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Updated March 31, 2014 - 10:57 PM EDT
Kerry, Russian FM Deadlocked After Talks
  NBC Tour of Ukraine-Russia Border Finds No Signs of Military Buildup
  Russian FM: Ukraine Can't Function as a Unified State
  An Easy Victory Ahead for Poroshenko?
  'Chocolate King' Could Edge New-Look Yulia for Presidentik
Latvia, Estonia Seek NATO 'Boots on the Ground'
  US Pledges More 'Border Security' Aid to Moldova
  Germany Seeks to Expand Military Deployments in Eastern Europe
  NATO Commander Ends US Visit Early, Citing Eastern Europe
  Secessionism on the March in Europe
Israel Banks on 10 More Years of US Aid
  Protesters Slam Israel on Prisoner Release, PA Waiting for US Action
Iraq Electoral Commission Retracts Resignation
  Bridge Collapses in Iraq Attack; 56 Killed, 55 Wounded
Koreas Take Turns Shelling Water in Annual Row
Central African Rep.: Soldiers Kill 30 Civilians
Syria: Al-Qaeda, Chechen Fighters Pursue Own Agendas
7 Decades of Nazi Collaboration: US's Dirty Little Ukraine Secret  Paul H. Rosenberg interviews Russ Bellant
War Fever in the Air  by Eric Margolis
Jonathan Schell and Fate of the Earth  by Tom Engelhardt & Christian Appy
Transnistria Libre!  by Justin Raimondo
Aid to Ukraine Is a Bad Deal for All  by Ron Paul
Beware the Surveillance Reform Trojan Horse  by Trevor Timm

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Christie Sorry for 'Occupied Territories' Remark
Sen. Wyden to Obama: Curb the NSA Now
Feinstein Still Waiting for CIA Apology
Saudi Dynasty Moves to Forestall Succession Crisis
North Korea Promises 'New Form' of Nuclear Test
Obama Trip Spurs Inquiry of Behavior by a Marine
US Officials: We Can't Stop Palestinian UN Statehood Bid if Talks Fail
Will Israel Free 400 More Palestinian Prisoners? 'Not Going to Happen,' Bennett Vows
US Military Chief in Israel at Time of Tensions
Israeli Military to Investigate Border Killing of Jordanian Judge
Netanyahu: No Prisoner Release Without Quid Pro Quo
'There Will Be a 3rd Intifada if Prisoners Are Not Released'
Netanyahu Lambastes 'Hypocritical' UN Rights Panel
Merchant Ship Shot at in Strait of Hormuz Sunday: NATO
Iran Asks Pakistan to Transfer Border Security to It
Azeri President to Visit Iran as Bilateral Ties Warm
Bridge Collapses in Iraq Attack; 56 Killed, 55 Wounded
Kurdish MPs React to Question of Secession From Baghdad
In Civilian Snapshot of Iraq, an Artist Is a 'Corpse Washer'
Turkey PM Has Boost in Apparent Local Election Win
8 Killed, 28 Injured in Clashes Amid Turkey Local Elections
Middle East
Bahrain Sentences 13 to Life in Prison for Protest
Sectarian Tensions on Rise in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley
Shootout in Nigerian Capital During Attempted Jail Break Kills 21
Amnesty: Nigerian Uprising Kills 1,500 This Year
Nigeria's President Criticizes Northeast Governors
Egyptian Soldier Killed, 3 Police Wounded in Attack on Bus
Central African Republic: Chadian Troops Kill Eight in Bangui
Kenya Police: Bomb Explodes on Man Assembling It
Twenty Years On, Rwanda Still Bears the Scars of Its Genocide
Lavrov: if West Accepts Coup-Appointed Kiev Govt, It Must Accept a Russian Crimea
Top NATO Commander Cuts Short US Visit, Eyes on Russian Troops
US Ships 300,000 MREs to Ukraine Military
Lavrov Plays Down Impact of Western Sanctions on Russia
Chechens Offer Weary Welcome to New Crimean Compatriots
French Reshuffle May Loom After Hollande's Socialists Routed in Local Elections
French Far-Right to Win More Towns in Elections: Exit Polls
Afghanistan's Karzai Steps Up Pakistan Accusations
In Afghan Presidential Campaign, North Is All-Important
Afghan Woman Bids for Power to Halt Slide in Rights
For Journalist, Conflict in Afghanistan Hits Close to Home
Tens of Thousands of Taiwanese Protest China Pact
China-Philippines Navy Spat Captured on Camera
China Seizes $14.5 Billion Assets From Family, Associates of Ex-Security Chief: Sources
Thailand's 'Red Shirts' Gear Up for a Fight
Nationalism Takes Center Stage in Indonesia's Election Campaign
Armed Militias Hold Libya Hostage
Libyan Parliament Passes Law to Organize New Elections
Armed Pro-Govt Militias Roil Venezuela Protests
Caracas Protests Claim Two More Lives
Trinis Held in Venezuelan 'Coup' Plot
Netherlands Rubbishes Venezuelan Accusation
Colombia Wants Truth Commission After FARC Peace Deal
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