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Updated March 19, 2014 - 11:19 PM EDT
Ukraine TV CEO Beaten by 'Free Speech' Official
  Russia Annexes Crimea; Putin Says No Other Regions Sought
  Ukraine Authorizes Troops to Use Weapons
  EU Hawks Call to Escalate Sanctions, But Not Everyone Is Sold
Obama-Putin Relationship at a Breaking Point
  NATO Sees Ukraine as 'New Lease on Life'
  Crimeans Celebrate, But Transition to Russia No Small Task
  Eric Cantor: House Committees Must 'Punish' Russia
NSA Reaches 'Into the Past' to Replay Phone Calls
  Pentagon Watchdog 'Not Aware' of NSA Bulk Phone Collection
  How Much Would It Cost to Store All US Calls Made in a Year?
  Govt Confirms Mass Email Surveillance During Bush Era
US Closes Syria Embassy, Orders Personnel Out
  Four Israeli Soldiers Wounded Near Syria Border
  Israeli Air Strike Against Syria Base Kills One, Raises Border Tensions
Yemen: The New Center of Obama's Drone War
51 Killed, 78 Wounded in Iraq Bombings, Clashes
Why Is the U.S. So Hypocritical in Foreign Policy?  by Ivan Eland
The CIA's Poisonous Tree  by David Cole
Compare NSA's Facebook Malware Denial to Its Secret Documents  by Ryan Gallagher
Was the Crimean Secession Vote 'Legitimate'?  by Justin Raimondo
NATO's Warmongers  by Brian Cloughley
NATO Expansion Brought US the Ukraine Crisis  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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MP: UK Intel Watchdog Is Like Sitcom Yes Minister
S. Korea to Shrink Armed Forces 20% in Next 8 Years
Clinton Warns of Further Russian Aggression
Republicans Target Civilian DoD Personnel for Cuts
Joy and Hope for Many Crimeans as Putin Signs Treaty
Mourners at Murdered Crimean Tatar's Burial Blame Putin
Ukraine Government Tries to Defuse Tension With Russia, Pledges It Won't Join NATO
If History Is a Guide, Crimeans' Enthusiasm May Be Short-Lived
Putin: Crimea Similar to Kosovo, West Is Rewriting Its Own Rule Book
Red Square Rally Hails Vladimir Putin After Crimea Accession
Ukraine/Russia Global Reaction
VP Biden: US Weighs Rotating Forces to Baltics
Moldova's Trans-Dniester Region Pleads to Join Russia
Moldova Turns Toward Russian Customs Union
Turkey Threatens to Close Bosphorus for Russian Ships
Europe's EFTA Bloc Halts Trade Talks With Russia
UK Condemns Russian 'Land Grab' of Crimea
Ashdown: Russia Stoking Bosnian Serb Separatism in Echo of Crimea
Russian Deputy PM Doubts France's Reliability as Arms Supplier
German Left Leader Blasts Merkel's Support of 'Illegitimate' Ukraine Govt
Ukraine Oligarch Says His Detention 'Political', Raps US
Chechen Rebel Leader Doku Umarov 'Dead'
Dissident 'IRA' Claims West Belfast Mortar Attack
Suicide Bomber Kills at Least 17 in Afghanistan
Watchdog Questions USAID Spending on Controversial Afghan Dam Project
Canadian Soldiers Return Home From Afghanistan
Candidates Vie for Afghan Women's Vote
Afghan President Chooses Tajik Leader as New Deputy
Pakistani Taliban Negotiator: Military Operation 'No Solution'
US: Reduced Sentence for Pakistani Doctor Still Unjust
China Finds No Terror Link to Its Nationals on Jet
EU, US Denounce China's Arrests of Activists
Thailand to Lift Emergency Rule as Protests Ease
Kyrgyzstan's Ruling Bloc Collapses Over Corruption Charges
Arrest of Sri Lankan Rights Activists Condemned
Ex-Guatemalan Leader Admits Taking Taiwan Bribes in US Court
Suspected Guatemalan Drug Trafficker Extradited to US
The War at Home
Snowden: Big Revelations to Come, Reporting Them Is Not a Crime
Reporters Without Borders Labels US 'Enemy of Internet'
Semper Fi? Taliban Desecration Case Ignites Battle in Top Ranks of Marines
Pentagon Review Says Navy Yard Shooting Could Have Been Avoided
Airman Missing From Vietnam War Accounted For
Syria Chemical Weapons Store Attacked by Rockets
UN Reports Mass Executions by ISIS in Syria
Israel Fires Artillery Into Syria After Blast
UN: List of Suspected Syrian War Criminals Grows With Atrocities
Syria Creates 'Space Agency' in the Midst of War
Could Iran's Arak Reactor Be De-Fanged to Ease Bomb Fears?
Iran Social Media Ban Outsmarted
CIA Suspends Iran Operations Chief Over Abusive Behavior
EU Defends Ashton's Meeting With Iranian Human Rights Activists
Israel Says Might Not Carry Out Palestinian Prisoner Release
Gunmen Penetrated Into Israel in Friday Attack
Hamas Calls Egypt Blockade a 'Crime Against Humanity'
Tibi: Lapid's VAT Exemption on First-House Purchase Is Racist
Palestinian Authority Issues Oil Exploration Tender for West Bank
Middle East
51 Killed, 78 Wounded in Iraq Bombings, Clashes
Protests Flare Across Lebanon Against 'Siege' of Border Town
Jordanian Lawmakers Reject No Confidence Vote Over Israel Ties
European Court Rules Turkey Has Violated Ocalan's Rights
North Africa
Libyan Militia Commander Accuses US of Piracy
Egypt Police Convicted Over Detainee Tear-Gas Deaths
Borno Schools Closed Fearing Extremists
Nigeria to Use 'Soft' Tactics to Curb Boko Haram Violence
UN: Thousands Killed and Abused in South Sudan
Mozambique: Government, Opposition Say 'Confident' of Ceasefire Before Polls
Students and Faculty Man Barricades in Venezuela University City
Bid to Strip Venezuelan Lawmaker's Immunity
Air Canada Suspends Venezuela Flights Over 'Civil Unrest'
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Was the Crimean Secession Vote 'Legitimate'?

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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