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Updated April 14, 2014 - 9:30 PM EDT
Russian Fighter Jet Buzzed US Ship: Officials
  Ukraine Plans 'Full-Scale Military Operation' Against East
  US Claims 'Tell-Tale' Signs of Russia's Involvement in East Ukraine
  Civilians Told to Stay Inside in Flashpoint Ukraine City
  Separatists Seize Mayor's Office in Another East Ukraine Town
  US Irked as Israel Doesn't Back Their Ukraine Policy
Gitmo Hearings Halted: FBI Spying on Legal Team
  General Upholds Manning's 35-Year Sentence in WikiLeaks Case
  Obama Lets NSA Exploit Internet Flaws: Officials
Israel Grabs Private Palestinian Land for Settlement
  Likud-Beiteinu Split: Is Israel Speeding Toward Early Elections?
Abdullah Leads Afghan Vote as Complaints Grow
  Complaints of Serious Fraud in Afghan Election Exceed Total in 2009
  US Military Gear Smuggled en Masse Out of Afghanistan
The Big Test Facing Iraq
  Bombers Take Toll on Northern Iraq; 71 Killed, 82 Wounded
Nigerian Bus Station Bombing Kills 71
Window Opens on Secret Camp in Guantanamo
Syria, Rebels Trade Blame in Chlorine Gas Attack
Guardian, WAPO Win Pulitzers for Snowden Leaks Reporting
Will the US Also Deny Visas to Israel's Spies?  by Grant Smith
AFRICOM Becomes a 'War-Fighting Combatant Command'  by Nick Turse
NSA's Heartbleed Problem Is the Problem With the NSA  by Julian Sanchez
Washington, the Great Betrayer  by Justin Raimondo
Seymour Hersh's Blockbuster  by David Stockman
Ukraine Learns the Problem With Revolutions  by James Carden

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Russia Boosts Military, Global Arms Spending Fall
Anti-Kremlin Protest Draws Thousands in Moscow
Mexico Prepares First Illegal Drug Financing Blacklist
UK Urged to Admit That CIA Used Island as Secret 'Black Site' Prison
The Choice: Reporting Sexual Assault in the Military
More US Sanctions on Russia if Ukraine Actions Continue: Power
One Ukrainian State Security Officer Killed, Five Others Wounded: Interior Minister
Joe Biden to Travel to Ukraine
Ukraine's Ousted President Puts Blame on CIA
UK: More Birmingham 'Islam Plot' Schools Inspected
Report: Muslim Brotherhood Transfers HQ From London to Austria
Ethnic Albanians Boycott Macedonia Vote
220 Referred to Public Prosecutor for Another Mass Trial in Egypt Amid Unrest After Overthrow
Egypt Arrests Alleged 'Terrorist' Who Fought in Syria
Egypt: El Sisi Ignites Social Media Storm After Going for Bike Ride
Libya PM Quits, Says He Was Victim of 'Traitorous' Attack
Gadhafi Sons Due to Stand Trial in Libya
Libya Remains in the Grip of Rivalrous Rebel Factions
Sahara Islamists Release Video of Algerian Diplomat Hostage: Agency
Discontent Swells as President of Algeria Seeks a Fourth Term
Islamists Boycott Algeria Vote as North African Tide Turns
Four Killed in Attack on House of Pro-India Politician in Kashmir
Siachen Dispute: India and Pakistan's Glacial Fight
Lieberman: Cooperation With Likud Is Over
Bennett Urges Israeli Arabs to Oppose Prisoner Release
Livni: Bennett Is Trying to Prevent Peace
Mortars Fired at IDF Troops Near Gaza Border
Police Crack Ring Selling Israeli Arms to Criminals
Sanctions Are Eased; Iran Sees Little Relief
Iran Scraps Plan to Send Warships to Atlantic
Iran Needs 30,000 New Centrifuges for Fuel
Iranian Border Guards Start 4-Day, Limited Drill Near Iraq's Borders
American's Wish for Iranian Burial Riles Hard-Liners
US: Gas Attack in Syria 'Unsubstantiated'
Syria's Assad Says War Turning in His Favor
In Assad's Coastal Heartland, Syria's War Creeps Closer
Bombers Take Toll on Northern Iraq; 71 Killed, 82 Wounded
Iraq Resort Town Faces Return to Anbar Unrest
Calls Grow Louder for Kurdish Independence From Iraq
Warily, Lebanon Tackles Violent Spillover From Syria
Most Pakistani Villagers Abducted From 'Hashish Festival' Freed
Pakistan: Next Round of Taliban Talks Coming Soon
5 Terrorists' Commanders Taken Out in Peshawar
Pakistan Govt Admits Tensions With Army, but Hopeful of 'Truce'
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