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Updated March 22, 2014 - 11:17 PM EDT
Truce Ends, Ukraine Troops Withdraw From Crimea
  Russia Finalizes Crimea Annexation, EU Courts Ukraine
  Russia's Medvedev Says Ukraine Owes Russia $16 Billion: Agencies
  As Russia Tensions Rise, US Looks to Increase Poland Operations
Putin Cool to Idea of More Retaliatory Sanctions
  German Companies Face 'Catastrophe' Over Russia Sanctions
US Watchdog: Afghanistan on Brink of Blacklisting
  Two Children, Reporter Among Nine Killed in Kabul Hotel Attack
Terror Rocks Iraq as Elections Approach
  Iraq Police Targeted Across Iraq: 113 Killed, 148 Wounded
NSA's Secret Efforts to Hunt, Hack System Admins
  Tech Giants to Press Obama on NSA Reform in Private Meeting
  ACLU: NSA’s PRISM Program is Doubly Illegal
Shield Law Would Only Shield Corporate Media
Syrian Army Kills 93 Rebels at Crusader Fort
Senators: Despite Budget Cuts, US Aid to Israel Secure
Uruguay Conditions Gitmo Transfers on Releasing Cubans
US 'Exceptionalism' Boomerangs in Ukraine  by Paul R. Pillar
Sometimes a 'Willingness to Steal' From the Govt Is a Good Thing  by Gene Healy
Details of Illegal Torture the CIA Doesn't Want You to Know About  by Conor Friedersdorf
Marching as to War  by Patrick J. Buchanan
A Coup in Crimea – or in Russia?  by Scott McConnell
Britain Is Treating Journalists as Terrorists – Believe Me, I Know  by Sarah Harrison

More Viewpoints

Harry Reid Asks CIA to Limit Congress Interaction During Spying Probe
US-Russia Nonproliferation Work Continues Amid Ukraine Tensions
The War at Home
Sen. Feinstein 'Open to Changes' on NSA Spying
Ted 2014: NSA May Start Transparency Reports
Bringing the Big Guns to US Borders
Higher Jobless Rates for Iraq, Afghanistan Vets
Oakland Will Pay $4.5 Million to Injured Occupy Activist Scott Olsen
Florida State Attorney Denies Reports FBI Agent in Todashev Shooting Cleared
Syria Can Meet Target for Chemical Disarmament: Mission Chief
Syrian Army Says Has Control of Western Homs Province
Aid Officials Frustrated as Syria Convoy Halted on Second Day
French Parents Alone Against Syria Jihad Recruiters
Death Toll Climbs in Lebanon Clashes
Lebanese Border Towns Become Fuse for Sectarian Conflict
Hezbollah's Mouthpiece: Syria-Border Attack Is 'Game Changer'
Iraq Police Targeted Across Iraq: 113 Killed, 148 Wounded
Sunnis Targeted Across Iraq
Gunmen Ram Explosives-Laden Tanker Into Iraq Police HQ
Washington Post Gets Iran Nukes Wrong – Again
US Puzzled by Iran's Mock-Up of an Aircraft Carrier
US Still Waiting for Apology From Israeli Minister
Jewish Groups Slam Ya'alon's Remarks Against US Policy
UN Rights Investigator Accuses Israel of 'Ethnic Cleansing'
Palestinians Protest Jerusalem Marathon
Israel 'Uncovers Longest Gaza Tunnel'
IDF Injures Two Palestinians Trying to Scale Gaza Security Fence
Europe-Funded Desalination Plant to Supply Water to Gaza
Twitter Ban: Turkey's President Gul Challenges PM's Move
In Turkey, Twitter Roars After Effort to Block It
Jailed Kurdish Militant Leader Calls for Legal Steps in Peace Talks
Food and Fuel Trump Graft for Turkey's Local Elections
Killing of 7 Near US Border Marks Rise of Mexico Drug Corridor
Gunmen Kill 5 at Soccer Game in Honduras
Rio Asks for Federal Troops After Gangs Attack Police in Slums
Weekend Reviews
The Unbearable Lightness of Being CIA General Counsel
Professor Proposes Abolishing the US Air Force
What Happened to Basil Bunting?
Sanctions Bind Russia Nation Together, for Now
Russia Says US Sanctions Will Not Serve America's Interests
US Skeptical of Russian Military Training Exercises
Russia Will Demand Compensation if France Scraps Warship Sale
Putin Looks to Asia as West Threatens to Isolate Russia
Russian Central Bank Ready to Support Sanctions-Hit Bank Rossiya
Russian Billionaire Sold His Shares the Day Before He Was Blacklisted
What Does US Know About Putin's Oil Wealth?
Moscow Marks Crimea's Re-Unification With Russia With Fireworks
Russian Railways Boss Says Flattered to Be on Sanctions List
Ukraine, Russia, and the World
Poland Speeds Up Missile Defense Plan Amid Ukraine Crisis
EU Options on Russian Energy Stranglehold Few and Pricy
Russia Sanctions Would Be 'Catastrophe' for Many Firms: German Trade Body
Car Business Has Much to Lose Should Russia Get Hit With Economic Sanctions
6,000 German Firms to Be Hit by Sanctions on Russia: Trade Body
Dept. of Energy May Consider Crimea in Weighing Gas Exports
Lithuania Bans Russian TV Station Over 'Lies'
OSCE to Send Monitoring Mission to Ukraine
Germany Says Not Approving Any Defense Exports to Russia
UN Chief Ban Calls for Urgent Russia-Ukraine Talks
Ukrainian Industrialist Released on $174 Million Bail in Austria
France's Hollande Hits Back at Sarkozy for 'Stasi' Attack
Ex-IRA Chief Charged Over Killing of Belfast Widow
Italy Rescues More Than 4,000 Migrants, Operations Ongoing
Illusion of Safety at Afghan Haven Is Shattered
As US War Ends, Russia Returns to Afghanistan With Series of Investment Projects
Thailand in Limbo After Election Annulled; Economy Suffering
Indonesia Possibly Unaware of Incursions
Tamil Women Want Info on Sri Lanka's War Missing
Myanmar's Marine 'Lost World' Braces for Tourism
Runway in Libyan Capital Hit by Bomb, Not Rockets: Minister
US to Hand Over Tanker With Contraband Oil Back to Libya
'Ghost' Malian Refugees Show Abuse of UN Registration System
Soldiers Fire on Central African Republic Crowd
South Sudan Peace Talks Delayed
Algerian Opposition Rallies Against Bouteflika Re-Run in April Election
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