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Updated April 17, 2014 - 11:20 PM EDT
Ukraine's East Invasion Stalls, Troops Pull Back
  Ukrainian Forces Kill Three Protesters, Wound 13 in Mariupol
  Mythical 'Jew Registration' in East Ukraine a Media Sensation
  Will Blame Game Keep West and Russia Apart at Ukraine Talks?
  Ukraine Invasion Unlikely as Russia Achieves Goals: General
Joint Statement Underscores US-Russia Divide
  NATO Chief: More Troops, More Planes for Eastern Europe
  White House Vows More Russia Sanctions Over Ukraine
Most Syria Deaths Not Committed by Assad Regime
  Al-Qaeda Kills Rival Faction Leader in Northwest Syria
  Jordan Warplanes Destroy Cars Along Syrian Border
Afghans Free 4,159 From Post-US Bagram
  Secret US Assessments Say Afghans Not Ready to Govern on Own
5 Explosive Revelations From CIA Torture Report
  9/11 Families Claim FBI Spying on Gitmo Legal Team 'Sabotage'
Anbar Govt Compound Targeted; 104 Killed Across Iraq
Obama Aims to Reassure Pacific Allies on 'Asia Pivot'
The Ayatollahs' Overlooked Anti-WMD Fatwas  by Sheldon Richman
Bundy Ranch and the New Age of Anti-Fed Standoffs  by Lucy Steigerwald
Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks Are Collapsing – for Good Reason  by Richard Falk
The Neocon Money Machine  by DS Wright
The Snowden Pulitzer  by Amy Davidson
No 'War Crimes' to See Here, Please Move Along  by Jeffrey Bachman

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Video: Yemen's al-Qaeda Leader Vows to Attack US
Ukraine May Give Momentum to Europe's Separatists
French Lab Loses SARS Virus Vials
Progress in Venezuela Talks, but Protests Continue
Malaysia Opposition Politician Dies in Car Crash
Kiev Offensive Unnerves Ukrainians; Getting the Car Ready for Escape
EU Spy Chief Rules Out Russian Military Presence in Ukraine
Russia Sees 'Serious Capital Flight,' Economy Slows
Crimea on Bumpy Road to Becoming a Russian Province
Pro-Russian Separatists in Odessa Declare New Republic in Ukraine
Russian Economy Hit by Ukraine Turmoil
EU Struggles to Unpick the Knot of Russia-Ukraine Gas Logistics
EU Lays Out Impact of Financial Sanctions on Russia
Pro-Russians in Donetsk Deny Calling for Jews to Register
Chaos, Confusionm, and Itchy Trigger Fingers Reign in the East as Kiev Begins Its 'Anti-Terrorist' Mission
Ukraine, Russia, and the US
US Working on Non-Lethal Aid Package for Ukraine
State Department Updates Ukraine Travel Warning
Russia Mulls Lawsuit Against US in WTO Over Sanctions
Bosnians See Families Excavated From Mass Grave
Egyptian Court Jails 119 Morsi Supporters
Former Egypt Finance Minister Released Hours After Arrest in France: Source
Algerian Police Break Up Anti-Government Protest Before Election
Algerian Election Faces Disaffected Populace
Algeria's Bloody Past, Energy Wealth Keep Status Quo for Now
Nigerian Military Says Most of Abducted Schoolgirls Freed, Eight Still Missing
Kidnapped Nigeria Girls Were Taken to Islamist Stronghold
Abductors of Nigerian Schoolgirls Pretended to Be Soldiers: Witness
Central African Republic
22 Reported Killed in Clashes Over Central African Republic Town
'Broke' UN Agency Pleads for Help in Central African Republic
CAR Conflict: Chad Says All Its Troops Withdrawn
Gunmen Kill Nine in Western Ethiopia Bus Attack: State Media
ICC Puts Darfur Rebel Leader's Trial on Ice
Angola Opposition Denounces Backslide in Democracy
Apology for UN Refusal to Stop Rwanda Genocide
UN Chief: 1 Million South Sudanese May Face Famine
Chastened by Islamists, Somalia Redraws Mogadishu Security Plan
Anbar Govt Compound Targeted; 104 Killed, 95 Wounded Across Iraq
Iraq: Abu Ghraib Prison Closure Not Permanent
UK Says Iraqi Murder Allegations Against Its Troops a Conspiracy
Opposition Accuses Assad's Forces of New Poison Gas Attack
Syria Army Launches Assault in Besieged Homs
Syrian War Takes Heavy Toll at a Crossroad of Cultures
Official: Iran Will Not Discuss Missile Program
Iranian Negotiators Reject Hardline Criticism of Nuclear Talks
Petraeus: Prospect of Final Nuclear Deal With Iran Is 'Now Maybe Better Than 50/50′
Plane Passengers Refuse to Buckle Up, Saving Iranian Kurd From Deportation
Palestinian Leader Abbas Meets With Israeli Legislators, Considers Extension of Peace Talks
Gaza Blast Kills 3 Palestinians, Wounds 5: Medics
Dozens of Palestinians Wounded in Al-Aqsa Clashes
Overland Aid Convoy Due to Arrive in Gaza Next Week
Leftist Israeli MPs Meet Abbas, Claim 'Right Is Sabotaging Talks'
Saudi Arabia
Prominent Human Rights Lawyer Detained in Saudi Capital
Prince Bandar Meets His Match in Syria
Taliban Say They Killed 7 Afghan Policemen
Afghanistan Official Shot, Another Kidnapped in Kabul
At Least 2,177 US Military Deaths in Afghanistan Since 2001
Afghan Poll Hopeful Ghani Wants Pakistan 'Special Relationship'
Pakistani Taliban Snub Ceasefire Extension
India's Modi Says Committed to No First Use of Nuclear Weapons
New Zealand
Kim Dotcom Gets NZ Assets Back
Megaupload's Dotcom, Facing Legal Threat, Launches Political Party
Mexico State Arrests Mayor Suspected of Links to Drug Gang
Mexico Captures Senior Drug Boss Operating in Mexico City
4th Mexican Cartel Associate Charged in Chicago
Venezuela Rejects Amnesty for Opposition as 'Peace Dialogue Advances'
Venezuela to Widen Protest 'Truth Commission'
The War at Home
NYPD Pressured to Eliminate All Traces of Muslim Surveillance Practice
Judge: Tsarnaev Can Speak Privately With Family at Prison
Lavabit Loses Contempt Appeal Over Snowden Encryption Keys
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Bundy Ranch and the New Age of Anti-Fed Standoffs

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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