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Updated March 18, 2014 - 11:27 PM EDT
NSA Reaches 'Into the Past' to Replay Phone Calls
Russia Annexes Crimea; No Other Regions Sought
  Ukraine Announces Full Mobilization, Readying for War
  Ukraine: Russia Mediation Proposal 'Unacceptable'
  Crimea Appeals to UN, World to Recognize It as Independent State
  Ukraine Will 'Never Accept' Russian Crimea, But Has Few Options
  In Eastern Ukraine, the Curtain Goes Up, and the Clash Begins
  Questions on Crimea Vote: Sevastopol Turnout 123 Percent
Europe Fears 'Economic War' With Russia
  US Sanctions Will Seize Assets of Seven Russians
  Russia Set to Retaliate as White House Defends Sanctions
  A Sanctions War Is Bad News for Europe's Energy and Utility Majors
Hawks: Obama Needs to Get Tough With Abbas
  Israel Provided IAEA With Fake Documents on Iran's Nuclear Program
US Cites Security More to Censor, Deny Records
US Navy Attacks, Captures Libyan Oil Tanker
Lebanon Fears Syria Spillover After Fall of Yabroud
US Has Treated Russia Like a Loser Since the End of the Cold War  by Jack F. Matlock
Ukraine and the Zero-Sum Impulse  by Paul R. Pillar
The Good Guy, Bad Guy Media Narrative in Ukraine  by Leon Hadar
Is Putin the Irrational One?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Simple Stuff About Ukraine  by Philip Giraldi
What Happens When the NSA Comes to Town  by K. Annabelle Smith

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India Remains World's Largest Arms Buyer
Pakistan, India, Taliban Say Know Nothing About Missing Plane
Google DNS Briefly Hijacked to Venezuela
Ultranationalist-Turned-Liberal Likely to Lead Serbia
Guardian Editor Receives European Press Award for Edward Snowden Story
A New Church Committee?
Intel Oversight Group From 1975 Says Things Are Way Worse Now
Former Church Committee Counsel and Staffers Call on Congress to Create Modern Day Church Committee
Church Committee: March 17 2014 Text (pdf)
The War at Home
Who Wants to Unplug the NSA? Not Arizona's State Agencies
How Google Can Repel the Attack of the NSA Quantum Computer
Study Suggests Too Much Is Being Spent on Airport Security
TSA Agents to Pay Less for Parking
California Man Arrested for Plot to Fight in Syria
National Guardsman Who Allegedly Plotted to Bomb Los Angeles Subway Charged With Attempting to Aid al-Qaeda
US Military
Navy Pushes for More Anti-Drug Ships
Marijuana Study in War Veterans With PTSD Wins US Backing
Navy: Corpsman Set Off Grenade to Avoid Duties
At White House, Abbas Says Israel's Recognition Is Settled
Cheers and Criticism Mark Abbas's Visit to Washington
Concerns Mount Over Israeli Visa Rejections
Gaza's Power Plant Lights Up With Qatari-Paid Fuel
Israel's President Shimon Peres Calls King Abdullah of Jordan to Apologize Over Judge's Shooting
Iran: Israel, US Behind Attempt to Sabotage Arak Reactor
Report: Iran Dismisses Commanders Over Abduction
Iraq Attacks, Clashes Leave 39 Dead, 40 Wounded
Baghdad Money Squeeze Tests Limits of Kurdistan's Autonomy
Cleric Says Erdogan Crackdown Worse Than Army Coup Era
Women Arrested for Making Obscene Hand Gesture at Erdogan
Middle East
Lebanon: 3 Killed, 13 Wounded in Renewed Tripoli Fighting
UN, Arab League Launches New Humanitarian Plan for Yemen
Car Bombs Kill at Least Eight at Libya Army Academy in Benghazi
Security Council Extends UN Libya Mission Through 2015
North Africa
Deadly Sectarian Violence Cripples Algeria Desert City
Tunisia Police Kill Three Militants in Raid Near Algeria Border
Egypt Military Chief Reshuffles Commanders
Crimea Becomes More Russian by the Hour
Ukraine Digs Defensive Trench in Eastern Region
Lawmakers in Crimea Move Swiftly to Split From Ukraine
Tourism Hotspot, Gas Giant, Cash Drain? What's Crimea to Russia?
Ukraine and Russia
Russia Will Sanction US Senators
Putin Declares Crimea 'Sovereign and Independent'
US Sanctions Won't Affect Crimea's Accession Into Russia: Interfax
Russian Deputy PM Laughs at Obama's Sanctions
Russia Proposes International 'Support Group' on Ukraine
Ukraine Recalls Moscow Ambassador for Consultations
Gorbachev: People of Crimea Amend Soviet-Era Mistake
Lithuania Accuses Russian Diplomat of Spying
Ukraine and the US
Biden Heads to Europe to Send Signal to Putin
Obama to Russia: 'Further Provocation Will Do Nothing'
White House Won't Rule Out Putin Sanctions
Obama's Statement on New Sanctions Against Russia
Bill Clinton: Vladimir Putin Is One Smart Russian
Sen. Barrasso: 'Nothing Flies, Nothing Shoots, Nothing Works' in Ukrainian Military
Ukraine and the World
Gold Falls After Crimea Vote
EU Looking to Reduce Need for Russian Energy After Crimea Vote, Britain Says
Ukraine Casts Pall Over Iran Nuke Talks
Ukraine to Sign Political Aspects of EU Pact on Friday
Economic War With Russia: A High Price for German Business
Afghanistan Envoy Certain Pact With US Signed Soon
Saying Goodbye to Camp Bastion
Facts Elusive in Kabul Death of Swedish Reporter
North Korea
China Backs North Korea on Human Rights
North Korea Abductee: Japan Parents Meet Grand-Daughter
Pakistani Taliban Send Govt List of Female, Child Prisoners
Sri Lankans Held on Terror Law
Myanmar's Opium Fight Failing, and Soldiers Are Shooting Up
Azerbaijan Sentences Opposition Leaders as Crackdown on Critics Eyed
Soldier Shot in Head Is Latest Venezuela Unrest Death
Venezuelan Forces Clear Caracas Protest Hotspot
Maduro Gives Ultimatum to Protesters Amid 'Economic Crisis'
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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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