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Updated April 19, 2014 - 8:57 PM EDT
US Drone Kills 21 in Yemen, Including Civilians
US, Russia Trade Warnings Over Ukraine Deal
  US Threatens New Russia Sanctions Over Continued Ukraine Protests
  Russia's New Culture Policy a Weapon Against West
Ukraine Protesters Reject Geneva Deal Demands
  Ukraine: Eastern Offensive Continues Despite Deal
  Inside the 'Donetsk People's Republic'
Gitmo Judge to CIA: Disclose 'Black Site' Details
  Covert Inquiry by FBI Rattles 9/11 Tribunals
  CIA Torture Architect Breaks Silence to Defend 'Enhanced Interrogation'
Syrian Rebel Bomb Kills 14 at Alawite Mosque
Militants Launch Takeover of Iraq Town; 35 Killed, 53 Hurt
Obama Signs Law Barring Iran's UN Envoy From Post
Japan Sends Troops to Island, Risking China Tensions
Sen Reid: Backers of Rancher Are 'Domestic Terrorists'
The Strangelove Effect – Or How We Are Hoodwinked Into Accepting a New World War  by John Pilger
A Guide to John Rizzo's Lies, for Lazy Journalists  by Marcy Wheeler
US Nuclear Weapons Proliferation: We're No. 1!  by John LaForge
It's Our Party  by John Feffer
Corruption in Government Starts at the Bottom  by Philip Giraldi
WaPo Gives Platform to Shameless Anti-Snowden Smears  by Jesselyn Radack

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How Western Is Germany? Russia Crisis Spurs Identity Conflict
Chinese Official Urges Russia and Central Asian Allies to Control Internet
Behind Qatar's Bet on the Muslim Brotherhood
US Wants to Sell 'Iran's Slice of Manhattan'
Russian Govt Touts 1st Shipment of Oil From Arctic
Iran Says Will Firmly Deter Any Attacks as Military Displays Might
Rouhani Talks Peace, Outreach at Army Parade
Plane Spotted in Iran Is Registered to Utah Bank
Paper Shows US-Flagged Plane in Iran Has Ties to Ghana
Ex-Marine Held in Iran Asks Official for Help
In Syria's Capital, Residents Recall a Sectarian Tolerance Gone By
Canadian-Funded Study Explores How Foreign Fighters in Syria Use Social Media
British Teenager Killed in Syria
Miserable Syrians in Jordan Say They'd Rather Go Home
Middle East
Militants Launch Takeover of Iraq Town; 35 Killed, 53 Wounded
Palestinian Factions to Hold Reconciliation Talks
Hezbollah Planned to Attack Israeli Tourists
Erdogan Challenges Social Media in Top Turkish Court
Bomb Blast in Cairo Kills Police Officer: Egyptian State Media
Little-Known Group Claims Egypt Attacks
Nigeria Islamists Still Holding 85 Schoolgirls After Raid: State
With Violence at New Heights, Nigerians Weary of Military's Claims of Success
South Sudan
At Least 58 Killed in South Sudan Attack on UN Base
Why a Pro-Govt Militia Attacked UN Compound in South Sudan
South Sudan Deploys Army to Guard UN Base After Attack Kills Dozens
Mali Opposition: Tuareg Impasse Makes North Unsafe
Algeria's Bouteflika Wins Re-Election With 81.5 Percent: Official Results
Besieged Muslims Face Murder, Starvation in Central African Republic Town
East and West, Ukraine Rival Camps Dig In
Antisemitic Flyer 'By Donetsk People's Republic' in Ukraine a Hoax
Russia, West Still Far From Breakthrough in Ukraine Crisis
Russian EU Envoy Says Kiev Misinterpreted Geneva Agreement
Ukraine Says 'Anti-Terrorist' Operation Continues Despite Geneva
Ukraine Agreement Built on Fragile Foundations
Ukraine Government Pledges Russian Language Rights
Gas Pipeline That Would Bypass Russia Gets New Push
Ukraine, Russia, and the US
How the US Made Its Putin Problem Worse
Russia Criticizes Washington's Assessment of Accord on Ukraine
Russia Says US Treating It Like 'Guilty Schoolboy' Over Ukraine
Poles Most Worried About Their Independence in 23 Years: Poll
Belfast IRA Figure Killed in Splinter-Group Feud
Doors of Taliban Open for Talks: TTP Spokesman
Pakistani Police Arrest 6 Suspected Militant Assassins
Pakistan Library Named 'bin Laden' in Islamic School
On Upcoming Trip, Obama Will Try to Pivot to Asia – Again
India to Pay Russia for Arms, Ammo It Sells to Afghanistan
North Korea Criticizes 'Human Rights Racket' of US
The War at Home
Former Drone Operators Reveal Air Force Plays Key Role in Secret CIA Assassination Campaign
Drones From the Deep: Pentagon Develops Ocean-Floor Attack Robots
Group Calls for DoD to Withdraw From Prayer Day Event
Colombian Rebels Free Captured Soldier
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