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Updated April 13, 2014 - 11:26 PM EDT
Obama Lets NSA Exploit Internet Flaws: Officials
Deadly Clashes Break Out in East Ukraine City
  Ukrainian Regional Police Chief Steps Down
  Risk of 'Gas War' Grows as Ukraine Halts Payments to Russia
Rival Taliban Factions Clash in Pakistan; 19 Die
  Most Pakistani Villagers Abducted From 'Hashish Festival' Freed
Damascus and Rebels Trade Blame in Gas Attack
CIA Hid Brutal Torture Program From Congress
Christian Vigilantes Trap 14,000 Muslims in CAR Town
Bombers, Gunmen Leave 48 Dead, 43 Hurt Across Iraq
Barack Obama Pulls a George W. Bush: Lies, Misinformation and Chemical Weapons  by Patrick L. Smith
Scrap Heap of War: Billions Being Left Behind in Afghanistan  by Kelley Vlahos
Pass the Drone Strike Transparency Act  by Robert Naiman
The Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program That Wasn't  by Gareth Porter
Obama's Circle of Bad Advice  by Philip Giraldi
Paul Ryan Shows Why Republicans Have No Credibility on Spending  by Jonathan Bydlak

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DHS Alert: Heartbleed May Have Been Used Against Industrial Control Systems
German Interior Minister Warns US Spying Has No Boundaries
Top Marine in Japan: if Tasked, We Could Retake the Senkakus From China
In Jordan Town, Syria War Inspires Jihadist Dreams
I Served My Country. Then It Kicked Me Out
Poison Gas Claims Complicate Syrian Civil War
Seizure of Syrian Town Recalls Century-Old Turkish-Armenian Dispute
Hezbollah Develops New Tactics in Syrian Civil War
Eric Harroun: US Army Vet, Who Fought in Syria, Died at Home
Palestinians Call for Sanctions on Israel in Retaliation
Israel 'Demolishes' EU-Funded West Bank Housing Shelters
People to People Diplomacy: Israelis and Palestinians Sit Down to Try to Make Peace
Israeli Hackers Track Anti-Israel Cyber-Attack Perpetrators
Jimmy Carter Jabs Obama, Hillary Clinton on Handling of Middle East
Bombers, Gunmen Leave 48 Dead, 43 Hurt Across Iraq
Iraq Official Disputes Assassination Allegation
Fallujah Doctors Appeal for Help
Iraq to Receive New Helicopters From Russia
Overcoming Looting and Years of War, Iraq Museum Moves to Reopen
Kuwait Orders Blackout in Court Case Over 'Plot' Tape
Kuwait Opposition Calls for Full Democracy
Middle East
Iran Rejects US Ban on Pick for UN Envoy, Vows Legal Action
Bahrain Bomb Blast Wounds Policeman
Gunmen Abduct Senior Police Officer in SE Yemen
Egyptian Police Kill 2 Brotherhood Members in Shootout
Egypt Gives Hamas and Gaza the Cold Shoulder
Egypt Army Kills Leading Extremist Figure in Sinai
Egyptian Hardline Islamist Leader Jailed for One Year
Bomb Blast Near Egypt Hospital Before Minister Visits
North Africa
Two Dead in Algeria Ethnic Clashes
Attempted Libya Jailbreak Leaves 2 Prisoners Dead
Morocco King Warns UN Chief Over West Sahara 'Dangers'
Nigerian Senator: '135 Civilians Killed' in Attacks
State TV Announced Members of Mali's New Cabinet
Military Helicopter Crash Kills Four in Namibia
Weekend Reviews
The Killing Years
The Crucible of Iraq
Left, Right, and Leo Strauss
Cheney: He Remade Our World
Rumsfeld: Why We Live in His Ruins
Captain America: The Winter Soldier Is the Most Political (and Subversive) Superhero Movie Ever Made
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No US Troops Deaths in the Past Week
Pro-Russian Separatists Set Up Checkpoints Around East Ukraine City
Ukraine Calls on Moscow to Halt 'Provocative Actions' in East Ukraine
Russia Says Armed Action by Ukraine Would Threaten Peace Talks
Militants Raise Russian Flag in Ukraine City
Ukraine Calls Emergency Meeting of National Security Council
Ukraine Police Says Pro-Russian Militants Seize Hundreds of Guns
Ukraine, Russia, and the World
US Faces Reluctant Partners in Sanctioning Russia
Biden to Travel to Ukraine as Unrest Builds
Canada Imposes More Sanctions to Punish Russia
China Backs Aid for Ukraine, Worried by IMF Funding Capacity
Scottish Leader Urges Voters to Put Aside Politics for Independence
A Century On, World War I Remains 'The Great War' for the Brits. Why?
France's Le Pen, in Moscow, Blames EU for New 'Cold War'
Roadside Blast Kills Five in Datta Khel
Pakistani Court Throws Out Attempted Murder Charge Against Nine-Month-Old Baby
Attack on NATO Trucks Kills One Near Peshawar
HRW Urges Pakistan Govt to Revise Repressive Anti-Terror Law
15 Injured in Bomb Attack at Lahore Shop
Afghan Forces Kill 10 Militants: Official
Second UK Army Officer Quits to Publish Harrowing Account of the Tragic Cost of the Afghan War
Myanmar's First Census in Three Decades Extended Amid Controversy
Waiting for Water: Myanmar Villages Left Behind
Twelve Dead as Philippine Rebel Clashes End: Military
India: 15 Killed in Twin Maoist Attacks in Chhattisgarh
South Korea: Evidence of Drones Points to North Korea
Thailand's Political Tensions Are Rekindling Ethnic and Regional Divisions
China Protests After Japanese Minister Visits Shrine for War Dead
Venezuela Death Toll 41 as Maduro Opens Talks
Accusations Fly During Marathon Talks Between Maduro and Opposition
Venezuelan Opposition Demands Government Release Prisoners
Venezuela Protests: 181 Reporters Beaten, Arrested, or Robbed
French Foreign Minister on Historic Visit to Cuba
Sinaloa Cartel Capo Agrees to Cooperate With US Drug Authorities
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