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Updated April 8, 2014 - 9:45 PM EDT
Supreme Court Ducks NSA Surveillance Case
  Edward Snowden: US Govt Spied on Human Rights Workers
  The 'Cuban Twitter' Scam Is a Drop in the Bucket
  Leaks Force US to Discuss 'Norms' for Cyber Warfare With China
Kerry, Military Clash on Approach to Syria Rebels
  Was Turkey Behind Syrian Sarin Attack?
US Spies, Military Leaders Refocus on Russia
  Trans-Dniester Leader Wants Independence
Ukraine Retakes Kharkiv, Rebels Fortify in Donetsk
  Protesters Declare Donetsk Republic in Eastern Ukraine
  Russia, Ukraine Trade Warnings Over Donetsk
  No Significant Change in Russian Troop Positions Near Ukraine: NATO
Afghan Pullout Wouldn't End US Drone Strikes
  Early Count Suggests Afghan Vote Heading to Runoff
  Israel Buys $2 Billion in Warplanes, Assumes US Will Pay for It
FBI Claims Man Plotted 'Toy' Drone Attacks Into School
Two Executed in Iraq; 52 Killed, 52 Wounded in Attacks
Washington Should Not Defend Ukraine or Expand NATO  by Doug Bandow
As Peace Talks Falter, Israel's Intentions Become Clearer  by Jonathan Cook
Who's 'Emotional' – Feinstein or the CIA?  by Amy Davidson
Crimea: Whose War Is It?  by Vladimir Golstein
The War on Antiwar Republicans  by W. James Antle III
The Right to Truth About CIA's Detention and Rendition  by Meg Satterthwaite

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Full-Spectrum Cyber Effects: UK Spies Plan to Exploit Social Media
UK Ministers Defeated in House of Lords Over Citizenship Terror Powers
Gitmo Detainee's Dire Mental and Physical Health Detailed
Quebec Separatist Party Suffers Crushing Defeat
American Vanished From Yemen Prison
The War at Home
Alaska Senate Passes Resolution Against NSA Spying
Edward Snowden and Journalist Laura Poitras Awarded Truth-Telling Prize
Rand Paul Says Dick Cheney Pushed for the Iraq War So Halliburton Would Profit
Dems Slam CIA Ex-Boss Over Feinstein Criticism
Toledo Blade Sues Chuck Hagel, Officials for Detaining Reporters
Navy Wants More Ships to Expand Mobile Sea Basing
Navy Unveils 'Leap-Ahead Technology' That Turns Choppers Into Drones
Israel Claims Syria Used 'Non-Lethal Chemical Weapons' Two Weeks Ago
UN Has to Cut Syria Food Rations for Lack of Donor Funds
Famed Jesuit Priest Abducted, Beaten, and Executed in Syria
Assad 'Says Fighting Will Be Largely Over by End of Year': Former Russian PM
60 Syrian Doctors Expelled From Syndicate for Treating Rebels
Iran Hopes Nuclear Deal Drafting Can Start by Mid-May
Russia Has No High Expectations for Upcoming Iran Nuclear Talks: Report
Senate Passes Cruz Legislation to Block Iran's Expected UN Envoy
European Parliament Angers Iran With Human Rights Resolution
Spain Busts Group Accused of Plans to Send Arms Machinery to Iran
Palestinians Ready to Widen Global Recognition Bid
Palestinians: Israel Exploiting Peace Talks Crisis to Make Further Demands
Tens of Thousands of Jerusalem Arabs Without Water for Months
Prisoner in Israel Is Linked to Talks
Pro-Settler MP's Son Who Abused Palestinian Gets Jail Time Shortened
First Women Joining Palestinian Commando Unit
Israeli Diplomats Beat Immigration Officer at India Airport
Two Executed in Iraq; 52 Killed, 52 Wounded in Attacks
Wife of Slain Iraq Journalist Breaks Down in Court
Clashes in Palestinian Camp in Lebanon Kill 9
Egypt Court Upholds Jailing of Leading Pro-Democracy Activists
Egypt Al-Jazeera Case: Fresh Calls to Free Reporters
After Deal, Libya's Ports Prepare to Load Oil Tankers
France Says Southern Libya a 'Viper's Nest' for Islamist Militants
Clashes Between Fulani Herdsmen and Vigilantes Kill 72
Nigeria Agents Killed Civilians in Capital: Rights Group
Nigeria Commission Fines Agency in Killings
Two Foreign UN Workers Killed in Somalia
Dozens Wounded as Algeria Ethnic Clashes Reignite
UNHCR 'Concerned' Over Mass Kenya Arrests
Traumatized Mourners Carried From Stadium as Rwanda Marks 20th Anniversary of Genocide
In East Ukraine, Protesters Seek Russian Troops
Russia Tells Kiev Not to Use Force in Southeast Ukraine
Russian Marine Kills Ukraine Navy Officer in Crimea, Says Ministry
What Crimea Telecom Link Could Mean for Russia-Ukraine Cyber-Conflict
Russia Tells Ukraine to Stop Blaming It for Problems
Lavrov: It's Not Russia That Is Destabilising Ukraine
Ukraine Nationalists Attempt Storm on Kiev Supreme Court
Crimea Cost Ukraine Over $10 Billion in Lost Natural Resources

Russia Says Ukraine Needs 'International Assistance' on Constitution

Ukraine, Russia, and the World
EU, Ukraine to Hold Talks on Risk of Russian Gas Cut-Off
US Gas Tantalizes Europe, but It's Not a Quick Fix
White House Warns Russia About Raising Tensions in Ukraine
Putin Says West May Use NGOs to Stir Unrest in Russia
Kerry Warns Lavrov Russia Faces 'Costs' if It Further Destabilizes Ukraine
NATO Limits Access by Russian Diplomats in Crimea Fallout
Searching for Deterrence: Ukraine Crisis Exposes Gaps Between Berlin and NATO
US to Send F-16 Jets to Romania for Exercises
Bulgaria Says Bomber in Burgas Attack Was Algerian
Latvia, Lithuania Ban Russian State TV Broadcasts
Estonian Minister: 'No Party Here Would Call for Secession'
UK Ex-Minister Urges Amnesty in Northern Ireland Conflict
Srebrenica Widows Sue Dutch Government
Official: Pakistani Forces Kill 30 Separatists in Baluchistan
Pakistani Army Warns Against 'Undue Criticism' of Itself
Pakistan Protection Bill Passed as Opposition Stage Walkout
North Korea
Germany Summons North Korean Envoy to Protest Against Nuclear Test
Institute: Water Woes Endanger North Korea Reactor
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
Taiwan Anti-China Protest Exposes Island's Nationalist Divide
China Warns US Not to Meddle in Hong Kong Over Democratic Reform
Roadside Bomb Kills 15 People in Afghanistan
Sri Lanka Refuses Cooperation With UN-Backed Probe
In a Nation of Muslims, Political Islam Is Struggling to Win Votes
Vietnam Dissident Released, Arrives in US
UN Envoy Urges Myanmar to Allow Aid Access to Rohingyas
Study: US Travelers to Cuba Continues to Rise
Cuba Slashes More Than 100,000 Health Care Jobs
Venezuelan TV Journalist Kidnapped by Armed Men
Costa Rica Leftist Easily Wins Presidential Runoff
14 Die as Criminals Clash in Mexico Border State
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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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