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Updated March 24, 2014 - 11:28 PM EDT
Obama to Call for End to NSA's Bulk Collection
  House Bill Would End Bulk Collection of US Phone Data
Egypt Sentences 529 Morsi Supporters to Death
Ukraine Troops Withdraw From Crimea
  US, Other Powers Kick Russia Out of G8
  White House: Russian Invasion of Ukraine 'Possible'
  NATO Commander: Russia a Threat to Moldova
  At Crimea Base, Ukraine Marines Seek Honorable Retreat
  Congressional GOP: Send Small Arms to Ukraine
Brits Rate Russia More Positively Than EU: Poll
  Why US Sanctions Could Play Into Putin's Hand
  US Exporters: Russian Orders Drying Up as Tensions Rise
Likud Party Faces Split Over Prisoner Release
  As Peace Talks Struggle, Abbas Faces Growing Fatah Split
Turkey Shoots Down Syria Warplane Near Border
  Fighting in Beirut: Syria Rivals Square Off
NSA Spied on Chinese Govt and Networking Firm
  Jimmy Carter Believes the NSA Monitors His E-Mails
Clashes Spread to Eastern Iraq; 98 Killed, 34 Hurt
Election Monitors Flee Afghanistan After Hotel Attack
Italy Splitting? Venice Votes for Secession, Is Sardinia Next?
Iran Says Replica US Aircraft Carrier Is Really a Movie Prop
Obama to Putin: Do as I Say Not as I Do  by Ralph Nader
The War Party at Work in Syria: More Blood on America's Hands  by David Stockman & Eric Margolis
A Failure to Protect Our Rights  by Faiza Patel
Taking on Putin: The Gessen Plan  by Justin Raimondo
The American Disease  by Sheldon Richman
Russia, Sanctions, and Politics in Iran  by Paul R. Pillar

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New Research Points to Nixon in My Lai Cover-Up Attempt
Russian Tourist Spending in Britain Sees Sharp Fall in February
Dissident Released on Bail in Possible Sign Egypt Easing Crackdown
Why Are We Hauling Pennsylvania Coal All the Way to Germany?
Israeli Radio: US Could Free Pollard to Save Peace Talks
Palestinians Criticize Abbas for Public Fatah Feud at Delicate Time Diplomatically
Abbas: Failure to Free Prisoners Is Breach of Deal
Abbas: We Will Not Agree to Anything Short of a Fully Autonomous Palestinian State
Hamas Rally in Gaza Takes Aim at Egypt, Israel and Abbas
Chechnya Leader Inaugurates $10 Million Mosque in Israel
Britain: New Settlement Construction Plans Harm Peace Efforts
Israeli Foreign Ministry Workers Announce General Strike: 103 Embassies Shut Down
UN Report Faults Syria and Rebels for Blocking Relief Supplies
Assad's Cousin Killed in Fighting With Syrian Rebels Near Turkish Border
Qatar Says No Differences With Saudi Arabia Over Syria
A Mother's Journey to Find Her Son in Syria
Clashes Spread to Eastern Iraq; 98 Killed, 34 Wounded
Iraq Papers Protest Killing of Well-Known Reporter
Militants Launch Social Support in an Iraqi City
Middle East
Fugitive Sunni Cleric Slams Lebanese Army in Video Message
Saudi Arabia Says It Catches Suspect in German Diplomat Shooting
After DNS Change Fails, Turkish Government Steps Up Twitter Censorship
Venice Votes to Break Away From Rest of Italy, Create 'Repubblica Veneta'
Italy's Separatist Spirit Takes New Shape as Sardinians Push to Become Swiss
French Far-Right Hails 'Exceptional' Results in Local Polls
Saakashvili Says He Will Not Return to Georgia
MI5 'Forced My Mother to Marry My Double-Agent Father'
US Partially Suspends Visa Issuances in Venezuela
Venezuela Prosecutor Sees Police 'Excesses' in Protest Crackdown
Russia Says It Is Complying With Troop Limits Near Ukraine Border
Pro-Russian and Pro-Kiev Camps Dig in Amid Uneasy Calm in Eastern Ukraine
Foreign Monitors Enter Ukraine to Observe Political Situation
Ukraine Says Top Commander Held After Base Stormed
Ukraine, Russia, and the World
Fed Guessing Game Intensifies While West Isolates Russia
Disquiet in Baltics Over Sympathies of Russian Speakers
Kremlin Says Putin and Merkel Discuss Ukraine and OSCE Mission
Russia Says Germany's Suspension of Military Ties 'Not Constructive'
Dutch PM Says Russia Has Most to Lose From Crimea Tensions
Switzerland Investigates Yanukovich Associates Over Money Laundering
Afghanistan Alleges Foreign Hand in Hotel Attack
Hundreds Mourn Slain AFP Reporter and Family in Kabul
Anger Grows in Taiwan Against Deal With China
Taiwan Students Storm Government Headquarters
North Korea Steps Up Missile Launches
Dispute on Sri Lanka War Crimes Escalates
Thai 'Red Shirts' Take Up Fight to Defend PM
Indian Police Arrest Four Suspected Islamist Militants
Philippines Refuses to Free 2 Top Communist Rebel Leaders
Seized Oil Tanker Morning Glory Arrives in Libyan Capital
Gunmen Seized $600,000 in Heist in Libyan Islamist Stronghold
Italy Says Its Citizen Kidnapped in Libya, Needs Medical Help
Suspected Islamists Kill 20 in Market Bomb in Northeast Nigeria
Bodies and Skulls Found in Nigerian 'House of Horror'
Violent Clashes Kill Four in Central African Republic Capital
US Sends Osprey Aircraft, More Special Forces to Uganda to Hunt Warlord Joseph Kony
Gunmen Kill Six in Attack on Kenyan Church
Liberia Talk Show Host Charged With Terrorism
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