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Updated April 21, 2014 - 11:30 PM EDT
68 Killed as US Drone Strikes on Yemen Continue
  Judges Order Release of Memo in 2011 Targeted Killing of Awlaki
  Yemen: Drone Strikes Start of 'Massive' Operation Against al-Qaeda
Ukraine, Russia Trade Blame for Eastern Shootout
  Ukraine Combatants Aim to Bring US, Russia Into Their War
  Geneva Deal on Ukraine Not Amounting to Much
  East Ukraine Rabbi Tries to Calm Hysteria Over Leaflet Hoax
  Sen. Corker: We're Going to Lose East Ukraine
Abdullah Widens Lead as Afghan Runoff Likely
  Departing Troops Leaving Behind an Explosive Mess in Afghanistan
Foreign Bombers Bring Iraq to Brink of Civil War
  79 Killed, 112 Wounded as Iraq Militants Attack Religious College
Palestinians May Turn Authority of Territories Over to Israel
Boston and Baghdad  by Ralph Nader
How America Lost Vladimir Putin  by David Rohde & Arshad Mohammed
Did Israel Steal Bomb-Grade Uranium From the US?  by Victor Gilinsky & Roger J. Mattson
Is There Hope?  by Justin Raimondo
Too Big to Jail?  by Tom Engelhardt
Ground Troops to Ukraine, Really?  by Col. (ret.) Douglas Macgregor

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Glenn Greenwald Book to Contain 'New Stories From the Snowden Archive'
Pilot Sidelined After Criticizing F-22 System
German Internet Firm Wants Answers From the NSA
US Promotes Network to Foil Digital Spying
Story of Joseph Heller's 'Forgotten' Catch-22 Script
Ukraine, Short on Military Budget, Starts Fundraising Drive
Ukraine Synagogue Reportedly Firebombed
Unknown Takes Separatist Spotlight in Ukraine
Fractured State of Pakistani Taliban Calls Peace Deal Into Question
2 UNICEF Staffers Missing in Pakistan
Chinese Admiral to Snub Japan at Regional Meeting
A War Shrine Gesture in Japan Complicates Relations in Asia
Myanmar Says 22 Dead in Kachin Fighting This Month
Thai Police: 2-Year-Old Killed in Southern Attack
Egypt Election Panel: Sisi, Former MP Only Candidates in Presidential Poll
Gunmen Kill Two Policemen Near Cairo, Court Jails Islamists
Al-Qaeda Kills 14 Algerian Soldiers in Ambush
President Bouteflika Faces Challenges as Energy Resources Fall
Nigeria Abductions: Headmistress Pleads for Girls' Lives
Technical Problems Delay Reopening of Libya's Zueitina Oil Port
Russian Border Town Seeks to Join Estonia
Tens of Thousands Set to Evacuate Italian City During Defusal of WWII 'Blockbuster' Bomb
US Military
Filmmaker Focusing on Suspected Toxic Army Post in New Documentary
A Look at the Dual Justice System in the West Bank
Top Palestinian Cleric Says Israel Threw Stun Grenades Into Al Aqsa; Israel Denies
Bennett: Israel Won't Stop Abbas if He Wants to Go
Golan Residents to Demonstrate Against Plans for Oil Drilling
Stray Bullet Strikes Israeli Vehicle Near Egypt
Palestinian Christians Marking Easter Struggle to Reach Jerusalem Holy Site: UN Envoy
Israel Denies UN Envoy Barred From Pre-Easter Ceremony in Jerusalem
Lieberman: Israeli Arab Leaders Exploit 'Price Tag' Incidents to Fan Hatred
More Barrel Bombs Hit Syria's Aleppo
Syria's Assad Pays Easter Visit to Recaptured Christian Town
France Backs Claims That Syrian Forces Have Used Chemical Weapons Recently
French Hostages Tell of Syria Basement Ordeal
Iran, World Powers to Start Work on Nuclear Drafts Next Month
Ghana Company Says US Plane Seen in Tehran Broke No Laws
Iran President Rouhani Urges Equal Rights for Women
Middle East
79 Killed, 112 Wounded as Iraq Militants Attack Religious College
Turkey Twitter Accounts Appear Blocked After Erdogan Court Action
Kuwait Papers Closed for Violating 'Plot' Blackout
Fresh Violence Erupts in Caracas
Maduro's Image Cracks Under Protest Pressure
Venezuelan Protesters Burn Leaders in Effigy
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Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

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Rand’s Stand

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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