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Updated April 6, 2014 - 10:50 PM EDT
EU to Rethink Sanctions War With Russia
  Ukraine Rejects Russia Gazprom Gas Price Hike
  Poland's PM Says NATO to Boost Military Presence Within Weeks
NASA to End Most Activities With Russia
  Are US Lawmakers the Real Target of NASA's Russia Boycott?
Syrian Locals Kill 50 Rebels in Central Town
  US Finalizing Plan to Boost Support for Syrian Rebels
Judge Nixes Suit Over Drone Killings of Citizens
  Delays in Effort to Refocus CIA From Drone War
  The CIA's Dark Secrets
Afghan Election Scores 58 Percent Turnout
Iran Upbeat on Nuclear Talks, Says Sticky Issues Addressed
Iraq Soldiers Caught in Booby-Trap; 72 Killed, 82 Wounded
Judge: Obama's Killing of Americans Not Court's Business  by Kevin Gosztola
'Trust Us'  by John Glaser
Beyond the Senate Report: Torture Never 'Works' the Way Torturers Tell You It Does  by Manfred Nowak
The CIAtanic Verses  by Tim Hartnett
Take the CIA Out of the Loop on the Torture Report  by Chris Anders
Questions Arise About Staged or Faked News Photos From Syria  by Greg Mitchell

More Viewpoints

Al-Qaeda's 2nd Act: Patrick Cockburn's 5-Part Series
During Cold War, CIA Used Doctor Zhivago as a Tool to Undermine Soviet Union
Separatist Leader Says US Will Not Stand in Way of Scottish Independence
New Captain America Flick Is About Obama's Terror-Suspect Kill List
Rebels' Attack Kills 6 in Syria's Homs
20 Injured in Mortar Attacks in Damascus
Syria Ordnance Disarming Effort Will Be Bigger Job Than Afghanistan, UN Says
Lebanese Army Take Full Control of Eastern Highway
Hezbollah Sets Conditions for Dialogue
Lebanese Alawite Leader, 11 Others Charged With 'Terrorist' Activity
US Reviews Mideast Peace Push as Tit-For-Tat Moves Multiply
Israeli Military Confirms Gaza Air Strikes Following Rocket Fire
Bitter Livni Slams Housing Minister for 'Torpedoing' Peace Efforts
Iraq Soldiers Caught in Booby-Trap; 72 Killed, 82 Wounded
Explosions, Clashes Kill 18 Soldiers in Iraq
Middle East
Bomb Wounds Senior Military Adviser's Aide in Yemen
Syrian Refugee Killed in Clashes With Jordanian Security
Libyan Armed Group Detains Over 50 Egyptian Trucks
Egypt Court Sentences Police Captain in Southern Province to Death
UN Chief Says Central African Republic Peacekeepers 'Overwhelmed'
Italian Priests, Canadian Nun Kidnapped in Cameroon
Mali Government Resigns, New PM Appointed: State TV
Doctors Without Borders Evacuates Guinea Clinic After Mob Attack
France to Shun Rwanda Genocide Ceremony After Kagame Accusations
'Cuban Twitter' a New Hurdle for Bloggers, Exiles
Cuba Beats US 5-0 in First Boxing Bout on Cuban Soil in 27 Years
Caracas Chaos: Venezuelan General on the Run
Brazil Security Forces Raid Rio Slum Before World Cup
Americans Still Dying
South Carolina Paratrooper, West Point Grad, Remembered by Teacher and Friends
Russia Seeks Over $11bn in 'Debt' From Ukraine
Ukraine Eyes Arbitration if Russia Doesn't Cut Gas Price
Ukraine Says Will Not Siphon Off European Gas if Russia Cuts Supplies
Austrian-Owned Bank Subsidiary to Close Crimea Branches
Ukraine Detains 15 Suspected of Planning Unrest in Russian-Dominated East
Relief in Afghanistan After Largely Peaceful Landmark Poll
Many Unable to Vote as Ballots Run Low in Afghan Election
Blast Wounds Four Voters at SE Afghanistan Polling Station
Main Candidates in Afghanistan's Presidential Election
AP Reporter in Stable Condition in Afghanistan
Pakistan to Free 13 More Taliban Prisoners
TTP Coordinator: Govt Claim of TTP Prisoners Release Not True
Two Bodies Recovered From Karachi
Blast Injures Four in Jaffarabad
Pakistan: 8,484 Killed in Terror Attacks in Last Four Years
Japan/North Korea
US to Send 2 More Ships to Japan by 2017 to Counter North Korea
Japan to Intercept Any North Korea Missile Deemed a Threat
Hagel, in Tokyo, Moves to Reassure Japan on Security Ties
Thai PM Supporters Converge to Counter Protests
Bangkok Soldiers Shot, Wounded in Ambush by Protest Guard
US Won't Seek Contract Extension for Air Base in Kyrgyzstan
The War at Home
Toledo Blade Files Lawsuit Over Incident at Lima Tank Plant
Senator Warns Pentagon Not to Bypass Congress on Base Closures
Military Drone Crashes Near Pennsylvania Elementary School
Military's Mental-Health System Faces Shortage of Providers, Lack of Good Diagnostic Tools
Why Did Calif. State Sen. Leland Yee Escape Terrorism Charges?
NY Police Arrest Vets Protesting at Vietnam War Memorial
Memorial Ceremony Set to Read Names of Iraq-Afghan War Dead at Vietnam Wall
Despite Years of Research, Navy Still Relying on Aging Anti-Mine Tech
DARPA's Robots Could Soon Assemble Satellites in Space
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