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Updated April 10, 2014 - 10:14 PM EDT
NATO: US Troops May Be Sent to Eastern Europe
  US Uses 'Diplospeak' to Evade Tough Truths on Ukraine, Other Crises
Ukraine to Secessionists: Surrender or Face Action
  Putin Warns Ukraine Against 'Irreversible' Mistakes
  Crimean Parliament to Adopt New Constitution
IAEA Touts Iran Cooperation, But US Sour on Deal
  Russia Dismisses US Threats Over Iran Oil Deal
Senate Report Has New Details on CIA Black Sites
  Timeline: The Tortured History of the Senate's Torture Report
  After 16 Years, CIA Declassifies Portions of 'Kubark' Interrogation Manual
Officials: Report on Pollard Release Deal Untrue
  Netanyahu Orders Halt to Talks With Palestinians
Glenn Greenwald Returning to the US on Friday
Watchdog: Significant Fraud in Afghan Election
At Least 26 Killed in Bombing in Pakistani Capital
USAID Hired Writers for 'Cuban Twitter'
Bombers Strike in Baghdad and S. Iraq; 61 Killed, 197 Hurt
A Government Admission of Wrongdoing  by Andrew P. Napolitano
New American Reality: An Empire Beyond Salvation  by Ramzy Baroud
'Foot-In-Mouth' Kerry's Nixonian Blunder on Ukraine  by Daniel McAdams
What Does PTSD in Veterans Say?  by Lucy Steigerwald
Origins of America's Warfare State  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Share the Torture Report  by Eugene Robinson

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UK Increasingly Invokes Power to Disown Its Citizens
Russia Didn't Share All Details on Boston Bombing Suspect, Report Says
Future of Quebec's Separatist Party in Doubt
US Officials Reject Rubio Claim About CIA Report
Experts: Hood Shooter Fit Rampage Killer Profile
Tackling the Hidden Weapons Left Behind
Politicians in Ukraine Maneuver for a Deal to End Standoff
Separatists Build Barricades in East Ukraine, Kiev Warns of Force
Putin Threatens to Make Ukraine Pay Ahead for Gas
Russia Plotting for Ukrainian Influence, Not Invasion, Analysts Say
Russia Tries to Reassure West, Ukraine Over Troops
In Eastern Ukraine, a One-Building, Pro-Russia Realm Persists Despite Criticism
Ukraine's Richest Man Gambles on Peacemaker Role
Sanctions Trump Patriotism for Russian Banks in Crimea
Ukraine Holocaust Monument Defaced With Swastikas
Ukraine, Russia, and the World
Russia to Meet EU and US for Talks Over Ukraine Crisis
Merkel Says Russia Not Contributing to De-Escalation in Ukraine
Leaked YouTube Calls: The Newest Way for Russia and the West to Trade Barbs?
Netherlands Postpones Russian Trade Mission Due to Ukraine Crisis
A Rising Number of Children Are Dying From US Explosives Littering Afghan Land
Frontrunner in Afghan Vote Rules Out Coalition Government
Front-Runners in Afghan Presidential Election Predict Big Victory
Interview: Afghan Presidential Candidate Abdullah Satisfied With Election
Interview: Ghani Says Election Showed Afghanistan's Transformation
UK Army Officer: NATO Troops in Afghanistan 'Often Made Conflict Worse'
Afghan Probe Begins in Attack on AP Journalists
Afghan Who Shot AP Journalists Said to Be Pious
Taiwan Leader Affirms Contentious China Trade Pact
China Angered by Latest US Arms Sale Plan for Taiwan
Leader Tightens Hold on Power in North Korea
Another South Korean Superlative: Most Draft Dodgers in Prison
Indian Election Officials Attacked by Maoist Rebels
Pakistan Arrests Two for Transporting Guava Bombs
Japan Pushes Plan to Stockpile Plutonium, Despite Proliferation Risks
Surprise Gains for Islamic Parties in Indonesia Vote
Central African Republic Clashes Kill 30, 'Mainly Civilians'
Kenya Deports Somalis, Arrests Hundreds in Crackdown
South Sudan Conflict: MSF Accuses UN of 'Indifference'
Nigeria Human Rights Advocate Hails Progress
Spying on Everyone
European Court Says Data Retention Directive Is Invalid
Germany Asked US About Monitoring of Merkel but Got No Response: MP
Data Retention Sticking Point for Germany
Bill Clinton at Naval Academy: Snowden Leaks Pose Important Questions
Iran, Six Powers Face 'Significant Gaps' in Nuclear Talks
US Says Unclear if Gaps in Iran Nuclear Talks Can Be Bridged
Iran's Supreme Leader Says Nuclear Talks Should Continue
Iran Says US Attitude to Choice of UN Envoy 'Unacceptable'
Car Bombings Kill 25 in Homs
Syrian Opposition Sees Lebanon Election as Life or Death Matter
Lebanese Patriarch Suggests Housing Syrian Refugees in Syria
Lebanese Army Arrests Syrian Leader of Car-Bomb Ring
Hezbollah Confident in Assad, West Resigned to Syria Stalemate
Bombers Strike Across Baghdad and Southern Iraq; 61 Killed, 197 Wounded
Iraq Ready to Legalize Childhood Marriage
Kurdistan Minister: 'We Have Not Been Treated as Full-Time Iraqis'
Israel Says It Is 'Deeply Disappointed' by Kerry's Remarks on Peace Talks
Hamas to PA: End Cooperation With Israel
Three Settlers Arrested After Attack on Security Forces
Arabs Urge US to Keep Up Mideast Peace Push
Israel Launches New Spy Satellite
Israel 'Gave US the Finger' in Peace Talks, Left-Wing Mk Says
Bennett to Netanyahu: Israel Must Annex Settlement Blocs in Response to Palestinian Move
Ultra-Orthodox Jews Are Resisting New Laws Which Force Them to Join the Army
Middle East
Election Board Rejects Turkish Opposition Call for Ankara Re-Run
OPEC Defies Oil Production Cap With Move to Absorb Recoveries in Iraq, Iran, Libya
US Targets Egypt Militant Group Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis
Egyptian Diplomats Seized in Libya Freed in Swap
USAID Head Defends 'Cuba Twitter' as 'Critical'
Draft Messages for Secret 'Cuban Twitter'
Cuba Says US Hunger Striker's Treatment in Prison 'Dignified'
Venezuela to Begin Televised Peace Talks
Venezuela Reaches Out to Vatican No. 2 to Mediate Crisis
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What Does PTSD in Veterans Say?

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Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

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Rand’s Stand

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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