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Updated March 30, 2014 - 11:24 PM EDT
Kerry, Russian FM Deadlocked After Talks
  Russia Has No Intention of Sending Troops to Ukraine: Lavrov
  McCain: Pressure American Firms to Suspend Russian Operations
NSA, GCHQ Targeted German Firms, Chancellor
  Snowden Docs: NSA Gathered Intelligence on 122 Heads of State
  Wanted: Cyberwarriors, No Experience or Knowledge Necessary
The Inside Story of MIT and Aaron Swartz
Attacks Threaten to Undermine Afghan Vote
Kerry: Define Israel as 'National Homeland for Jews'
UN Rights Forum Wants Armed Drones to Comply With Law
Bloodshed Continues in Iraq's Anbar; 36 Killed, 47 Wounded
The 30-Year US/Iran Nuke Standoff: We Started It in the Reagan Days  by David Stockman
NATO's Wrong Turn  by Scott McConnell
Neocons and Small-Govt Conservatives, Consciously Uncouple  by Conor Friedersdorf
When Is Sovereignty Not Sovereignty?  by Philip Giraldi
The Infantile Diplomacy Behind Demonising Russia  by Frank Furedi
A Lifetime of War – Explained  by Kirkpatrick Sale

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Al-Qaeda's 2nd Act: Patrick Cockburn's 5-Part Series
Arctic: Where US and Russia Could Square Off Next
Remembering a War France Has Tried to Forget
Hagel Seeks Peace Pact for Digital Realm
Military Resolves a Guard's Guantánamo Sex Assault Case With Discharge
Credibility of Afghan Vote in Doubt as Observers Flee Violence
Afghanistan Election HQ Attack: Taliban Militants Killed
Taliban Attack Closes Afghanistan's Main Airport
Six Mortar Shells Fired From Afghanistan Land Into North Waziristan
Blast in Southwest Pakistan Kills Minor Girl, Injures 15
Militant Attack at Pasni Radar-Post Kills One in Balochistan
Gunmen Attack Pakistani Journalist, Killing Driver
Pakistan Journalists Protest Attack on Raza Rumi
Philippine Vessel Evades Chinese Ships in Disputed Waters
Thai Protesters Rally Against PM Ahead of Senate Vote
If Modi Wins Election, Neighbors Can Expect a More Muscular India
Interpol Rejects Malaysian Claim on Passports Database
Myanmar Says 'Rohingya' Term Banned From Census
Egypt Court Sentences Two More Morsi Supporters to Death
Egypt Prosecution Says Islamists Killed Journalist
Central African Republic
Thousands of Muslims Stuck in Central African Republic
New Help Puts EU Central African Republic Mission Back on Track
Gadhafi's Son Saadi 'Apologizes to the Libyan People'
UN: Over One Million Displaced by South Sudan Conflict
The War at Home
Will Target's Lawsuit Finally Expose the Failings of Security Audits?
Marathon Bombing Suspect Seeks Records on Brother
Stayin' Alive: A Look at Cold War-Era Fallout Shelters
Norfolk Killer Kept Navy Base Credentials Despite Life of Crime
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No US Troop Deaths in the Past Three Weeks
Klitschko Pulls Out, Backs Billionaire for Ukraine President
Crimea Tatar Leader Wants Autonomy After Russia's Seizure of Peninsula
Russia Not Intending to Publish New Blacklists: Report
German Execs Criticize West for Allowing Tension With Russia to Rise
Political Newcomer Kiska Trounces PM Fico in Slovak Presidential Election
Syrian Forces Take Two Villages Near Lebanon
Assad Preparing to Run for President Despite War
Car Bomb Kills Three Soldiers in Attack on Lebanese Army Checkpoint
Hezbollah Leader Defends Syria Intervention
Nasrallah Hints Hezbollah May Boycott National Dialogue
Report: PM Tells US That Coalition Could Collapse if Israel-Arab Prisoners Released
'Israel Offers to Free 400 More Prisoners if Abbas Extends Talks'
Palestinians Hope Prisoner Release Delay Will Be Brief
Remaking a Life, After Years in an Israeli Prison
Jerusalem Police Battle Protesters, Injure Newsmen
Turkey Begins Espionage Investigation After Syria Leak
Erdogan's Name and Face Dominate as Scandal-Torn Turkey Heads to the Polls
Loyalty to Embattled Erdogan Lies Deep in Turkey's Pious Heartlands
Middle East
Bloodshed Continues in Iraq's Anbar; 36 Killed, 47 Wounded
5 Killed in Security Raid in Yemen's South
Iran MP Says UN Human Rights Envoy Is Mossad, CIA Agent
Venezuela Slams US for Threatening Sanctions
Cuban Lawmakers OK Key Foreign Investment Law
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Libertarianism In One Country

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The War on Drugs Remains Literal

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US Security Agencies Are Out of Control

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Foreign Policy Delusion Is Bipartisan

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Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

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Rand’s Stand

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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