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Updated April 20, 2014 - 11:27 PM EDT
46 Killed in 2 Days of US Drone Strikes in Yemen
US Ground Troops to Be Sent to Poland, Estonia
  Ukraine Calls 'Easter Truce' as Separatists Hold Firm
  Vow to Push Forward on Ukraine Pact Meets Defiance on the Ground
  Ukraine Rabbi Seeks End to Anti-Semitism Row – in Vain
Gitmo Releases at End of Afghan War 'Unlikely'
  Trailing Afghan Candidates Hold Power in Deciding Next President
Iraq Candidates Targeted; 69 Killed 73 Wounded
Iran: Row Over Arak Reactor 'Virtually Solved'
Lawmakers Wary of Israeli Spying Hesitate on Visa Waiver
Former Ranger on Pat Tillman Death: I May Have Killed Him
The Strangelove Effect – Or How We Are Hoodwinked Into Accepting a New World War  by John Pilger
A Guide to John Rizzo's Lies, for Lazy Journalists  by Marcy Wheeler
US Nuclear Weapons Proliferation: We're No. 1!  by John LaForge
It's Our Party  by John Feffer
Corruption in Government Starts at the Bottom  by Philip Giraldi
WaPo Gives Platform to Shameless Anti-Snowden Smears  by Jesselyn Radack

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Gitmo Judge to CIA: Disclose 'Black Site' Details
Covert Inquiry by FBI Rattles 9/11 Tribunals
CIA Torture Architect Breaks Silence to Defend 'Enhanced Interrogation'
Venice Wants Out of Italy
Political Divisions Deepen Amid Unrest in Venezuela
Two Killed in Bahrain Car Explosion
Eighty Percent of Syrian Chemical Weapons Shipped Out: Monitors
Dozens Hurt in Chlorine Gas Weapon Attack in Homs
In Damascus, Christians Briefly Ignore War for Easter
4 French Journalists Held Hostage in Syria Freed
Search for Austrian Teens 'in Syria Fighting for Islamic Rebels'
Israel Minister Dismisses Iranian Claim of Talk Progress
Iran Denounces US Ruling to Sell Property
Iran General Urges Tehran to Make New UN Pick
Iraq Candidates Targeted; 69 Killed, 73 Wounded
Fatwa Stirs Controversy Ahead of Elections
Middle East
Palestinian Christians 'Bitter and Left Out' of Easter Celebrations
Lebanon Interior Minister Holds Talk With Hezbollah to Help Border Village
Kidnapped Uzbek Doctor Freed in Northern Yemen: Local Official
Al-Qaeda Chief Blesses Attacks on Egypt Security
New Group Claims Responsibility for Friday Blast in Cairo
Egypt's TV Satirist Off Air Until After Elections
Egyptian Leftist Politician Submits Bid to Run for President
Americans Still Dying
Soldier From Cuero (TX), Wounded in Afghanistan, Dies
At Barricades, Ukraine Insurgents Await Easter
EU Official Against Cutting Russia Gas Ties
Russia Defends Bolstering Army on Ukraine Border
Nothing Should Impede Normalization of Russia-West Relations: Putin
Gunmen Kidnap Two Pakistani UN Staff Members From Karachi
Karachi Police Launch Raids to Recover UN Employees
Pakistani TV Host Survives Gun Attack
Seven Killed in China-Vietnam Border Shootout
Japan Expands Army Footprint for First Time in 40 Years, Risks Angering China
North Africa
France Denies Veto Threat Looms Over Western Sahara Negotiations
High Stakes as Restive Benghazi Votes in Libyan Local Polls
Over 100 Killed in South Sudan Cattle Raid
South Sudan Army Battles Rebels in Worsening War
Sudanese Militants Kill Two, Kidnap Three at Oil Field
In Central African Republic, a Town Embodies the Nation's Conflict
Boko Haram Leader Claims Nigeria Capital Bombing in New Video
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Targeting Iran

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Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

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Rand’s Stand

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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