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Updated March 23, 2014 - 11:23 PM EDT
Russians Seize Last Ukrainian Airbase in Crimea
  Why Eastern Ukraine Will Not Follow Crimea to Moscow
  As Russia Annexes Crimea, Ukraine Considers Lack of Military Options
Why US Sanctions Could Play Into Putin's Hand
  Polish Minister Cautions Sanctions Are Like 'Nuclear Weapons'
NSA Spied on Chinese Govt and Networking Firm
  Police Keep Quiet About Cell-Tracking Technology
Iraq Reporter Killed by Presidential Guard
  Attacks Leave 39 Killed, 48 Wounded Across Iraq
Turkey Shoots Down Syria Warplane Near Border
Libya's Weapons Spread Across Region, Fueling Conflicts
US 'Exceptionalism' Boomerangs in Ukraine  by Paul R. Pillar
Sometimes a 'Willingness to Steal' From the Govt Is a Good Thing  by Gene Healy
Details of Illegal Torture the CIA Doesn't Want You to Know About  by Conor Friedersdorf
Marching as to War  by Patrick J. Buchanan
A Coup in Crimea – or in Russia?  by Scott McConnell
Britain Is Treating Journalists as Terrorists – Believe Me, I Know  by Sarah Harrison

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Egyptian Soldier Misses Home in 1,800-Year-Old Letter
IAEA: Missing Nuclear Material May Pose 'Dirty Bomb' Threat
Spying on Everyone
A 10-Point Plan to Keep the NSA Out of Our Data
Bipartisan Michigan Bill Would Ban Resources to NSA
Dirigible Drones Will Watch the World From 13 Miles Up
CIA Director John Brennan Seeks 'Way Forward' in CIA-Senate Fight
US Military
Two Military Sexual Assault Cases, No Convictions. Now What?
The $105m Resurrection of a B-2 Stealth Bomber
Complexity of Conflict Leaves Donors Wary of Aiding Syrians
Syria Says Govt Troops Ambushed, Killed Rebels Who Crossed Into Country From Jordan
Rebels Battle for Syria Border Post Near Mediterranean
Yabroud Town: A Strategic Prize for Syria Government
Syria Fighting Rages in Assad's Home Province
A Mother's Journey to Find Her Son in Syria
Palestinians Criticize Abbas for Public Fatah Feud at Delicate Time Diplomatically
US 'Disappointed' by Israeli Impenitence for 'Weakness' Remark
Israeli Troops Kill Three Palestinian Militants in West Bank Raid
Turkish PM Erdogan Rallies Against 'Terrorist' Rivals
Turkey Says Twitter 'Biased', Did Nothing to Stop 'Character Assassinations'
Middle East
Attacks Leave 39 Killed, 48 Wounded Across Iraq
24 Dead in Clashes in Lebanon's Tripoli Since March 13
Dozen Killed as Yemen Army Clashes With Shi'ite Rebels
Bomb Blast in Bahrain's Sitra Village Injures Policeman: Official
Al-Jazeera Journalist Jailed in Egypt Loses Full Use of Arm
Egyptian Judge Cuts Short Mass Islamist Trial Over 'Disruptive' Lawyers: Source
Libyan Army, Oil Rebels Clash, 16 Wounded
US Forces Hand Over Seized Oil Tanker to Libya: Agency
Venezuela Death Toll Rises to 34 as Troops and Protesters Clash
Tear Gas Fired in Fresh Venezuela Protests
Venezuela Says Street Protests Have Caused $10 Billion in Damage
Gunmen Shoot Dead Mexican Mayor in Troubled State
Canada Blocks Pakistani Sheikh From Boarding Flight for Toronto Based on US No-Fly List
Ukraine's East Rallies for Secession Referendum
'Come Serve!' Russia Tempts Ukraine Soldiers in Crimea
Russia Says Has Right to Answer New EU Sanctions With Its Own
Former US Ambassador: Behind Crimea Crisis, Russia Responding to Years of 'Hostile' US Policy
European Central Bank Official Says Ukraine Crisis Impact on Financial Markets Muted
Poland Calls for Larger US Military Presence in Eastern Europe
Canada's Harper: Putin's Russia Spurs Nations to 'Arm to Teeth'
PM: Ukraine Needs Energy Supplies From the EU
Sen. Corker Doubles Down on Russia
Britain Says Allies Should Consider Long-Term Cuts in Arms Sales to Russia
Poland's Ruling Party in Lead Again Boosted by Ukraine Crisis
Lavrov to Represent Russia at Next Week's Nuclear Security Summit
Georgia's Ex-President Called in for Questioning Over PM's Death
Polish Jail Takes Bosnian War Criminal
100 Basque Exiles Will Return to Spain From France: ETA
Ten UK Soldiers Killed During WWI Named Via DNA From Relatives
Countries Divided on Future of Ancient Buddhas
Afghan Journalists Boycotting Taliban Stories for 15 Days in Protest of Killing
Gunmen Searched Twice Before Afghan Hotel Attack
Top Cleric Says Pakistani Taliban to Hold Direct Talks With Government in Coming Days
Five Militants Killed in Balochistan: Official
Killing of JSQM Leader Sparks Protests, 1 Killed
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Army Admits Torture of Women
US Expresses Concern on Sri Lanka's Arrest of Rights Activists
South Korea Worries Over Pentagon's Budget Woes
North Korea Fires 30 Short-Range Rockets
Global Hawk Drone to Deploy to Japan for First Time
Philippine Security Forces Arrest Communist Party Leader, Wife
Weekend Reviews
The Unbearable Lightness of Being CIA General Counsel
Professor Proposes Abolishing the US Air Force
What Happened to Basil Bunting?
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No US Troops Deaths in the Past Two Weeks
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