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Updated April 24, 2014 - 11:27 PM EDT
Afghan Hospital Guard Kills 3 American Doctors
Hamas, Fatah, PLO to Form Unity Govt
  Netanyahu: Abbas Chose Hamas Over Peace Deal
  US 'Disappointed' by Palestinian Unity
  Israeli Air Strike Misses Target, Wounds 12 Civilians in Gaza
US Troops Arrive in Poland to 'Confront Russia'
  British, Dutch Warplanes Chase Incoming Russian Bombers
NYT Retracts 'Russians in Ukraine' Photo Scoop
  Ukraine Interim Govt: US Promises Backing for Eastern Offensive
  Russia Warns of Retaliation as Ukraine Prepares to Attack Protesters
  US Journalist Released in East Ukraine: Employer
Yemen: Drone Strikes Lead to Retaliatory Killings
  Yemen to Pay Families of Civilians Killed in US Drone Strikes
Iraq Security Ops, Bombers Leave 94 Dead
  US Soldier Accused of Killing Two Teens in Iraq as Military Investigates
FBI Informant Is Tied to Cyberattacks Abroad
  No-Fly List Used by FBI to Coerce Muslims Into Informing
Jihadists Now Control Secretive US Base in Libya
Pakistani Army Aims to Ban Major News Channel
DoD Dossier to Detail Secretive US Afghan Detainee Policy
Syria Disarmament Ending, West Opposes Ending Mission
Americans Are Getting Played on Ukraine  by Chris Ernesto
What Fourth Amendment? Police Raids Go Beyond the War on Drugs  by Lucy Steigerwald
Common Sense Versus Obama's Next War  by James Bovard
A Legal Way To Kill?  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Prepping for a Ukrainian Massacre  by Robert Parry
In Yemen, Drones Don't Kill Innocents  by Peter Hart

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NY Times Admits Submitting to Israeli Censors
Turkey's Erdogan Offers Condolences for 1915 Armenia Killings
Think Tank: Satellites Show N. Korea Nuke Test Unlikely
Blackwater Guard May be Charged for Iraq Massacre
San Antonio GI Killed in Guatemala Exercise
Brazil Passes Bill on Internet Privacy
Last Rebel Bastion in Syria's Homs Expected to Fall Soon
UN Agency Heads Say All Sides in Syria Block Aid, Crisis Worsening Daily
China Says Probing Reports Chinese Chlorine Used in Syria Attack
First Candidate for Syria's Presidential Election Steps Forward
Syria Reins in Abduction Cases With Tough Penalties
Campaign to Stop Britons Joining Syria Fight Targets Women
Militants Returning From Syria Pose Threat to Europe: Dutch Minister
Hamas-Fatah Unity Agreement Challenges US Mideast Efforts
Abbas: Unity With Hamas Does Not Contradict Peace Talks With Israel
Palestinian Official Slams Netanyahu for Nixing Negotiations
Likud Activists Pushing for Lieberman-Kahlon Bond in Next Election
At the Heart of Australian Jewish Community's Schism: The 'Israel Lobby' Debate
Ya'alon: IDF Prioritizes Demolitions of Illegal Homes in Settlements With Violent Record
UN Committee Takes No Action on Iran Envoy's Visa Ban
Iran Says 95% Opt for Cash Handouts Rather Than State Projects
Iranian Prisoners' Families Protest Against 'Beatings'
Middle East
Iraq Security Ops, Bombers Leave 94 Dead, 68 Hurt
2 Yemeni Army Officers Killed by Gunmen in Sanaa
Bahrain Moves to Deport Shi'ite Cleric
Lebanon Parliament Fails to Elect President
US to Deliver Apache Helicopters to Egypt, Relaxing Hold on Aid
Egypt Jails Students, Doctors for Protesting Without Permit
Two Policemen, Militant Killed in Egypt
North Africa
Morocco: Jew Asks to Join Ruling Islamist Party
Tunisia Divided Over Jews' Use of Israel Passports
South Sudan
UN Says It Sheltered Thousands From South Sudan Killings
UN Considering Sanctions Over South Sudan Massacre
South Sudan Attacks an Abomination, Says White House
China Urges Renewed Peace Effort in South Sudan After Massacre
France Vows to Punish Mali's Mujao for Hostage's Death
Mine Injures Peacekeeper as Diplomats Visit Mali's Kidal
Islamic Militants Detained in Central Nigeria
Boko Haram's Roots in Nigeria Long Predate the al-Qaeda Era
Car Bomb Outside Nairobi Police Station Kills 4
Russia, China Block Central African Republic Blacklist at UN
Austria Says More Sanctions on Russia Would Inflame Tensions
Poland's PM Says Risk of Ukraine Split Is 'Real'
Russia Says Receives Brussels Proposal on Gas Talks
Biden in Kiev: 'No Place' for Anti-Semitism in Ukraine
Russia Says Conducting Military Drill Near Ukraine
Pro-Kiev Voices Struggle to Be Heard Over Separatists in East
EU Urges Russia to Use Leverage to End Killings in East Ukraine
FAA to American Pilots: Don't Fly in Crimea
Ukraine Crisis Strains Family Ties in Divided Donetsk
'Murdered' Ukraine Politician Faced Hostile Mob, Video Shows
Monitors Head Into Ukraine's Badlands – Armed With a Sheet of Paper
Snowden Installed as University of Glasgow Rector
Tony Blair: West Must Take Sides Against Growing Threat of Radical Islam
Kosovo Parliament Votes for a New War Crimes Court
European Human Rights Body Says Concerned About Abuses in Azerbaijan
Obama to Back Japan in China Islands Dispute
China Calls on US to Not Take Sides in Territorial Disputes
China Won't Swallow 'Bitter Pill' of Ceding Sovereign Rights: Military Official
Pacific Rim Deal Could Reduce Chance of Unintended Conflict in Contested Seas
China Warns Again Ahead of Dalai Lama's Norway Trip
China Stops Prominent Rights Lawyer From Meeting German Minister
China Military Says Faces 'Complex' Task Keeping Secrets
Hole in Afghan Budget Stirs Unease as West Starts Packing Bags
Report: Poor Planning Led to US Diplomat's Death in Afghanistan
Thai Red Shirt Activist Shot Dead in Capital
Thai Court Gives PM Time to Defend Herself; Economy Rudderless
North Korean Health System Crumbling as Shortages and Sanctions Bite
Pirates Raid Oil Tanker in Malacca Straits
The War at Home
Is the NYPD Muslim Surveillance Really Over?
Former CIA/NSA Chief Michael Hayden Joins Washington Times
The Revolving Door Between Google and the Dept of Defense
Soldier Convicted in WikiLeaks Case Gets New Name
Actually, the Army Will 'Involuntarily Separate' Officers
Air Force Urges Congress to Retire A-10 Attack Planes
Bolivia Approves Downing of Drug-Smuggling Planes
Bolivia Threatens to Fire Protesting Soldiers
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