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Updated April 18, 2014 - 11:23 PM EDT
Ukraine Protesters Reject Geneva Deal Demands
  Mythical 'Jew Registration' in East Ukraine a Media Sensation
  All Russian Men Barred From Entering Ukraine
  Putin: We'll Do 'Everything Possible' to Protect Protesters
  Ukraine Troops Kill Three Protesters in Southeast, Wound 13
Obama: Russians Know Our Military Far Superior
  Putin Says Trust Lost in Ties With US Before Ukraine Crisis
  Joint Statement Underscores US-Russia Divide on Ukraine
  Putin: Crimea Annexation a Response to NATO Expansion
IAEA: Iran Ahead of Schedule on Nuclear Deal
Army Base Attacked; 106 Iraqis Killed, 79 Hurt
Reports: Saudi Spy Chief Ousted at US Behest
Dozens Killed as Mob Attacks South Sudan UN Base
9/11 Court Adjourns Until June Amid FBI Spying Probe
The Establishment's War on Rand Paul  by Justin Raimondo
How America's Wars Came Home With the Troops  by Ann Jones
Here's What Drone Attacks in America Would Look Like  by Pete Brook
NED's Chickens Come Home to Roost  by Patrick J. Buchanan
An Officer Corps That Can't Score  by William S. Lind
Going to War in Ignorance  by Steve Hochstadt

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Admiral: Special Forces Struggle With Record Suicides
Putin Tells Snowden Russia Doesn't Collect Citizens' Data
Syria Conflict: A Shift for Fading Insurgency
Egypt's Military Economy: Money Is Power, Power Is Money
Flier Calling on Donetsk Jews to Register Now Widely Seen as Fake
Ukraine Local Boss Puts Price on Head of Russian 'Saboteurs'
Putin Acknowledges Impact From Sanctions
Russia Dismisses 'Nonsense' Claims of Fomenting Ukraine Unrest
Putin Admits Russian Troops Were in Crimea Before Vote
Putin Vows Not to Push Russia Behind Soviet-Style Iron Curtain
Putin Says Kiev's Use of Army Against Separatists a 'Grave Crime'
Russia Economy Worsens Even Before Sanctions Hit
Putin Says Ukraine's Decision to Disband Berkut Police Will Backfire
Ukraine Is Holding About 10 Suspected Russian Intelligence Agents: State Security
Putin Says to Speed Up Process of Switching Crimea to Ruble
Russian Gas
EU Agrees to Putin's Call for Gas Security Talks
Germany Has No Alternative to Russian Gas
Russia's South Stream Pipeline Splits EU Energy Policy
Putin Says Impossible for Europe to Stop Buying Russian Gas
Ukraine, Russia, and the World
Canada Sending Jets to Eastern Europe in Response to Ukraine Crisis
NATO Says Sending Ships to Baltic to Bolster Defense of East European Allies
Moldovan Breakaway Region Should Be Allowed to Choose Fate: Putin
NATO Denies Putin's Allegation Rasmussen Secretly Taped Conversation
Ukraine OKs International Court, May Probe Kiev Deaths
Sen. Ayotte: Russia Talks Shouldn't Delay Sanctions
McConnell Rips Obama Foreign Policy, Would Send Arms to Ukrainian Army
Hagel: US Forces to Stay in Poland Until End of 2014
Suspected Mass Grave to Be Excavated in Serbia
German Court Sentences Somali Pirate to 12 Years for Kidnapping
Taliban Kill 4 Afghan Policemen South of Kabul
Taliban Negotiator Under House Arrest in UAE, Says Afghanistan
Marines Pull Out of Afghanistan's Nimroz Province
MPs Criticize British Military Over Fatal Taliban Attack
Despite Doubts, Japan Prepares End to Ban on Defending Allies
Pakistan: Taliban-Govt Mediator Says Efforts on to Extend Ceasefire
Australia Disciplines Captains for Indonesia Incursions
Chinese Police Shoot Man Dead at Checkpoint in Xinjiang
India Passes Halfway Mark in Election With Hindu Nationalists Gaining Strength
UN Security Council Meets on Rights in North Korea
Reporters Charged With Defamation Remanded on Bail in Thailand
Students Give Easter Twist to Dwindling Venezuela Protests
Palestinian Authority: Holding Our People in Israeli Jails Is a War Crime
Palestinians Not to Get Back to Violence if Peace Talks Fail: Official
Israel Arrests Arab Journalist Over Lebanon Visit
Palestinians Rally for Prisoners as Peace Talks Falter
Violent Clashes Between Israeli Troops and Palestinians Break Out in Hebron
Curious About Palestine, Israeli Visitors Return
In Syria, Rebel Attacks in the North Reflect a Number of Important Changes
Suspected Rebel Attack Kills 7 in Syria's Aleppo
Syrian Rebels Warn of Potential Homs Massacre as Regime Troops Advance
Syria Raises Gasoline Price by 20 Pct to Relieve Subsidy Burden
Syria Submits More 'Detailed' List of Chemical Weapons
Syria Negotiator Says Homs Once Again a 'Theater of Death'
Fighting in Syria Has Changed Hezbollah's Tactics
One Syrian Killed by Turkish Security Forces at Border
IAEA: Iran Has Cut Higher-Enriched Uranium Stock 'By Half'
Former Iran Official Describes Alleged US Sabotage of Nuke Program
Iran Gets an Unlikely Visitor, an American Plane, but No One Seems to Know Why
US Releases $450 Million of Frozen Iranian Funds, Citing Compliance to Nuclear Deal
Army Base Attacked; 106 Iraqis Killed, 79 Wounded
Gunmen Attack Iraq Military Base, Kill 10 Soldiers
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Conservatives Protest Against Westernization
Saudi Activist Sentenced to 15 Years in Jail for Protests: Lawyer
Middle East
Jordanian Jihadis Returning From Syria War Rattle US-Aligned Kingdom
Israel Releases Five Lebanese Seized in Cross-Border Raid
US Reiterates Deep Commitment to Friendship With Bahrain
Turkish Parliament Approves Law Expanding Secret Services
North Africa
Gunmen Kidnap Tunisian Diplomat in Libya
Algerians Vote on Bouteflika's Re-Election Bid
Nigeria Local Authorities Say Most of Abducted Schoolgirls Still Missing
Fate of Girls Abducted in Nigeria Now Uncertain
Nigerian Military Lied by Saying Abducted Girls Freed, Families Say
Nigeria Fears Captive Girls Will Be Held as Sex Slaves
Thugs With Machetes Attack Nigerian Party Congress
Boko Haram: a Bloody Insurgency, a Growing Challenge
South Sudan Army Battles Rebels in Key Oil-State
French Troops Free Five Aid Workers Kidnapped in Mali
Kenya Sends 91 Somalis to Mogadishu Amid Crackdown
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