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Updated April 11, 2014 - 11:27 PM EDT
Qaeda Fights Qaeda on Syria-Iraq Border, 51 Killed
  Iraqi Sunni Political Alliance Aims to Stop Maliki's Reelection
  Bombs, Gunmen Killed 78, Wound 123 Across Iraq
Russia: NATO Photos of Forces From Last August
  Donetsk Separatists Warn Civilians at Risk if Govt Attacks
  Russia Warns Ukraine Gas Dispute Could Effect Exports to Europe
  Russia FM Says NATO Forces in Eastern Europe Would Violate Pacts
  US Treasury Secretary Warns Russian Minister of Additional Sanctions
Officials: Report on Pollard Release Deal Untrue
  Israel Withholds Palestinian Tax Revenue, Freezes Accounts
Secret FBI Relationship With Military's Special Ops
  Army Goes to War With National Guard, Seizes Apache Helicopters
Angela Merkel Denied Access to Her NSA File
  Has NSA Been Using Heartbleed Bug as an Internet Peephole?
Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras Return to the US
Amid Hysteria, Congress Moves to Ban Iran's UN Envoy
Understanding Russian Hearts and Minds  by Guy Somerset
NATO Expansion and the Road to Simferopol  by Paul R. Pillar
Let's Fight Back vs. Government Throttling of the Constitution  by Nat Hentoff
Why Free Jonathan Pollard Now?  by Justin Raimondo
American Spring  by Nebojsa Malic
Using the 'Top Secret' Stamp to Hide Lies and War Crimes  by Conor Friedersdorf

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White House 'Awarded' for Press Freedom 'Muzzling'
Why Did Head of Germany's NSA Probe Quit?
Iran Proposes Arak Reactor Change to Cut Plutonium Output: Media
Kerry 'Betrayed, Surprised' by McCain Onslaught
The Dark Legacy of LBJ's Laos Bombing Campaign
Putin Warns of Restricting Natural Gas Supply to Ukraine
US Accuses Russia After Putin Warning on Gas Supplies to Europe
Pro-Russia Separatists Reject Amnesty Offer in Ukraine Standoff
Russian Oil Firm Says Asian Buyers Willing to Use Euros Instead of Dollars
Ukrainian Activist Claims He Was Tortured in Crimea
Russia Has Other Options if West Shuns Its Energy, Deputy PM Says
Ukraine's Rust Belt Faces Ruin as Putin Threatens Imports
Russia May Change Budget Rules to Cope With Crimea: Deputy PM
Ukraine Passes State Procurement Law to Help Secure IMF Bailout
Ukraine, Russia, and the World
EU Mulls Widening Russia Blacklist Adding Journalists, Law Enforcement
Britain, Sweden, Poland Want EU Ukraine Police Mission: Document
Bulgaria Torn Between Old Friends and New Partners Over Crimea
Putin Wants Talks With Europe on Ukraine Gas Debt
BP Pledges to Stay in Russia Amid Ukraine Crisis
Vladimir Putin's Letter to Leaders of European Countries. Full Text
Baltic States Use Ukraine Crisis to Boost LNG Import Capacities
Russia Says NATO Is Using Ukraine Crisis to Boost Appeal
Leader of Banned Group Wins Provincial Election Dispute in Pakistan
40-Day Pakistani Talilban Ceasefire Expires
US Reaffirms Support to Pakistan in War on Terror
Blast Leaves 12 Injured in Lahore
During Hagel Visit, China Showed Its Military Might, and Its Frustrations
Anti-China Protesters Leave Taiwan Parliament, Vow to Fight on Against Pact
Mysterious Spate of Official Suicides in China Sparks Debate, Censorship
As Riot-Hit Indian Region Votes, Religious Divide Favors Hindu Leader
Japan Pushes Plan to Stockpile Weapons-Grade Plutonium, Despite Proliferation Risks
US Defense Chief Praises Mongolia, Given Horse During Visit
After Indonesia's Surprise Election, Top Party Hunts for Friends
Egypt Steps Up Campaign to Control Mosques
State Department Slaps Terror Designation on Militants in Egypt
Video Shows Suicide Bomber Who Killed 16 in Egypt
Bomb Wounds Egyptian Policeman in Cairo Suburb
Evidence Comes Up Short as Egypt Tries 3 Journalists
Egypt Woman Professor Targets Young in Bid to Save Brotherhood
Central African Republic
At Least 13 Killed in Central African Republic as Rebels, Militia Clash
UN Security Council OKs Troops for Central African Republic
South Sudan Conflict: UN Denies Camp 'Indifference'
In Libya, Politicians in Fear of Powerful Militias
Somalis Detained in Kenyan Stadium as Crackdown Continues
Somalia: ID Cards Prove Fishermen Are Not Pirates
The War at Home
UK Pressed Over Allegations CIA Used Diego Garcia as Black Site
Shoe Thrown at Hillary Clinton During Las Vegas Speech
Hard to Preserve Privacy Amid Government 'Vacuuming Up' of Personal Data: Experts
TSA Criticized for Treatment of Mute Passenger
Obama Administration Warns States Over Holocaust Reparation Talks With France
Iowa City With a Population of 7,000 Will Receive Armored Military Vehicle
450 US, Romanian Troops in Joint Military Games
IRA Militant Charged With 29 Omagh Bomb Murders
Franco-Era Policeman in Extradition Hearing in Spanish Court
Car Bomb Explodes Outside Greek Central Bank Building, No One Hurt
Syria Chemical Destruction Deadline Still Possible
Kuwait Says Three Citizens Abducted in Syria
Syrian Rebels Find Support, and Frustration, in Jordan
Bombs, Gunmen Killed 78, Wound 123 Across Iraq
At 'Donkey Springs', Bombers Choke Off Iraq Oil Exports
Iraq Scrambles to Fight Polio Surge Amid Conflict
Bennett Threatens to Quit Coalition if Arab-Israeli Prisoners Freed
Israel's New 'Governability' Laws Entrench the Settlements Even Further
Arab League Chief Backs Peace Talks
Israel to Produce F-35 Wings
Cash-Strapped Hamas Turns to E-Bullets to Help Train Police Forces
Turkey Keeps YouTube Block Despite Court Rulings
Turkey Seeks Wider Spy Agency Powers Amid Erdogan Power Struggle
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
5 Killed as Shi'ite Rebels Press 'Advance' on Yemen Capital
Gunmen Kill Two Saudi Guards Near Yemen's Border: Agency
Violence Continues in Venezuela on First Day of Peace Talks
Can Venezuela's Televised Peace Talks End the Street Protests?
Senate Committee Orders Review of 'Cuban Twitter'
Cuba Promises to Offer Internet to All Citizens – With Restrictions
Drug Cartel Internal Feud Leaves 28 Dead in Mexico
Mexican Family on US Sanctions List for Drug Money Laundering
Pope Francis Urges on Venezuelan Crisis Talks
Peru Arrests 24 in Group Tied to Shining Path
Colombia: 'I Wish They Would Stop Hunting Down Young Girls'
US Military
A-10 Proponents Seek Budget Offset to Keep Attack Planes Funded, Flying
Littoral Ship's Fitness for Asia Questioned by Some in US Navy
Citing Defense Cuts, End of Wars, Oshkosh Corp. Plans to Lay Off 900
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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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