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Updated March 28, 2014 - 9:49 PM EDT
US Plays Up 'Threat' of Russia Invading Ukraine
  Obama Claims Kosovo Secession Involved UN-Backed Referendum
  Shaken by Crimea, Moldova Sees Rebel 'Provocations'
House, Senate Okay $1 Billion Ukraine Aid Bill
  IMF Agrees to $27 Billion Ukraine Bailout
  US, EU Agree to Work on More Russia Sanctions
  As Kiev Looks West, Putin Turns East to Build Eurasian Dream
Obama Seeks Extension of Phone Surveillance
  Intel Chair Mike Rogers Won't Seek Reelection
  China to Strengthen Internet Security After US Spying Report
  After Seven Years, Exactly One Person Gets Off the Govt No-Fly List
US Human Rights Record Chastised in UN Report
Leak: Turkey Officials Talk Invasion of Syria
Qatar Announces $23 Billion Arms Purchase
GOP Senator Rips Media 'Shield Law' to 'License' Journalists
Bombings in Baghdad; 75 Killed, 112 Wounded Across Iraq
Libertarianism In One Country  by Justin Raimondo
Abuses and Usurpations, From Kosovo to Crimea  by Nebojsa Malic
Veterans Administration Whistleblower Joins the Chorus  by Kelley Vlahos
Behind the Russian Rage  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Ukraine and Iraq: A Reminder  by David Bromwich
Obama Whitewashes World War I  by Matthew Rothschild

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America's Non-Stop Ops in Africa
by Nick Turse & Tom Engelhardt
Panel to Probe Handling of FBI Mole; Asset Was Close to bin Laden Pre-9/11
Congress to Vote on Secret CIA Interrogation Report
UN Watchdog Urges Obama to Review Drone Policy
Pentagon: We Need War Funds After Wars Are Over
Obama Seeks to Calm Saudis as Paths Split
Kim Dotcom Launches New Zealand Political Party
Spying on Everyone
Guardian Reporting of Snowden Leaks Threatened With Closure, Conference Told
The Reason Obama 'Capitulated' on the (Phone) Dragnet
Amash Skeptical of New NSA Proposals
Obama Proposes NSA Reforms. Why Now?
Turkey Says Syrian Air Defenses Put Turkish Jets Under Radar Lock
Syrian Conflict Spilling Over Into Turkey
Israel to Allow Materials Into Gaza for Turkish Hospital
Report: Turkey and Israel to Reopen Embassies
Israel Dismisses Turkish Reports on Gaza Flotilla Compensation Deal
Turkey Moves to Block YouTube
Turkey Could Block Other Social Media if Security Threatened: Sources
Whistleblower in Istanbul Fired From Urban Planning Job, but Not Before Being Forced to Count Cats
Israel Delays Release of Palestinian Prisoners
Israeli Soldier Admits 'Inventing' Knife Attack by Arabs in Jerusalem
Rights Group: Israel at Fault Over West Bank Teen's Death
Poll: Israelis Think Netanyahu Understands America Better Than Bennett, Lapid
Palestinian Students Visit Auschwitz in First Organized Visit
Coordinated Bombings in Baghdad; 75 Killed, 112 Wounded Across Iraq
Maliki Accuses Parliament of Trying to Delay Elections
UN: 400,000 Displaced This Year in Iraq Violence
Oil Pipeline Politics Take a Toll on Kurdish Business
Lebanese Army Officer Shot Dead in Northern City of Tripoli: State Media
Wanted Terror Suspect Dies in Lebanon Hospital
Bahrainis 'Jihadists' Fighting Abroad Given Deadline to Return
Egypt Army Extends Power by Taking Charge of Gulf Aid
After Big Buildup, Egypt Finds Itself Nervous About El-Sissi's Run for the Presidency
Libyan Protesters Block Oil Pipeline to Mellitah Port as Strikes Widen
3 Million Suffer in Nigerian Islamic Uprising
Putin Tells West Russia Will Develop Own Card Payment System
Ukrainian Jews Lambaste Putin in Full-Page NYT Ad
War of Words Between Ukrainian and Russian Jews Heats Up
Crimea's Dolphin Army: Navy SEALs Are One Thing, but an Elite Marine Military Unit?
Ukraine, Russia, and the US
Despite Votes, Ukraine Bill Not Done Yet
Senators Urge Obama to Cut US Ties With Russian Arms Exporter
Poll: Ukraine Crisis Hurts Obama Approval Ratings
Ukraine, Russia, and the World
UN General Assembly Votes 'Yes' on Ukraine Unity
Merkel Not Ready to Back Sanctions Against Russia
Denmark to Send Six Fighter Jets to Baltics in May
Russians' Cypriot Haven Undisturbed by Sanctions, Tensions
Russia Can Only Return to G8 if It Changes, Says Canada
Russia Says Its Nuclear Contracts Could Be Affected by Sanctions
Britain, France Sign Anti-Ship Missile Deal
Cyprus UN Envoy Says Economic Crisis Could Aid Peace Deal
Kandahar, Cradle of Afghan Insurgency, Torn by Tribal Rivalry Ahead of Vote
Rohani: US Occupation Brought Extremists to Afghanistan
Pakistan Taliban Agrees to Ceasefire to Help Afghan Allies
Judge Briefly 'Quits' Musharraf Treason Trial Over Bias Accusations
Mandatory Kim Jong UN Haircuts a Baldfaced Lie?
UN Security Council Condemns North Korea Missile Launch
North Korea Hits Out at South Leader Over Nuclear Remarks
South Korea Sends Back Stray North Korean Fishing Boat
Philippines Signs Landmark Deal to End Muslim Uprising
Buddhist Mobs Attack Aid Workers' Homes in Myanmar
UN Launches Investigation Into War Crimes in Sri Lanka
US Military
Force Cuts Mean Army Can't Fight Two Land Wars
9 Officers Removed, Commander Resigns in AF Cheating Probe
Mexico Nabs Alleged Criminals Posing as Vigilantes
Venezuelan President Accepts Facilitator for Talks
Cuba Plans Big Tax Breaks to Lure Foreign Investors
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Ivan Eland
US Security Agencies Are Out of Control

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Foreign Policy Delusion Is Bipartisan

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Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

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Rand’s Stand

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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