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Updated April 3, 2014 - 11:16 PM EDT
CIA Torture Report to Remain Largely Secret
Who Are Drones Killing, Lawmakers Ask Obama
  Pew: Americans Think US Should 'Mind Its Own Business' Globally
Russia Mocks NATO's 'Cold War Mindset'
  NATO: Russia Could Invade Ukraine in 3-5 Days
  Medvedev: Russia Wants Good Economic Ties With US, EU
  US Navy Sending Destroyer to Black Sea to Support Ukraine
  NASA Ordered to Immediately Cease Contact With Russia
Israel 'Cancels' Prisoner Release, Blaming PA
  Congress May Cut Palestinian Aid Over UN Action
4 Dead, 16 Wounded in New Fort Hood Shooting
Italian Troops Crack Down on Secessionists Nationwide
Pakistani Taliban Ceasefire Ends, Group Still Open to Talks
Iraq Army Recruits Targeted; 54 Killed, 67 Wounded
Freedom to Travel Is a Right Americans Lost  by Lucy Steigerwald
Asking the Hard Questions About Israel  by John Feffer
No NSA Reform Can Fix the US Islamic Surveillance Complex  by Arun Kundnani
'We're All Cheneyites Now'  by Todd E. Pierce
Jonathan Pollard, Again  by Philip Giraldi
The Roots of Iran's Nuclear Secrecy  by Sheldon Richman

More Viewpoints

Former CIA Official Disputes Claims on Benghazi
Ukrainian Billionaire Charged by US With Bribe Scheme
Report Suggests Americans Ready to End 'War on Drugs'
Audit Finds Sloppy Oversight of Nukes
Police Chief Dead, 7 Hurt in Cairo University Blasts
Banning Warrantless Data, Utah Governor Signs Privacy Bill Into Law
Russia Says NATO Reverts to Cold War-Era Mindset
NATO General Says He Sees Potent Russian Threat
Russia Could Achieve Ukraine Incursion in 3-5 Days: NATO General
Ukraine Govt Says Far-Right Leader Sashko Bily 'Shot Himself'
Russia Tells US It Is Concerned by NATO Suspending Cooperation
Yanukovych Says He Was Wrong About Russia; Hopes for Crimea's Return
Russia Steps Up Pressure on Ukraine to Disarm Far-Right
Obama to Meet With Lawmakers on Ukraine
Russia's Binbank to Take Over Ukrainian Bank Unit After 'Political Pressure'
Spanish Ambassador Summoned Over Gibraltar 'Incursion'
Hollande's Ex-Partner Royal Joins France's New Cabinet
Greece Lifts Legal Immunity of More Golden Dawn MPs
Italian Troops Sent Into Naples' 'Triangle of Death' to Stop Mafia Wars Over Illegal Waste Disposal
How the Secret Police Tracked My Childhood
Serbian Court Convicts Two for Editor's Murder in Croatia
Poland Seeks EU Help Over Russian Ban on Pork Imports
Taliban Blamed for Fresh Violence Ahead of Elections
In Bullet-Ridden Afghan Districts, Free Vote Seems an Empty Promise
War and Unrest Provide for a Scarred Campaign Trail in Afghanistan
Kabul Suicide Blast: Police Killed at Interior Ministry
Afghanistan and the Bottom Line
$11m Afghanistan Prison Likely to Have to Be Rebuilt
Diplomats: Despite Crisis, NATO to Keep Working With Russia in Afghanistan
WWII Bomb Blast in Thailand Kills 7, Injures 19
Thai Court Takes on New Case as PM Yingluck's Legal Woes Mount
Seoul Examines 'North Korea Drone'
Musharraf Was Lured With Secret Deal to Go on 5-Year Exile: Kasuri
In a Surprise, Kazakhstan Gets New Prime Minister
Sri Lanka Bans, Freezes Funds of 15 Tamil Diaspora Groups
Malaysia Police Abuse Suspects, Lack Accountability: Rights Body
Venezuela Opposition Lawmaker Barred From Assembly
Venezuela's Maduro Tries to Assert His Control, but Unrest Simmers
Bishops Group Says Venezuela Seeks Totalitarian Rule; Could Hinder Vatican Role as Facilitator
Venezuela Introduces ID System for Food Buying Amid Scarcity, Hoarding
Self-Immolation Highlights Woes of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon: UN
Nusra Front Members Plotting in Lebanon
Syrian Refugees Fear Permanent Exile in Lebanon's Camps
Cleric Omar Bakri 'On the Run' in Lebanon
Syria Accuses Rebels of Planning Gas Attack Near Damascus
'I Am Not Fighting Against al-Qaeda… It's Not Our Problem', Says West's Last Hope in Syria
UN: Syrian War Wreaks Overwhelming Damage on Cities
Syrians Adjust to Life Without Limbs
Syria's Chemical Weapons: Turning Mustard Gas Into Salt in a Small German Town
Palestinians Want Peace Talks to Continue 'Without Tricks'
New Palestinian Recognition Bid Largely Symbolic
Israelis, Palestinians Took 'Unhelpful Steps': US Official Says
Why Some Hail the Unraveling of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Efforts
Iraq Army Recruits Targeted; 54 Killed, 67 Wounded
Suicide Bombing in Iraq Kills 5 Army Recruits
New Voters in Kirkuk Could Sway Kurdish-Arab Balance in Kirkuk
Kirkuk Refuses Maliki Directive Granting Greater Rights to Relocated Families
Turkish High Court Strikes Down Twitter Ban
Stop Turkey's EU Accession, Say German Parties
Middle East
'Qaeda Attack' on Army HQ in South Yemen Kills 11
Iran, Russia Working to Seal $20 Billion Oil-for-Goods Deal
East Libyan Rebels to Reopen Zueitina Oil Port First Once Deal Is Done
Smuggled Libya Oil Fuels Tunisia Economy – and Instability
Kenyan 'Al-Shabab Recruiter' Killed Near Mombasa
'Living on Borrowed Time,' Said Kenyan Muslim
Kenyan Muslim Groups Threaten Protest Over Islamist Shooting
Kerry Due in Algiers at Start of North Africa Tour
In South Sudan, Rebel Chief Machar Aims to Seize Last Operating Oil Field
Somalia Govt Makes Gains but Shebab Defiant
US Military
Official: Fort Hood Gunman Was Being Assessed for PTSD
Reporters Arrested by Army MPs Complain to the FBI
Cambodia Repatriates 3 Possible US MIA Remains
Unmanned Predator Lost Power, Crashed Into Mediterranean
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Freedom To Travel Is a Right Americans Lost

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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