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Updated March 20, 2014 - 11:15 PM EDT
Ukraine Orders Crimea Military Pullout
  Russia Offers Higher Pay for Ukraine Military Defectors
  Datelines and Maps: Crimea Gets Recognition
  Obama: War With Russia Over Crimea 'Would Not Be Appropriate'
  Russia, West Trade Accusations Over 1994 Ukraine Deal
Ukraine TV CEO Beaten by 'Free Speech' Official
  Unarmed Crimeans Overrun Ukraine Navy HQ
  As EU Talks Second Round of Sanctions, Russia Looks East for Trade
Israeli Budget Includes Billions for Attacking Iran
  Israel Can Operate in Iran if It Needs To, Army Chief Says
  Russia Hints It May Change Stance on Iran Over US, EU Hostility
Israeli Air Strike Against Syria Base Kills One
  Hezbollah Leader Offered Secret Assurances to Israel
US May Be Paying for Nonexistent Afghan Police
  Pentagon Spent $2.7 Billion on Intel System That Doesn't Work
Bloody Wednesday in Iraq: 115 Killed, 128 Hurt
Time for Realism and Common Sense on Ukraine  The Nation
Post-Modern Post-State Post-Identity Crisis  by Guy Somerset
The Loaded Terms Israel Uses to Justify Its Inflexible Stance  by James Zogby
Freedom for Me, but Not for Thee  by Andrew P. Napolitano
America's Torture Doctors  by Philip Giraldi
Robert Taft and His Forgotten 'Isolationism'  by Gregory Bresiger

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The Crimean War Was a Boozy Fiasco
Biden Warns Russia on 'Dark Path' to Isolation
Moscow Signals Concern for Russians in Estonia
DoD Official Fires Back at Rejection of Defense Report
Spying on Everyone
NSA Top Lawyer Says Tech Giants Knew About Data Collection
Reports of the Death of National License-Plate Tracking Database Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
Sen. Rand Paul to Rebuke Obama on Spying, Citing '60s Abuses
Why Does the NSA Want to Keep Its Water Usage a Secret?
Senator From Oregon Scorches Senior CIA and NSA Officials and Their 'Pattern of Deception'
Tensions Rise in Lebanon as Syria Extends Control Over Border
Lebanon Army, Police Deploy in Arsal to Contain Tension
How Serious Is Lebanon's Syrian Refugee Crisis? Imagine 80 Million Mexicans Flooding US – in 18 Months
A Divide Among Palestinians on a Two-State Solution
Palestinians Threaten to Resume UN Campaign
US Irate With Israeli Defense Minister Comments
Israeli Defense Minister Apologizes for Calling US 'Weak'
Gazan Lighting-Up Neighborhood With Used Car Batteries
Gains Reported in Removing Syrian Chemical Supplies
UN Stymied in Efforts to Take Aid to Syrians
Turkish Gunman Kills 7 in Suicide Attack
Turkish President Contradicts Erdogan, Dismissing Foreign Plot
Middle East
Bloody Wednesday for Iraq: 115 Killed, 128 Wounded
Iran's Zarif 'Sees Signs of Comprehensive Nuclear Deal'
Bahrain Jails 11 'Bomb-Makers' for 15 Years
Pakistani Govt, Taliban Struggle to Agree on Neutral Site for Talks
Pakistan Vows to Improve Journalists' Freedom and Safety
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
China: Two Dead in Xinjiang Violence
China to Crack Down on Illegal Imprisonment of Petitioners
Protesters Occupy Taiwan Parliament Over China Trade Deal
Fresh Assault as Two Charged With Attacking Hong Kong Journalist
South Korea, Japan Leaders Set to Meet Amid Possibly Thawing Ties
Vietnam Jails Prominent Blogger for 'Anti-State Activities'
Maoist Students in Angry Protest Over Fuel Price Rise in Nepal
Sri Lanka Frees Arrested Human Rights Activists
Malaya Killings: Court of Appeal Rejects Inquiry Bid
French FM to Visit Cuba in Sign of Warming EU Ties
2 Canadian Soldiers Who Served in Afghanistan Commit Suicide
Russia to Cover Crimea's $1.5 Billion Budget Deficit With State Funds: TV
Russia to Redirect Trade Elsewhere in Case of EU-US Sanctions
Ukraine: Brutal Attack by MP on TV Boss Accused of Being 'Pro-Russia' Must Be Investigated
Ruble Gains for 3rd Day on Bets Russia Sanction Impact Limited
Ukraine Says It Could Quit Russia-Led Political Bloc
Russian Military Starts Aviation Exercises in Northwest
Ethnic Czechs in Ukraine Want to Return Home
Shell Pulled Out of Gas Field Talks in Ukraine in January
Ukraine and the World
US, Russia Exchange Threats at Tense UN Meeting
Associated Press Changes Crimea Dateline
National Geographic Will Map Crimea as Russian Territory
Britain Warns Putin Over Ukraine: Russia Could Be Expelled From G8
NATO Head: Russian Advances 'Gravest Threat to Europe Security'
Russia Criticizes Britain's Suspension of Military Cooperation
China Warns of Dangerous Russia Sanctions 'Spiral'
Argentina's President Accuses US, UK of Hypocrisy Over Crimea
Bulgarian Sentenced to Year in Jail for Spreading Radical Islam
World War One Weapon Explodes, Killing Two in Belgium
As Others Mark World War One Centenary, Germans Prefer to Forget
John McCain: Moldova 'Country to Watch'
Egyptian Cop Sentenced to 10-Year Prison Term for Crackdown on Protesters That Left 37 Dead
Egypt Army Officers Killed in Gunfight With Militants
Teenager Killed in Violence in Egypt
Small US Army Team Heading to Libya to Begin Prep for Larger Training Mission
The Mysterious Journey of the Libya Oil Tanker
Nigeria: 119 Killed, 2,000 Persons Displaced in Kaduna Attack
Turkish Airlines Denies Carrying Weapons to Nigeria
Christian Leaders Urge Dialogue With Nigeria's Violent Boko Haram
Niger Fears Contagion From Nigeria's Boko Haram Islamists
Kenya, Uganda on Alert for Possible Terror Attacks
Venezuela Arrests Opposition Mayor for 'Rebellion'
Caracas City Worker Killed Amidst Protests in Venezuela
Venezuela Arrests Seven in Cocaine Case of Berlusconi's Ex-Aide
Opposition Activists in Venezuela Slums Shun Protests for Community Work
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