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Updated April 5, 2014 - 11:28 PM EDT
Judge Nixes Suit Over Drone Killings of Citizens
US May Add Europe Brigade to 'Counter Russia'
  Britain Pushes Russia Sanctions as McDonald's Abandons Crimea
  Ukraine Livid as Russia Raises Gas Prices
US May Ditch Collapsing Israel Peace Process
  Israel's Govt Wouldn't Survive Peace, But Will It Survive Talks' End?
Afghanistan Vote Scores 58% Turnout
  Afghan Police Kill 1, Wound 1 Veteran AP Journalists
  Heavy Clashes Between Afghan, Pakistani Taliban Along Border
  Price of a Voter Card in Afghanistan? Taliban Offer $5
Pak Taliban Resumes Truce After Prisoner Release
  Nine-Month-Old Pakistani Boy Accused of Planning Murder
Boeing, GE Get US Licenses to Sell Parts to Iran
Congress to Probe USAID's 'Cuban Twitter' Fiasco
Iraq Clashes Drive Friday Tally to 71 Killed, 48 Wounded
Judge: Obama's Killing of Americans Not Court's Business  by Kevin Gosztola
'Trust Us'  by John Glaser
Beyond the Senate Report: Torture Never 'Works' the Way Torturers Tell You It Does  by Manfred Nowak
The CIAtanic Verses  by Tim Hartnett
Take the CIA Out of the Loop on the Torture Report  by Chris Anders
Questions Arise About Staged or Faked News Photos From Syria  by Greg Mitchell

More Viewpoints

New Captain America Flick Is About Obama's Terror-Suspect Kill List
Obama: US to Provide Loan Guarantees for Tunisia
Leftward Shift by Conservative Cleric Leaves Saudis Perplexed
Canada: Wounded Soldiers Told to Sign Form Agreeing Not to Criticize Military: Senior Officer
The War at Home
VA Paid $200 Million in Wrongful Death Cases Since 9/11: Report
Unlike Other Spy Matters, Senate's Probe of CIA's Harsh Interrogations Raises Partisan Hackles
Two Britons Who Pleaded Guilty to US Terror Charges Seek Access to Secret Files
Internet Pioneer: Classified NSA Work Mucked Up Security for Early TCP/IP
US, World Powers to Begin Drafting Iran Nuclear Deal Next Month
Abducted Iranian Border Guards Freed in Pakistan: Lawmaker
Spike in Iran Executions Seen Politically-Motivated
US Accuses Chinese Man of Breaching Iran Nuclear Sanctions
Rebels Take Northern Syrian Town on Main Highway: Activists
Syria 'Can Meet' Chemical Weapons Deadline
Turkey Returns Artillery Fire Into Syria
Syrian Airstrikes Kill at Least 7 Outside Damascus
Al-Qaeda Rockets Target Lebanon Villages
Lebanon Cracks Down on Alleged Syria-Linked al-Qaeda Militants
Erekat: Palestinians Don't Want Clash With US
Israel: If Palestinians Take Us to the ICC, We'll Respond in Kind
Israel OKs Controversial East Jerusalem Archaeology Project
As Peace Talks Falter, Lapid Prepares 'Alibi' for Staying in Ruling Coalition
Palestinians Clash With Israeli Soldiers Near Ramallah
Efforts to Continue for Pollard Release Before Passover
Jimmy Carter: Free Jonathan Pollard for Peace Deal
Iraq Clashes Drive Friday Tally to 71 Killed, 48 Wounded
Iraq Christians Say Homes Seized as Unrest Spikes
Middle East
12 Killed in 'Qaeda Attack': Yemeni Army
Thousands of Bahrainis March for Democracy Ahead of F1 Race
Main Turk Opposition Loses Bid for Election Recount in Ankara
State: 'Cuban Twitter' Never Reached Secretary's Desk
White House Didn't Know All 'Cuban Twitter' Details
Congress Looking Into 'Cuban Twitter'
Cuba's State Media Denounce 'Secret Twitter' as Proof of US Cyber-War
Venezuelan Opposition Formally Charged
Maduro Creates Human Rights Panel
Spain Suspends Sale of Riot Gear to Venezuela in Light of Turmoil
Ukraine PM Says Will Stick to Austerity Despite Moscow Pressure
Limited Potential for Large EU Gas Flows to Ukraine Before 2015
Ukraine's Darth Vader Denied Presidential Candidacy by Election Board
McDonalds in Crimea Will Be Quickly Replaced by Other Fastfood Restaurants
Ukraine Must Have Real, Not Cosmetic, Constitutional Reform: Russia
NATO Opens Kosovo Airspace to Civilian Overflights After 15 Years
Union Protest Against Unemployment Turns Violent in Brussels
Fear of Violence Shadows Afghanistan's Provinces on Election Eve
Security Measures Make Kandahar a Ghost Town Ahead of Afghan Vote
South Korea Tests Missile That Can Strike Most of North
North Korea Tells World 'Wait and See' on New Nuclear Test
North Korea Accuses US of Being 'Hell-Bent on Regime Change'
North Korea Launches Unprecedented Personal Attack on South Korea Leader
US to Skip China Fleet Review After Japan Shunned
China, South Korea Condemn Japan Over Textbooks in Latest Fight
Muslim Leader Endorses Hindu Ruling Party as Religion Rises in India Election
Tibetans in Nepal Say They Were Held for Weeks
Thai PM's Supporters Head for Huge Bangkok Rally, Rule Out Violence
Philippines Says Will Exercise Self-Restraint in Disputed Seas
Egypt Deports Man Lobbying Against Mass Death Sentences
Rights Group Calls on US to Delay Military Aid to Egypt
Egyptian Journalists Strike, Demanding Protection
Central African Republic
UN Says Chadian Soldiers Killed 30 in March Central African Republic Attack
Chad Soldiers Begin Leaving Central African Republic
Gunmen Kill 22 in Nigeria Attack
Nigeria Set to Become Africa's Biggest Economy
US Envoy to Focus on Genocide Prevention in Africa
Kenyan Police Quell Unrest After Islamist Shooting: Witness
Brazil's Senate Warns of Country's 'Vulnerability' to Spying
Two Drug Tunnels, With Rail Systems, Found at US-Mexico Border
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