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Updated March 25, 2014 - 7:56 PM EDT
Obama to Call for End to NSA's Bulk Collection
  House Bill Would End Bulk Collection of US Phone Data
  China Slams US Spying, Demands Explanation of Huawei Infiltration
Ukraine Troops Withdraw From Crimea
  US, Western Nations Kick Russia Out of G8
  Russia's Economy Stagnates as Western Tensions Rise
  After Buildup of Grievances, Russia Drew Line in Crimea
UN: Syria Peace Talks Unlikely to Resume
  Al-Qaeda Captures Syrian Christian Town on Turkey Border, Killing 80
Abbas Would Extend Talks for Settlement Freeze
  EU Ready to Pay Palestinians Who Renounce Right of Return
Egypt Sentences 529 Morsi Supporters to Death
Did Nigeria Massacre Innocents and Call Them 'Boko Haram'?
Army Punished Soldiers Who Asked for PTSD Help
Bombs, Clashes Leave 46 Dead, 32 Hurt Across Iraq
15 Years Later: NATO's Kosovo War a Regional Sore Spot
US 'Democracy Promotion' Destroys Democracy Overseas  by Ron Paul
Foreign Policy Delusion Is Bipartisan  by Philip Giraldi
Will US Sanctions Scuttle a Deal With Iran?  by Trita Parsi & Tyler Cullis
How NSA Stories Are Reported  by Glenn Greenwald
Edward Snowden's Moral Courage  by Chris Hedges
Flouting Rules of Law and Morality  by Juan Vasquez

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Jimmy Carter: Snowden's Leaks 'Good for Americans'
Navy Database Tracks Civilians, Raising Fears of Domestic Spying
US Notified 3,000 Companies in 2013 About Cyberattacks
Asylum Seekers in Europe Reach Two-Decade High
Tymoshenko: Time to Grab Guns and Kill Damn Russians
Kiev Blamed for Blackout in Capital of Crimea
Russia Aims to End Crimea's Reliance on Ukraine for Electricity
Kiev Woos Oligarchs, Bolstering East Against Putin
Russian, Ukrainian Ministers Meet for 1st Time
Russian Defense Minister Inspects Troops in Crimea
Crimea's 'Self-Defense' Militia Eyes National Guard Role
Russian Bank Says 9 Billion Rubles Withdrawn Since Sanctions
Ukraine, Russia, and the World
US: Russia Intervention in Ukraine Would Spark More Sanctions
Senate Advances Ukraine Aid Package
How EU's Eastern Members Depend Economically on Russia
Romania Says NATO Must Shift as Russian Threat Looms
Russia Retaliates With Sanctions on 13 Canadians
Oil Back Above $100 on Russia, Libya Supply Risks
On Ukraine, Xi Supports Territorial Integrity: White House
Ex-Head of UK Army: We Need to Retain 3,000 Troops in Germany
Excess Nuclear Materials Removed From Belgium, Italy
Karzai Snubs West, Backs Russian Annexation of Crimea
14 Taliban Killed, 12 Detained in Afghanistan
Afghanistan Says Pakistan Behind Deadly Kabul Hotel Attack
Afghans Who Helped the US Fear That Time for Visas Has Run Out
Canadians Deeply Divided on Outcome of Afghanistan Mission
Afghan Journalist's Toddler Son Survives Hotel Attack
Abe Faces Push-Back in Aim to Free Japan Military From Constitution
US to Help 'Eliminate' Sensitive Japanese Nuclear Stockpile
Taiwan Police Use Water Cannon to Retake Govt HQ
What Happens to Chinese Activists When a US First Lady Comes to Visit?
North Korea Accuses US of Hurting Relations With South
Lockheed's Troubled F-35 Fighter Jet Wins Big South Korean Order
Pakistan Just Removed an Entire Cover Story From the International New York Times
Opponents Resume Protests as Thai PM Risks Impeachment
Head of Venezuela's Congress Says Opposition Lawmaker Machado Has Lost Her Seat
Soldier and Pregnant Woman Killed in Venezuela Unrest
In Cuba, US Embargo Elicits a Shrug
Cubans With Money Revel in Booming Social Circuit
Hijacked Cuban Planes Still Caught in Limbo
15 Years Ago: Serbia Attacked
15 Years Ago: NATO Intervention Against Serbia
NATO Airstrikes Remembered: The Saddest Day in Varvarin Village's History
Remains of 46 Kosovo Victims Handed to Families
Kerry Hopes Crimea Won't Hit Russian Cooperation on Syrian Weapons
Syria May Miss Final Deadline for Chemical Weapon Destruction
Lebanese Militant Leader Calls for Sunnis to Defect From Army
Lebanon Calls for Support for Army to Counter Syria Fallout
Palestinians Say Not Opposed to Pollard Release if It Helps Peace Talks
Poll: Palestinians Would Extend Talks in Return for Prisoners' Release
Israelis, Palestinians Endorse Arab Peace Plan
Why Some Israeli Settlers Are Willing to Live in a Palestinian State
Vandals Slash Tires of 34 Cars in Hate Crime in East Jerusalem
Bombs, Clashes Leave 46 Dead, 32 Hurt Across Iraq
Iraq Sees First Confirmed Case of Polio in 14 Years
Turkish Finance Minister Defends Twitter Ban
Twitter Ban Is 'A Losing Battle', Expert Claims
Middle East
Yemen Attack on Military Checkpoint Kills 20 Soldiers
The Arab Spring Never Quite Ended in Bahrain
Iran Says One of Five Abducted Border Guards Killed
Jazeera's Greste Says Egypt Charges Baseless as Trial Adjourned
Three Years On, Egyptians Fear Future Darker Than Mubarak Era
Libyan Port Rebels Demand Tanker Back Before Any Negotiations
ENI Talks Gas With Libya, Shoring Up Non-Russian Supply
US Sends Osprey Aircraft, More Special Forces to Uganda to Hunt Warlord Joseph Kony
Gunmen Attack, Burn Displaced Camp in Darfur
2 Peacekeepers Wounded in Central African Republic
Police Find Body Parts, Victims in Nigerian City
Increased Somali Shebab Threat in East Africa, UN Envoy Says
US Military
2 Gitmo Guards Accused of Sexually Assaulting Subordinate Soldiers
Ending It All by Their Own Hand: Corps Probes Marine Suicides
Navy Breaks Down Ice Camp North of Alaska
El Salvador
El Salvador: Digging to Solve Hundreds of Gang Murders
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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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