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Updated March 17, 2014 - 11:25 PM EDT
Crimean Voters Back Joining Russian Federation
  US Sanctions Will Seize Assets of Seven Russians
  US Slams Crimea Referendum, Threatens Russia
  Russia, Ukraine Agree to Week-Long 'Truce' in Crimea
  Kerry, Russian FM Agree to Push Constitutional Reforms in Ukraine
11 Years After US Invasion, Iraq Is a Wreck
  The Horrific Legacy of the Invasion of Iraq
  US Delivers Hellfire Missiles, Ammunition to Iraq
  Sunday Iraq Attacks Leave 42 Dead, 31 Wounded
US Navy Attacks, Captures Libyan Oil Tanker
  Three Years After Gadhafi, Libya Imploding Into Chaos and Violence
Syria Rebels Offer Golan to Israel for Military Aid
  Syrian Army Retakes Key Border Town of Yabroud
Karzai: Afghanistan Doesn't Need US Troops
  Pakistan Eyes US Military Equipment in Afghanistan
  Did Jetliner Fly Into Area Controlled by Taliban?
America's $1 Trillion National Security Budget
Compromise With Iran Is Possible, if It Is Not Asked To Surrender  by Muhammad Sahimi
Russia Annexing Crimea Is the Cost of US/EU Intervention in Ukraine  by Michael Scheuer
Bloodless Liberals and the Drone War  by David Mizner
From Iraq to Ukraine: A Pattern of Disaster  by Justin Raimondo
If Spying on Senate Is So Bad, Why Is It OK for Them To Spy On Us?  by Ron Paul
Getting Ukraine Wrong  by John J. Mearsheimer

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Lawmaker 'Taken Aback' by CIA's Tough Response to Spying Allegations
UK Gov Wants 'Unsavory' Web Content Censored
Suicide Car Bomber Kills Four in East Lebanon
Nigeria Herdsmen Fire Rages; 200 Killed in Kaduna
'Rape General' in Plea-Bargain Deal
Admiral: Scottish 'Yes' Vote 'Will Force Britain to Abandon Nuclear Weapons'
Lugansk Residents Block Train Carrying Military Hardware to Ukrainian-Russian Border
Right Sector Leader: Kiev Should Be Ready to Sabotage Russian Pipelines in Ukraine
Russia Supporters in Crimea Exult as Vote Results Indicate Landslide for Pro-Moscow Side
Russian Forces Build Up in Crimea, Now Number Up to 22,000: Ukraine Defence Minister
Possible Irregularities Seen in Crimea Referendum
International Observers: Crimean 'Referendum at Gunpoint' Is a Myth
Thousands in Ukraine's Donetsk Rally for Crimea Split
Tatars Stay Away as Pro-Russians Vote En Masse
Merkel Wants More Observers in Ukraine, Putin Agrees: German Government
Ukraine's Former PM Tymoshenko Urges Hard Line Against Russia
Crimean Govt: Referendum Website Downed by Cyber-Attack From US
Crowd Sets Fire to Hindu Center in Pakistan
Trade With India to Bring Prices Down in Pakistan: EU Envoy
North Korea
North Korea Fires 25 Short-Range and Obsolete Rockets
Long Road to Hold Kim, North Korea Liable for Crimes
Egyptian Militants Outwit Army in Sinai Battlefield
Egypt Crackdown Brings Most Arrests in Decades
Egypt Leader Says Public Opposes the Brotherhood
Egypt Leftist Tells Army to Stay Out of Politics
Egyptian Man Arrested for Facebook Correspondence With Israeli
Tanker That Loaded Oil in Libyan Rebel Port Still in Mediterranean Sea: Minister
How a Vote in Venice Could Change the Face of Italy
SS Veterans March in Latvia as Concerns Grow Over Ukraine
Spain Deports Madrid Train Bombing Convict to Morocco
Slovakia to Hold a Presidential Runoff Election
Serbia's Center-Right Wins Majority in Snap Election: Pollster
An Assassin Divides His Native Bosnia 100 Years On
Iran Doesn't Expect Deal in Coming Nuclear Talks
82 Senators Outline 'Acceptable' Terms for Iran Deal in Letter to Obama
Home Invasion Among Iraq Attacks That Leave 42 Dead, 31 Wounded
Iraqi Kurdistan Aims to Attracts Tourists
Aide Says No Concessions as Abbas Set to Meet Kerry, Obama
Aides: 3 Bad Options for Abbas When He Meets Obama
Hamas Breaks Up Pro-Abbas Demonstration in Gaza
Israel Tightens Airspace Security After Jet's Disappearance
Middle East
Soldier and Civilian Killed in Clashes in Lebanon's Tripoli
3 Militants Killed in Yemen Explosion
Anti-Israel Sentiment in Jordan at Fever Pitch in Wake of Fatal Shooting
Head of Mexico's Federal Police Force Resigns
Vigilantes Say Mexico Government Persecuting Them
Soldiers Storm Venezuelan Protesters' Stronghold
In Colombia War Zone, Peace Talks Raise New Fears
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Justin Raimondo
From Iraq to Ukraine: A Pattern of Disaster

Nebojsa Malic
Promised Land

Lucy Steigerwald
The Blurred Line Between Cops and Soldiers

Ivan Eland
Putin's Ultimate Solution for Ukraine May Be the Best

Kelley B. Vlahos
Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

Philip Giraldi
Selling a Mossad Book

David R. Henderson
Rand’s Stand

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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