syria Crisis, Promises More Pressure
Celebrities Press UN on Palestinian Refugees in Syria
Rockets From Syria Kill One in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley
Hariri: Hezbollah's Tripartite Formula 'Gone Forever'
Hezbollah Close to Cutting Off Key Route for Syrian Rebels, Refugees
Iran Says Sabotage Prevented at Nuclear Facility
Iran and Iraq Exchange War Dead
Western Banks Cold-Shoulder Iran Trade Finance Scheme
Evening Bombing Spree in Baghdad; 46 Killed, 68 Wounded Across Iraq
Muqtada Al-Sadr Calls on Iraqis to Reject Sectarianism and Participate in the Elections
Gaza Power Plant Shuts Down Due to Fuel Shortage
Iran: Palestinian Firepower Is 1000 Stronger Than Before
Pakistan: Uzair Baloch, Baba Ladla Groups Agree to Ceasefire
11 Shinwari Tribesmen Knapped in Peshawar
Court Cuts Jail Term of Pakistan Doctor Who Helped Find bin Laden
China's Xi Assumes New Role Overseeing Military Reform
US 'Deeply Disturbed' by Chinese Dissident's Death
North Korea Threatens to Flex Nuclear Muscle
South Korea Expresses Relief Over Abe's Comments on Japan War Apologies
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Military Defends Arresting War-Missing Kin
Venezuela's Maduro Gives Ultimatum to Caracas Protesters
In Venezuela, Conciliatory Talk but Combative Tactics
Two Warring Officials Personify Colombia's Divide
The War at Home
US Terror 'Watchlist' Risks Stigmatizing Hundreds of Thousands, Says ACLU
Air Force Plans Drone Upgrade to Replace U-2 Planes
US Rests Its Case Against bin Laden Son-In-Law
Fake Phishing Scam Traced Back to Army Commander's Test
Amid Vote Preparations in Ukraine's Crimea, Allegations of Poll Rigging, Intimidation
Russia to Consider Ukrainian Civilian Requests for Protection From Radicals: Moscow
Ukraine Says Kremlin Stirs Up East, Prepares Invasion
Putin's Spokesman Sees No 'Cold War' Because of Ukraine
Ukraine Official: 2 Dead, Several Hurt in Shootout
Dueling Protests Held in Moscow Ahead of Crimea Referendum
Serbian Paramilitaries Join Pro-Russian Forces in Crimea
Tatar Leader Mistrusts Russia, Fears New Troubles in Crimea
Russia's President Putin Meets Ukrainian Paralympic Chief
Ukraine and the World
Russia Isolated in UN Crimea Vote, China Abstains
NATO Says Its Websites Hit by Cyber Attacks
US Destroyer to Conduct More Drills in Black Sea
Obama National Security Aides Meet to Discuss Ukraine
France to Review Military Cooperation With Russia in Future Sanctions
France Says Won't Recognize Crimea Referendum Result
Ukraine Crisis Hampers EU's Central African Republic Mission
Ron Paul Slams US on Crimea Crisis and Says Russia Sanctions Are 'An Act of War'
5 Referendums That the West Has Not Taken Issue With
Gunmen Kill Six Army Officers Near Cairo
Sinai Militant Said to Be Behind 2011 Attack in Israel Killed by Own Bomb
Algeria Activists Stage Rare Anti-Govt Protest
Supporters of Algeria's Bouteflika Rally for His Re-Election
Libyan Port Rebels Say Ready for Talks, Demand Tripoli Suspend Offensives
Libya's Ousted PM Calls His Removal Invalid
Rebels Say Deployment of Regional Troops to South Sudan 'Ill Advised'
Sudanese Police Again Fire Tear Gas at Protesters
Somali Suicide Bomber Kills Self
French Court Sentences Rwandan Ex-Soldier for Genocide Role
Kenyan Police Have Tiny Budget to Try to Stop Terror Attacks
Weekend Reviews
Max Americana
Grounded: the Case for Abolishing the United States Air Force
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