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Updated April 7, 2014 - 11:24 PM EDT
Hersh: Aug. Sarin Attack Was Turkish False Flag
  Syrian Town Turns on al-Qaeda, Killing 50
Al-Qaeda in Iraq Opens New Front in Baghdad Push
  42 Killed, 74 Wounded as Battles Approach Baghdad
NATO Chief: Deter Russia With Military Spending
  EU Warns Russia Faces 'Failed State' Neighbor in Ukraine
  Ukraine Refuses to Pay for Gas From Russia
  Protesters Seize Govt Buildings in East Ukraine; Govt Blames Russia
Israel Peace Talks May Be Beyond Saving
  Netanyahu Threatens 'Unilateral' Moves Against Palestinians
German Interior Minister: US Assurances on NSA 'Insufficient'
Ballots Destroyed as Bombs Target Afghan Vote Count
The Dark Side of Lieber's Code (or, Cheneyite Jurisprudence)  by Todd E. Pierce
Afghan Elections for Another Fake Regime  by Eric Margolis
One Word Defines US Foreign Policy: Hubris  by William J. Astore
Who Was Behind the Syrian Sarin 'False Flag' Attack?  by Justin Raimondo
No-Fly-List America  by Peter Van Buren & Tom Engelhardt
Leak the CIA Torture Report  by Trevor Timm

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Pentagon IG Moving to Shut Key Whistleblower Advocate
1950s: Army Tests Mosquitoes, Fleas as Biological Weapons
In a Test of Wills With China, US Sticks Up for Japan
Cuba Says US Created Other 'Cuban Twitter' Projects
The War at Home
CIA Torture Report: Nancy Pelosi Blames Dick Cheney
Hayden Suggests Feinstein Too 'Emotional' About CIA Interrogation Techniques
Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald Address US Campaigners Via Video
Metadata Monitoring More Intrusive Than Eavesdropping, Snowden and Greenwald Warn
690 Attacks Recorded During Elections Day in Afghanistan
In Taliban Stronghold, a Scared Electorate
Afghan Candidates Promise to Respect Results
Afghanistan's Presidential Election Got High Turnout, but Many Still Voted Along Ethnic Lines
House Members Grill USAID Official on Money Spent in Afghanistan
India to Kick Off World's Biggest Election in Remote Northeast
Indian Elections: The Main Players
US Tries Candor to Assure China on Cyberattacks
Hagel to Tour China's New Aircraft Carrier
'Red Shirts' Warn of Civil War Threat
Explosions in Southern Thailand Kill 1, Wound 24
Libyan Rebels, Government Agree to Reopen Occupied Oil Ports
Mass Strike Paralyzes Libya's Benghazi, Airport Closed
23 Killed in Feud Between Families in South Egypt
Egypt Puts Brother of al-Qaeda Chief on Trial
Thirty Killed in Nigeria Gun Attack
Fuel Shortages Dog Africa's Biggest Oil Producer
Nigeria Becomes Africa's Biggest Economy
Somalia: Five Federal Govt Soldiers Killed at Checkpoint
Algerian Army Kills Alleged Female Terrorist
Central African Republic Peacekeeper Injured in Clash
Rwanda to Start Mourning Week for Genocide Anniversary
Scores Killed in Violence Across Syria
Blast Kills at Least 29 Syrian Rebels in Homs: Monitoring Group
Two Killed by Mortar Fire Near Damascus Opera House: State Media
Hezbollah: Danger to Syria's President Eliminated
Lebanese Troops Aim to Restore Order in Border Valley
US Lawmakers Draft New Hezbollah Sanctions
Netanyahu Blames Palestinians for Collapsing Peace Talks
Israeli Sources: Both Sides Understand This Is the Last Chance
Sides Are Trying to Save Peace Talks, PA Negotiator Says
Israel FM: New Elections Preferable to Kerry Peace Deal
Pro-Palestinian Hackers Vow New Cyberattack on Israel for Monday
Bennett: Failed Talks Weren't Leading to Peace
Senior IDF Commander's Jeep Vandalized in West Bank Settlement
42 Killed, 74 Wounded as Battles Approach Baghdad
Deadly Violence Strikes Iraq Ahead of Polls
Iraq Polio Case Prompts Mideast Mass Vaccine Campaign
Middle East
Car Bomb Explodes in Bahrain Capital, F1 Race Unaffected
Pakistani Vessels at Iranian Naval Drill
Merkel Pushes US Trade Deal Saying Europe Ready to Shun Putin
Missing Ukraine Journalist Murdered
Business Titans Too Rich to Bribe Seek to Ease Fears in East Ukraine
UK Drugmaker GSK Investigates Alleged Bribery in Iraq
Hungary Re-Elects Maverick PM, Far-Right Opposition Gains
French Greens Bickering, Divided as EU Vote Looms
Facing His Torturer as Spain Confronts Its Past
Mexican Ruling Party State Official Held on Suspicion of Gang Links
Separatist Party Faces Tough Elections in Quebec
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Who Was Behind the Syrian Sarin 'False Flag' Attack?

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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